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  1. jeckylim

    I met tamed Bionic Rex on Mobile

    yes it's a skin. for now ? you can't get it without exploiting the game. cuz some of Chin*se player modified the game files that's why they can get bionic rex skin. there's so many Chin*se talking about this in TapTap forum.
  2. jeckylim

    God Console

    you get the point right there.
  3. jeckylim

    God Console

    i got bored in first 15 mins. this is not ARK.. it's useful if you want to use it for building purposes, like base design, build dino pen and etc. so you can manage & calculate it for saving resources in multiplayer game. but for enjoying the real ARK ? no. that's just my opinion tho.
  4. jeckylim

    Creature Suggestions

    yep 😁 i'm sure the devs gonna see this but it's probably gonna take months before they add it to the game. hahaa me and my friends still use that tho ! 😁
  5. jeckylim

    Creature Suggestions

    i second this, thyla would be very useful cuz it has a decent speed & stamina, and it can climb vertical surface such redwood trees. btw, your post are always fun to read 😁 have a great day man 😁
  6. jeckylim

    How can somebody do this...

    what a strange and nice person.. we need more player like ngalentine29. seriously. he probably just feel lonely..
  7. jeckylim

    Game crashes after trying to exit central cave

    try to lowering the graphic and resolution, that might be help.
  8. jeckylim

    EXP Distribution

    if it's the same with pc / console it will goes like this : kill it while you're mounted = 100% exp to your dino and 50% to you. kill it by hand (unmounted) = 100% exp to you and 50% to your dino. i'm not sure if the exp from killing it will be shared with tribemates or not, but IF it does, i think the person that does the last hit will get higher exp.
  9. jeckylim

    singleplayer Tapejara back seat

    great !
  10. jeckylim

    Tapejara issues

    thank you Troy for posted this issue with a detail video, i hope the devs see this and do something about it.
  11. jeckylim

    Titanosaur, underwater

    yeah, with that humongous body it shouldn't be able to float and swimming or even attacking, but you know ark mobile has its own law of physics 😂 oh yes, show them how their species goes extinct !
  12. jeckylim

    Titanosaur, underwater

    the Wiki is legit and up-to-date, it's just the mobile version thing. might be a glitch ? i don't know.. or maybe they're doing some backward amphibians life cycle to Titans 😂 the Aquatic Titans is going to be a real thing. lol
  13. jeckylim

    singleplayer Tapejara back seat

    yeah it's such a pain in the arse to point the Quetz with the freakin tiny focal point. and i don't know if it's just me but i got very limited view while on back seat and i can't even rotate the camera view to facing forward. it's like a rear-facing seat for babies 😅
  14. jeckylim

    singleplayer Tapejara back seat

    last night i accidentally found a way to change seats on Tapejara while trying to take some screenshots. i'm not sure if it's a glitch or what but i don't see anything about Tapejara seat in latest update changelog. so, first your Tapejara must be landed to do this. go in front of it so your position is facing the Tapejara, then try to mount it. if you succeeded you'll get to the back seat. i don't know if this will works the same to you guys, but FYI i already tried it on different location all around the island even on the platform saddle, and it worked just fine.
  15. jeckylim

    Tame creatures limit

    purchased primal pass, you'll get 10 more slots.