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  1. Same with EU-Isolated30 Ragnarok. crashed around 17 times the last 10 hours
  2. Its like the 15th time now in the last 10 hours
  3. Even tho I do no longer play ORP, I can feel with you guys
  4. General information This Servers is part of a Cluster and has CrossArk-traveling enabled. The Cluster contains: 1.The Island Map (This Server) (20 Slots for now) 2.Scorched Earth Map (10 Slots for now) If the playerbase grows, we will raise the slotlimit to fit Both servers run on official rates as they are ment as compensation for the long-running and fully loaded official Servers. Rules No Admins, No Mods, No rules other then the official ones. Join Now! Official IP: (The Island) (Scorched earth) You can add this servers to your favorites via Steam: 1.Open Steam 2.Click "Display" 3.Click "Servers" 4.Switch to "Favorites" 5.Click "Add server to favorites..." 6.Insert IP TopArkServers Link: Click here
  5. PC, of course it is possible, with alot of luck and with you having luck of joinign a server with a bad alpha tribe. If you read my first post I mentioned that we joined mroe then 7 servers since january, and we played good on every single one. It was just not possible to compete with players that have months ahead of you.
  6. 1. We were alpha on one ORP server for 8 months, yes they work. 2. The devs have abandonned those servers from their inetrest, there is sitll alot of stuff to be done (rafts,dinos that do not die,etc.) 3. Those servers are filled with people that play there for longer then a year now, I still got friends there, we gave our alpha-base away to another tribe when we left out of time issues. We coudl easily come back to them but we want to start fresh and not join some lame alpha tribe. COMPETE and not PvE-farming.
  7. No-tame servers? U serious? We both have 2700+ horus playtime (3k on me, 2,8k on my mate) we know how the game works PvP wise. You CAN compete against a 10+ man tribe, we were ruling over several servers when we started on them with everyone else, we were a 2 player tribe against several 5-7 player tribes, experience and the will to play alot and to play effective still got us in alpha position. The thing I ask for is to make it possible for new players to start fresh on older existing servers. And for this there are several suggestion above already. If it is still not possible to implement anything for that, then I would still ask for a frequent release of new servers (as I mentioned above, maybe with recycling older ones). You can not compete with a 10 man tribe that has 3 months more time spend on the server before you even join, BUT you defenitely can compete with one that started at the same time as you did, even if you are only 4 players. (Not saying that this would work for every 10-man tribe, there are good and bad ones)
  8. Im not saying I was expecting something else. We had an alliance with them but I played long enought to know that this ment nothing. Still, this is not how I think the game should be. We have currently 3 different offers of big alpha tribes which we could join, but we do not want to do so. We are a small group of 2-4 players and we wanne play our own game. The fact that this is not possible on any existing official server is, wht I beliefe has to change in a way that allows smaller groups AND casual players to still be able to build up and get on a level where they can compete. The biggest difference between a new and an old server to join is: - On a new server you play to compete with all the other players - On an old server you just play to not get raided / at least you can hope so I beliefe that exactly this has to change. Either by finding a constant way to provide new servers by recycling old ones (Yes im talking about wipes) or by balancing the current mechanic with stuff like ORP, and other PvP restrictions. Im not saying I have the perfect solution for that, but I think many people have different idea, that could be combined to create something better.
  9. There is somethign called ORP = Offline raid protection. I played on those servers for a long time, but the devs lost interest in fixing alot of problems, so that now those servers are a big mess. That is kinda sad for me to see, because in general I liked the mechanic very much
  10. The thign is, if you are playing a ton, you usually plan to stay longer then a few days. We played one extinction period when it came out and it was nice. But that is nothing we would consider a full-time solution
  11. Defenitely understand your opinion and I know that there are alot that think the same way. I would have no problem to play on an unofficiall, but as someone already mentioned above, they are mostly heavily modded, what I do not like at all. Also as you said 70/100 slots would be perfect, but sadly unofficials do not have the same appeal as official servers. You get your smaller player base but even then you can not play PvP in a style as you have it on official servers (without knowing your opponent too much) I had a server myselve for half a year and the players sadly never grew bigger then 20. I do not say subscribtion would be THE solution, I just say for me it would be one option. Still, it remains that there is alot that needs to be done
  12. I like the general idea of something like that, even though I doubt this could be implemented easy. Also you still would have the problem over just too many structures (especially on PvE) placed on servers after a while. I would defenitely support a subscription model, something like you subscribe and then you are able to join a total of 5 different official servers or sth. like that. I also would suggest something like an Raid-Protection for new tribes and even shorter and mroe restricted auto-demolish timers. There is no simple solution to all of this but I think most of the players would agree that there need to be something done.
  13. Totally agree with that. I already made a threa about how stuff can be fixed (even tho I am not familiar with PvE). Jat actually answered me on twitter for some of the sugestions I made. The big probleme is, that such general problems are not in the focus at the moment. But I also think releasing the game with such an unfinished server/game mechanic is not good. In my opinion I would rather wait 2 months longer for the release and have a long-time working system then bringen up some new servers on Release date, which will follow the same old path as so many others. Another thing that I would actually consider (even before we got raided) is the big "evil" server wipe. I know it was stated long time ago that there wont be any wipes, but considering all those duplicate bugs since christmas... I feel like having a completely new start would help alot of players and the devs.
  14. The life of starting new on an old server Hello there, first of all, I am not here to cry about anything I just want to share some storys. So my 3 mates and myselve are playing ARK for ~2 years now. Untill january we had a 6 months break but then decided to come back to the game. We began to look for opportunities in form of official servers to play on, we found some potentional servers and started playing on them since january. The first 5 servers were a failure, On some we got raided after a day on others after 1,5 weeks. The "problem" we have is, that when we play, we "PLAY", that means at leastv 14 hours a day and in a very productive way. The last server we got on we had a better chance. We made an "kinda-alliance" with the existing 12-man alpha tribe" and started to grow bigger and bigger. We started on February 19th, and 2,5 weeks later this is were we stood: (Missing some giant hatchframes with turrets and 3 more roof layers on this screenshot) For us and the existing alpah tribe, this was a very impressive work, considering that we were only 4 players from which only 2 have over 2500 hours playtime. Sadly enought it seems that it was too good for the alphas tribe to still consider us as allies. Just when I went offline tonight, they came with 12 players. MY mate managed to defend our base for 1,5 hours 1 vs 12. In the end he gave up (Dropped everything, it was an offline raid & they broke our alliance did not deserve any loot). They lost around 20 pteras, 1 rock golem and around 20 turtles, their loot was some thatch . The thing I want to point out with all of this is, that old servers (Talkign about PvP here) are once again just no option to start playing on. I can udnderstand that people say "you just have to play more and better", but I think we did more then anyone else would have done, and still we were nto able to defend against masses of turtles, 250+ rock golems and more which that alpha tribe has collected in a time long before we even started playing there. For us, we now gone again into the phase of "Waiting for new servers". Sadly they are rare, but we are still so into the game and would start all over again right today. Hope I was able to give you and maybe some devs a lil' heads up on how the game works PvP wise at the moment. To conclude this: The Alpah did not damage our base at all, so we decided to do their job ourselve, enjoy :
  15. Items (Weapons/Saddles/) get nerfed after every update Hey there, Since the big fishing quality update and the nerf of all existing items that was included, all following updates (server restarts) have nerfed all new items we found. The nerf-ratings are: Weapons: 285% Damage Saddles: 117,5 Armor We do ask ourselves if this is intentional and if yes, then why? Instead of reducing the ratings every update, it would be better to just nerf those items in the loot drops themselve. It is pretty sad to see stuff you find getting nerfed as soon as an update kicks in, which makes those items cost-unefficient. Also, let's say someone finds a good weapon with 350% damage but there is no update for 2 weeks. That would mean he could use that item for 2 weeks. I remember something like this happening before when rockets got deleted intentionally once but then also got deleted every following patch for like one month. Please fix this or at least give a statement if it is intentional. Greets Picolo