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    when new creatures will be added


    Tek stego 180 worth kibble?

    Eh if anything I'd do it on 2x. 75 is insane especially for a dino whos main use is a turret soaker.
  3. Yes there is, Bionic skins exist for all 3 of those.
  4. Please increase the element payout on the Center

    Next tek dino?

    The Tek Rex eggs turn into regular Rex Kibble when made, so doesnt necessarily mean it would be Quetzal.

    Kibble Reworking

    Time to fill my base with Gigas and Brontos XD

    Kibble Reworking

    But then what use would all the other eggs have?

    Kibble Reworking

    So their goal is to remove having to tame a bunch of dinos for kibble farms right? I wonder what they could do without getting rid of eggs and not having to tame a lot of dinos.
  9. Since yesterday they have begun naturally laying tek rex eggs where as before it was just regular ones. I do know you can breed them and always get those special eggs but not until yesterday did they lay those special ones naturally. I have NOT tried to make kibble but I think we can use this as an indication a future dino will be using these eggs as kibble?
  10. SS5DEJAN

    is there a color event running?

    Yes, its like White, Black, Brown and Grey I think. Check the community crunch
  11. SS5DEJAN

    Wyvern Egg Farming

    Is there a good way to farm Wyvern eggs? I've been using a Griffin, grabbing one egg so all the wyverns agro then I lure them away and go back to the trench. But usually by that time a new wyvern spawns or something and I need to worry about not agroing it. Is there a good way to just kill the Wyverns or something simpler? I understand its not meant to be easy. Im on Rag btw
  12. So the tribe im in is looking to do Alpha Rockwell here soon. We see the level requirement is 100. Do all players participating have to be that level or just the one that summons the boss? Looking for answers from those that have experienced this, since all the answers I find online are split 50/50.
  13. In case anyone did not know, Jat announced on twitter there will be a 3x breeding event and everything else this weekend.