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  1. My ideas I wrote there were only ideas for a reason . I can completely understand your worries with some of them, and I like your idea of doing it based on tribe inactivity. I actually got a big response from Jat via twitter, where he told me what he thinks about all of this, I will just link it here: This is what the devs (at least one of them) think about this topic.
  2. Those are completely unaatractive. Good luck trying to get to TEK tier in 30 days. I do not want to play ARK for only 30 days just to see everythign I have done getting wiped. If the time till extinction would be like 6 months, I would maybe agree.
  3. There will also be a new Tek Turret
  4. I totally agree that the game needs work to be done performance /connection wise. What I said was only directed towards the issue that he described. It was never ment to prove false what he wants to say with his thread
  5. I should also mention that I DO NOT expect wildcard to release servers every 2 weeks. BUT for event like the TEK tier update AND the included Steam sale I would expect some new servers, because such updates and sales will generally bring alot of new and returning players to the game.
  6. Aight I DID missunderstand that then. I will edit it to "new &returning" players, because that is what I mean
  7. 1. As I mentioned in the first post, I have a thread about how new server can be "generated" without spending extra money. See HERE 2. "Newbie" ? I dont know if this is the right word for me. (Its the german steam version but I think you still get my point - 2742 ingame hours))
  8. mechanics

    Put that in the next ARK Digest Q&A! I like the concept. Place it somewhere (best use in the right region where those animals spawn) and nearby creatures in a certain radius get attracted by it. You can wait half an hour and come back to tame it. I like it!
  9. Put that in the next ARK Digest Q&A, I like it. But I think it would need to be balnced and be split with the actualy armour rating, because that is one of the most important attributes of a saddle. Puttting in several other attributes that buff the stats of an animal seems pretty nice!
  10. I liek the idea of being able to craft better quality items, but instead of an over time effect, I like the idea of using the "craft speed" skill for that. That is not my idea at all but for me it would be the best way imaginable at the moment.
  11. Hmm either you have a really bad server or it still is your own connection. I man I also got those laggspikes, but not constandly and never experiences something like "getting damaged while I do nto see anything that does damage". Game will improve, and I beliefe Devs are currently into better performance alot.
  12. I mean you could just filter all of this one by one? Is there any reason why you would need to see all wood, narcos and thatch you have at the same time? (Besides a minimal time safed?)
  13. I think its part of the survival aspect that you first need to find your new tribe members. Especially in the early game it can be another "adventure" which I quiet like.
  14. Pc just got an update to fix this issues, once established it will be implemented to consoles, too