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  1. Well the first thing that got me was I am a big Jurassic Park fan. So the fact it had dinosaurs in it that you could run around and die to, and tame was a plus for me. Not too mention that the game reminded me a lot of a childhood cartoon I used to watch all the time. Dino riders. So I was quickly sold on it.
  2. What are the top server providers?

    I have used Host havoc before. I didn't care for them. I was having some very bad issues, and had to get my server moved to different nodes, and then started to get corrupt file issues. I am currently using Survival Servers and haven't had any issues with them yet. Quick Support, even though I will give H.H. credit for their quick replies. Something I have learned though in my times of renting servers. I don't always go for the cheapest slots anymore. As I've found that buying the cheapest doesn't always get me the best hardware the server will be run on. Good luck with whichever choice you make!! Running a server is fun, rewarding, and at times tough.
  3. Ascendant Lag

    Well, let's look at it this way. It's no different from cedric with primitive plus. You complain about them having a job post open, but how do you know they are not trying to hire a few more people for the coding part, in order to assist on the current issues. So rather than pull people from the jobs they are already assigned, and sending them to help with the center map, they could be hiring help for Ben. We just have to wait and see. I'm sure Cedric and Ben knew what they were getting into when they accepted the job. Again, rather than bashing WC over every little thing, I will put it this way. We payed way less than what we could have for a game that is actually working (Before you go on, I said working, and not a released, bug free finished product). Bugs are part of a game in development, and again yes they are reoccurring bugs, but you know what, they have fixed certain bugs because everyone whines about them, and what do you expect when they still have to add content in the same lines of code, only to have the bug come back in some other way. Until the content is completely in, and they are done adding to the code, can they finally get the lines of code finalized, and bug free. Which they are doing, by if you look at the size of the patches and the content, we are starting to get more and more each patch. Ive learned from my 1500+ hours, don't get attached to my stuff.
  4. Ascendant Lag

    When did they change the settings for that? I don't recall seeing in the patch notes or anything related to them having an issue where they caused the dinosaurs to go on an aggressive rampage. I mean I know they adjust settings and we are given a heads up when that happens via the patch notes. Edit: Sorry, apparently my computer decided to post it when I wasn't done typing. I'm sure I could have easily missed the part in a patch note. I'm not perfect. I'm just curious is all.
  5. Ascendant Lag

    I see that you stated passive, updated the server, and then it was n aggressive. Did by some chance you have it on neutral, or aggressive while you were out using it? Simply put, there could be a possibility you were rolled back to just before you put it on passive. But I won't dismiss what you have said, as I've stated above the amount of time I have invested in the game, and the bugs I've played through and seen. Lol. Anything can really happen in any game.
  6. Ascendant Lag

    Plain and simple, it's the host company they are using. We have no way of knowing if WC has some sort of contractual agreement with them, which is why they are still using them or not. I used to rent a server through nitrado a long time ago, and quit using them as I had a whole large selection of issues. Im now using Survival Servers and have had nothing but good success with running my server, performance wise. As for your comment of "release", they have not released the game at all, and are still in EA. There have been games that have been in EA for longer, and have been dropped from the program. Hell, there are even EA games that release paid DLC's to help fund the development. We should be thankful they are still working on the game. They are still adding content, hence alpha. Hopefully soon, as from the patch notes, and unreleased dossiers, there are not a whole lot left to add, then they advance to "beta" to do the main optimizing and bug fixing. To start fixing bugs when there s still content to add will get them no where, but repetitive bugs they have to fix yet again. I know it's frustrating, but I've got well over 1500 hours in, I've been through some major issues, have watched work and progress vanish from the bugs. I work a 40+ hour a week job, 2 kids, and yet I'm still here enjoying the ride. You've just got to bear with it, and as much as I know unofficials for some reason scare everyone, go play on one of those for the time being if the lag is too crazy, until you know issues are fixed, or go take a break and cool down. Regardless, raging on the forums won't do it any justice at all. Provide constructive details to the issues in a ticket, by providing times you were online, amount of players, etc. It could simply be that the server node some servers are sharing are getting overloaded at the same time, and simply providing that information will help them pass it along to Nitrado so maybe they spread out the hardware resources better. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in whichever path you choose!
  7. If you haven't already done so, make sure to submit a ticket with as much detailed information as you can in the support section.
  8. What I would advise doing is simply stop harvesting when that happens and nothing appears, put away your tool, pull it back out, and try again. I've noticed that once in a while that happens when I'm on a Dino. I jump off, and back on and that clears it up. Hope it helps, and good luck! P.S. I would go to the bugs section and place that in there. Try to be more detailed, area you were in, large or small tree, boulder, etc. As much information as you can provide. It's possible it's an rea in the map.
  9. Favorite ride?

    Beginner: Raprot my raptor. (On accidentally typed it in global and the name stuck.) Mid level: Stegosaurus (Always holds a special place for me since childhood) High level: T-Rex (As a role player, I always make dwarvish characters, so it resembles them. Built like stone, and fierce as an axe wielding dwarf.) Water: Mossasaurus (Lir will always have a special place in my heart, R.I.P due to corrupted file). Avian: Argentavis (All around balanced bird. Can fight, fly, and carry when needed.) Be safe, and good luck fellow survivors!
  10. Auto Turret Warning

    Yeah, also remember it depends on what warning level they have for it. If there is no warning, well you get the idea. 😎 Be safe out there, and good luck!
  11. Auto Turret Warning

    You're supposed to hear a beeping noise when you get in range of them.
  12. Rex Breeding

    1. Time the frequency that the baby goes through a feeding beforehand you have to refill it. Make sure to refill before it's food supply is out. Will give you a decent time frame. 2. I wouldn't recommend logging off and back on. If you miss the time frame, the baby will die quickly. 3. Consumption speed is the same as far as I know. Easy way would be to test it if you know your feeding intervals. hope that helps. Good luck.