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  1. TheStrip

    Ice Wyvern Revitalisation

    As it stands ice wyverns are commonly regarded as aesthetic tames as they are beautifully crafted models, but lazily programmed fridge birbs. I'm not saying they are underpowered but we could use something for the fella to give it a bit more character to its distinct role as crowd controller. As it currently stands this is how I see the other wyvern's roles; Lightning: Raw DPS dealers good for limited targets | Counter: Standard anti flyer tactics (tbh I'm not too familiar if they have any specialised weaknesses since they seem the jack of all trades out of the wyverns) Fire: Thrower shot with DoT good for decent damage, suppressing crowds and cumbersome large targets | Counter: Superior range engagements and water Poison: AoD that effectively controls perimeter since the poison also hits the riders. | Counter: Gear preparation and other flyers Ice: Thrower shot with slow debuff. people give it too much rag but it is useful to a degree. | Counter: same as fire wyvern's Maybe we can expand on the ice wyvern's concept of ice. The first idea that came to my head was to add a "shatter" dmg multiplier when an enemy has been hit with the breathe attack. I personally think the ice debuff duration is sitting at a comfortable place where it can even be reduced if this shatter suggestion is implemented. The damage multiplier can be what... hm say 1.2x? if its too much or exploitable, the damage can also be a static boost maybe? While having the debuff, dinos should really get a frosted shader to indicate they are affected like creatures on fire. Finally, I think it would be as neat if we can get a direct counter to its attack like the fire wyvern and poison directly relating to its element. First idea that came to my head is players can dramatically reduce the amount of time they have the frosted debuff on themselves and a fraction smaller for their ridden tames by holding a torch for example. Anyway, my intentions isn't exactly to buff ice wyverns, but I just want them to be as defined as the other wyverns.
  2. TheStrip

    Main problem with ark

    tbf, ark's building system is so rudimentary and unsophisticated that it discourages people from building creative yet functional builds.
  3. Honestly, I love meeting new people especially from other cultural backgrounds, I think the only real problem is the stifling language barrier. We can't negotiate or conduct diplomatic efforts to resolve problems because neither groups can understand each other. Maybe we ought to get an in-built google translator to our game clients? lol
  4. TheStrip

    Revisiting Nomadic Life

    I tried doing this when the tent was released with Scorched Earth. Tried before but I wanted the boots on the ground experience like what a ancient Mongol wouldbut fun was and continue to be hampered while the tent remains bugged and un-repairable.
  5. TheStrip

    sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Ark 2: Electric Boogaloo
  6. I am cheering madly in joy. Once I go to my holiday and not upkeep my old place at legacy, the bottom feeders waiting for my dinos to tick will be very dissapointed
  7. You may argue your case if it has something to do with the topic and keywords, otherwise I encourage you to make a thread if you can piece your thoughts out in a productive structure for consumption
  8. TheStrip


    I think a few people are responding a little bit with too much sass, or maybe not, but Ranger actually has a point any long time players would scratch their chin on and begrudgingly agree. The events were never meant to be regular, I don't think (or recall) there ever being a statement they would be regular, but since people liked evolution events they gave us so much we nearly had them every weekend for the past... year now I think... hm, can't remember when it started. It's kind of a 'treat' they throw at the players to keep them engaged. I think we just don't want to see a completely new thread being opened for something with so much unreliability behind it every Friday and some people saying that can sound a bit cranky.
  9. You're not being a negative Nancy, and you were invited here, so you are most welcome here. I could agree with everything except the discussion being moot. This post was not made to create some sort of revolutionary change in the game as otherwise this would be in the suggestions section and I know well enough a single thread isn't going to be read by the devs or anyone in WC could care. I simply asked what are people's experiences so far, and so far people have given just that and sometimes have shared a little more just a little out of topic which offers a little something personally new to me and maybe others which is exactly what I was hoping it would. All your posts were appreciated, but please try not to egg people to suddenly spend posts why we all can't enjoy talking if it is the reason for your vocal dismissiveness, I want my and other's perspective and ideas to be challenged here through organised thoughts and backed with as much merit we can provide using the tools available in this forum. This isn't chat though, so if you don't agree with this statement, I kindly encourage you to move on if you have shared everything you needed to on your previous posts. With that out of the way, back on topic to the next poster if there will be one.
  10. I'm really encouraged by people's constructive and respectful discussion here, you guys are making me a proud! Just to help keep the discussion on topic though, I'm seeing some people starting to mention flyer grabs. I'd like to keep the discussion only to the terrestrial dinos that cannot fly, so thats dinos such as kapros, tusos and megalosauruses. Just wanted to add something to the topic I started as well, I reckon that if your tamed land dino cannot be picked up by a flyer such as quetzals while having grabbed a wild dino really makes it hard to imagine how it can impact well-defended bases. I heard this protection was enforced while the grabbing was still intact for the brief amount of time that it was still a thing. Slight off topic, the point that I personally would like to emphasise on the most is the tusos healing regen that comes with its grab. I think I am willing to compromise if our tusos can at least regen with the right click even if it does not grab the wild dino. I'd like to hear people's opinion about this, wondering if it's as divisive as the main topic. edit: I would also like the attack to inflict torpor as well perhaps?
  11. TheStrip

    Something happened

    Lost 2 imprints I have been keeping up on with tuso for 5 days now, and lost expensive gear in the murder snow. This doesn't warrant a rollback? Whatever... Dodo off.
  12. I appreciate this angle of the discussion. but it raises a question, why allow kiting gigas golems and such to be so easy then? that process of getting on a megalosaur and grabbing... what a raptor or at worse a megalania? and getting a second guy to fly you over with a quetzal to drop it in... it just seems... more of a hassle than the griefing options available that WC themselves have endorsed by saying they allow kiting. I never got around to testing it, but I also heard that you can no longer grab a dino and be standing on a quetzal platform while doing so
  13. If that's what he's saying, that is also kind of my stance. I also have an open ranch base. I got tired of walls from legacy and trying a more scenic approach in the new servers.
  14. Right, so I'm not here to vent or complain, I am hoping to ask people (and let's stay strictly on topic) what their current experience is like ever since offline protection has been implemented and if it has any impact on their opinion whether if the non-avian dinos with the grabbing ability (thylacoleo, kaprosuchus, tusoteuthis, megalosaurus) have objective factors to why it should or should not return. I will disclose however I am on the return vote. From what I can observe back when it was a problem, the grabbing was a useful taming strategy, but also a very difficult but impactful griefing strategy that some people used to foul ends. In my observations however, the dinos that can be brought over to people's bases to grief were only powerful enough to cause a meaningful amount of damage when a base owner was offline and unprotected. With the emergence of the offline protection some time ago, I began to ponder if it has rendered this grab nerf for land and water dinos moot, or any changes to circumstance? I'm interested in what you have to saye, maybe I'm wrong? Let's post here to learn and hopefully obtain an up to date consensus regarding this topic.
  15. TheStrip

    Is the hate Ark Devs well deserved?

    Deserved? not really. Understandable, most certainly. The problem WC has is that they are in the uncanny valley level of communication with their fans. They do speak now and again, but they'll drop a tiny little package wrapped in the most precious of wrappings and a sparkly little bow, and then when the fans open it, its a magical unicorn!.. but it's got meningitis and a bad case of diarrhoea. People will both ask politely and some rudely why does the unicorn have meningitis and diarrhoea and wild card will respond with look how cute it is! No, I don't think they deserve it, but there needs to be an active form of communication between the fans and devs, if the devs can't do it they need a spokesperson with active knowledge of the happenings that do not go ingonito as much as the current ones we have. While yes people shouldn't whine to the extent the devs can't even produce content or fixes for the game (overwatch), but criticism especially constructive ones shouldn't be censored, else your fan base is going to die (Eternal Crusade)