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GEonWAR's Feedback

  1. aorticarch left Positive feedback   

    quick and easy trade. thank you very much

    GEonWAR was Trading

  2. wolfis left Positive feedback   

    traded once again with my buddy, he's the best trader i know :)

    GEonWAR was The Seller

  3. mhmr81 left Positive feedback   

    Thanks bro for the very smooth trade

    GEonWAR was The Seller

  4. Rixsta left Positive feedback   

    Came to my server again very cool and smooth guy always up for trade, looking forward to trade with him again soon enough.

    GEonWAR was The Seller

  5. TheStrip left Positive feedback   

    A smooth transaction, positive and friendly experience in a quick and satisfactory turnout <3

    GEonWAR was The Seller

  6. wolfis left Positive feedback   

    thanks again for the awesome time buddy, its always nice to trade with you, see ya soon :)

    GEonWAR was The Seller

  7. wolfis left Positive feedback   

    once again, thanks man, you're awesome. another succesfull trade for a rock elemental. :)

    GEonWAR was The Seller

  8. m0y left Positive feedback   

    I recommend this person for trade. his very honest and very responsive.. we have traded his fire wyvern to my metal walls..

    GEonWAR was Trading

  9. Kershkbeer left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy , he sold me the wyvern , it was fast trade, cant wait to do more trades with him :)

    GEonWAR was The Seller

  10. Rixsta left Positive feedback   

    Very very patient guy waited for me like 1 day to trade wyvern for metal walls, highly recommend to anyone and anytime im willing to trade with this guy :)

    GEonWAR was Trading

  11. wolfis left Positive feedback   

    once again this person was very patient with me and gave me a ride to the obilisk where i gave him the metal stuff, he even gave me a saddle for the elemental for free. looking forwars to trading more with this kind person

    GEonWAR was The Seller

  12. wolfis left Positive feedback   

    this person was so nice to sell a wyvern to me, we decided to trade metal buildings for the wyvern. he was very patient while i was gathering the metal. when i was finnaly done he asked me to come to the green obilisk, i went there and we got the trade done, after the trade he was so nice to let me see his base and give me some water. looking forwars to trade with this person again.

    GEonWAR was The Seller

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