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  1. Last day of structure resistance, lets see how much opinning we can get this servers
  2. Game of Alphas presentet by Twitch.tv/Zunit | New Map | 20x All Welcome to the GAME OF ALPHAS presented by twitch.tv/zunit ! Discord https://discord.gg/dECdEnQ Servers VALGUERO: https://arkservers.net/server/ RAGNAROK: https://arkservers.net/server/ ISLAND: https://arkservers.net/server/ Settings Wiped on wednesday, June 18th 20x All rates PvP 72 hours no structure damage (Can PvP, but not blow in bases), Will get disabled friday, ~8pm CEST 10man Tribe Limit No alliances Custom Air Drops: White: Crossbows, Metal tools, Kibbles, Artifacts (soon) Green: Primitive Weapons + Ammo, Brews & Soups, Crops Blue: Saddles (Prim – Journ for normal beacons / Journ – Asc for buffed beacons) Purple: Flak-, Fur-, Ghillie-, Scuba-Armor, Shields and more Yellow: Advanced Weapons, Explosives, Basic PvP stuff (Bolas, Parachutes, etc.) Red : 10-20 items from Purple & Yellow drops in better quality (Journeyman - Ascendant), balanced Server wipe interval: 4-6 Weeks depending on population and peoples votes No Spawn animations AnyoneImprint enabled (Tribemates can imprint for you) Unlimited Mindwipes Max. Wild Dino level 150 Max Player level 105 (+15) Mods Structures Plus (Reduced to vanilla items, no additional S+ features, Forges / Indu Forges on x5 Speed) HG Stacking Mod (2500 Stacks, 250 for ammo, -50% Weight reduction) Rules While "No Structures damage" is enabled, you cannot build stuff infront fo other peoples bases and / or at places of special interest You cannot use fence supports for "spam" No Cheating / Meshing / Duping (of course) Join the servers now! You got another 2 days to build up in peace!
  3. We still have lots and lots of space for any new players to build on
  4. We will soon be streaming on our server, feel free to join in, link will be posted soon
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