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  1. Hello everyone! In preperation for the Genesis 2 launch, I have set up a cluster with ALL 9 CURRENT MAPS Genesis 2 will be added on release so we will have all 10 maps The cluster was created 21/05/2021 The cluster will remain active as long as people play on it. Our Rates x5 ExP, Harvest, Taming and Crop Growth x10 Breeding, Egg Hatching Mods: Solo farm mod Awesome SpyGlass HG Stack Mod 1000 (-50% Weight) Better feeding trough Settings: PvP enabled Structure resistance x1000% (makes Base raiding impossible)
  2. Our second new years event is starting in 10 hours from now Come and join for some nice chibbies !
  3. Our Community is now growing pretty fast, we are still happy for people to join!
  4. Welcome to Picolos PvE Cluster! Join our Discord Community HERE Our Rates: Server Settings: Mods: Rules: Server IPs: Picolos Island: Join via Steam Picolos Center: Join via Steam Picolos Extinction: Join via Steam Picolos Abberation: Join via Steam Picolos Ragnarok: Join via Steam Picolos Genesis 1: Join via Steam Pic
  5. Activated alliances and removed max. tribemember limit
  6. We are currently especially looking for some more experienced palyers to join us for boss fights! You are still welcome not depending ig new or experienced
  7. We are raising our slots this weekend! We will also add an Crystal Isles Server!
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