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  1. is there a a way to get it to re appear at the top


    1. Grimm


      If there is no button for you yet, it might effect you like it does the trade section of the forums.   You might have to make some posts in the forums in order to get rid of your early bird status, and then you will have full access to the forums.


      They do this to try and nullify troll spam and posts, so don't take offense to it.

      @Casanova do you know if that's accurate or not?   If it's not, could you possibly point him in the right direction, with that heavenly admin power.   Lol.   :) 

  2. grim, there isnt a add tribe button for me


  3. Grimm

    Kapro Sneak Attack!

    Yes.......it's going to be so much fun getting ambushed by these.
  4. yes..i am on a mac.and yesterday purchased a rental server from Nitado and Survival Servers...both...the reps from both services can log onto my rental servers..i however cannot..with Nitrado..i spent over 3 hours with a rep via telephone getting it set up..my server shows up on my favorite list but when i put my password in..it goes thru the connecting process then immediately kicks me back to the Ark log in page..nothing that the server providers can do to help with this..with Survival Servers...cant even get my server to any of the server lists..not even using the "connect to server " option.and again..the server reps can log onto my server but i cannot?

  5. I'm sure that if you are already in the Snow Biome, that those areas aren't going to be touched. Maybe a slight touch up to the out edge of the current Snow Biome so it blends in with the new areas, but if you have a base that is currently in warm area that will be taken over by the snow biome, I'm sure it will act just like when we initially got the snow and swamp. Anything in those areas will be affected. Now for if your base will be wrecked, only time will tell. But the fact that they gave us an early enough warning, along with letting us know the potential for dinosaurs to vanish if we leave them there, is enough to relocate. If a tree or boulder has to be placed where your dinosaur is at, it will potentially get bumped underground, or stuck in the boulder and you might not know it. I currently run a server that has my tribe, and 2 other tribes that are smack dab in the middle of the terrain change. 1 in the Redwoods area, 1 right on the warm/cold border of the Snow, and mine which is on the coast, but will be overtaken by the snow. So after talking to those tribes and giving them a heads up about what I've read here, all of us are planning on relocating. Not worth risking all the dinosaurs that were tamed, etc........I'd rather spend days rebuilding a base (I enjoy building bases), rather than spending the long hours re-taming a dinosaur. Regardless, good luck to you in whichever decision you may make! Be safe and happy arking!
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