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  1. whatever it is, it's come to pass. Let's see how this rolls out.
  2. I am actually impressed WC, you did something what a lot of people using so much pillars over have been asking for, kudos. Not cool that nobody was prepared for it though. apart from that, yeah. I lost around 200k metal, but this is a change for something better or worst (i personally think for the better with some easily avoidable side effects)
  3. Life Span of the Legacy Servers

    Lucky? i'd rather they wipe us all at the same time. I can move on to another game, I hear 7 Days to Die got some pretty good updates that makes me feel its a worthy buy. No dirt on Ark, It's been a great 2 years and I still think it's a great game with as many positives as its objective cons and WC had my money ages ago, but to be frank, the only thing anchoring me down is the community in my legacy server and the work and memories I have amassed. It get's so much easier in my conscience when somebody else exerts the wipe on my pve, and you may call it selfish and petty (won't argue, it is), but my psyche is going "if I'm going I'm taking everybody else with me!" Somebody told me to just move my stuff in a marked for death server a little earlier, doesn't work for me because I would have given a hand in my own demise by doing the laborious process of transferring same. If my server get's marked for deletion in the next few months, I probably wont bother transferring to another soon to be dead legacy server though. Just my coin in the well, not asking other people to adopt my views but I suppose I just wanted to share for intrigue.
  4. No support for legacy servers? Seriously?

    Sooo if they won't moderate their legacy servers..... I put forward to the table that they let credible volunteers be elected to moderate servers, like a form of coalition. It may risk totalitarianism, but it's better than to be left to the dogs. I have people already not just pillaring areas the size of entire coasts (I don't even care with pillars tbh), but walling it off entirely with ugly behemoth gates and placing such a volume of needless pillars to make their insecurity even more obvious. now that insecurity is frankly rubbing off on me.
  5. No support for legacy servers? Seriously?

    I will then be free, and go to that American Holiday I always wanted to take.
  6. No support for legacy servers? Seriously?

    WC, if you're going to screw us over, just wipe us all already so we can quit this game with little guilt. The last 2 years has been a lot of laughs and a RAPTOR load of tears and hair pulling. pull the plug. Do it.
  7. Try repairing the tent...

    We are so close to release, can we please finally fix this WC? Need to submit a ticket for this...
  8. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Well, 2 years *brandishing knife*, thought our server would be wiped finally, and ill be free of guilt when WC just forces me to quit.... guess today is not that day... yet.
  9. Hi, just wanted to ask if as an admin and I removed everyone in my tribe except me, do I become set as the default owner? I have a tribe that I have been operating alone for a year and a half since its active tribe members have formally announced and stopped playing on the server to play in an unofficial one. For a good year, I thought nothing had to change until recently, I have been subjected to theft of BP's and dinos that can only be achievable through membership. as far as I know I'm the only one who has popped their head around, but now I am in a crisis and want to clear out the member list from any possible threats, even if it means removing the past owner who are not playing on official anymore. Thank you in advance.
  10. Titanoboa Taming

    Does not answer for why they keep releasing creatures that rely on their eggs for taming.
  11. Titanoboa Taming

    2017... bunch of new dinos relying on their eggs and still dry on titanboas. titanboa egg farms arent even feasible or practical in official pve servers. Are they purposefully doing this from the beginning?
  12. New mod out to override flier nerf

    And (although inevitably necessary due to their choices) as if to salt an open wound, they have this on the steam news page for the game.
  13. I might have a solution that everyone can be happy with; Add reinforced and metal rafts... huh, huh? Cmon throw me a bone here. Seriously, you can build futuristic mumbojumbo in this game, maritime travel is already a thing here, a metal boat should be plausible and if not, necessary. One way you could balance it is give it the same type of resistance, but less health than its metal equivalent. Beats having to chew through tough metal foundations no?
  14. Giant Fish Impossible To Catch!?

    nah, we're talking about rod fishing. I found the answer to my problem, apparently sap is useless, you never use it and leech blood is king for everything. Bad news, I still cant catch 2.7 - 3x size coel even with 400 effectiveness rods. Im not the fastest at QTE's, but I'm not a horrendous slowpoke, a very average typer.