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  1. One part solved, now you gotta find anotehr thing that is not perfect? I guess at some point you have to live with it.
  2. @Jat One question that bothers me, not for myselve but for newer / unexperienced players. What do you guys think about the mega tribes starting to take over that "new cluster"? I mean yes, alot of mega tribes will stay on the legacy cluster, but there are alot of them that got wiped (either by devs or by PvP). From what I would think those will starting taking over the big new cluster as soon as they can. Sure it may take some time. But most of those players got 5k+ hours playtime. Would you consider adding some newbie-friendly restrictions to those new servers (Even only time-based restrictions would help I guess) I think about "Max. tribe member restriction", "Time-restricted access to end-level content" and stuff like that. Woudl also like to hear what others think about that.
  3. And you think the one that decides which servers are ghost towns does not look into the "ddos" /downtime historie of an server? If not then yes, that would be bad. As I said I think we will get clearification on this "ghost town" status
  4. @Soulbanisher @snowman969frrlp
  5. I do not beliefe that is how all of this will work.
  6. Cannot speak for consoles but it was said that PvE Server will have access to the new content (Ragnarok) aswell, even tho they are not on the "New Cluster" in that meaning. I guess it shoudl be the same for consoles.
  7. If I would compare it with extinction I woudl say it is an 2-3 year extinction server. I think a ghost town will be considered a server with less then 10 players for 99% of the time or somethin. But I understand ur worries, there defenitely needs to be some clearification on what a "ghost town" really means.
  8. What makes you think that? The part with the ragnarok server being on the new clusters are directed towards console servers I think. I am playing on an isolated PC Server and would not even care that much, but I do not think that wildcard will wipe the hard work of 5 weeks from those ppl (Well to be fair lets lower it to 3 weeks considering all downtimes )
  9. As Long as your tribe stays on that server (And I expect you to at least have some allied tribes aswell), I dont think your server will be considered a "Ghost town"
  10. Guys no need to hate on PvE really, I completely understand the point of all those that want a new cluster. @Jat said more then once that nothing is set in stone and for now you cannot change anyones opinion by spamming this breeding/duping/trading stuff all over here. I guess by now everyone knows that there is stuff to think/discuss about but we dont need to hatespeech each other and start a PvP vs PvE Battle.
  11. Where is that not a clear answer?
  12. He already answered that question, Look throught his responses on page 2-4.
  13. Do not think that this would make sense. Legacy players will always be two years ahead of the new servers, no matter how long you wait. It would neber be fair towards the onces playing on the new servers.
  14. That may be because you usually do not trade with people you do not know on PVP. Noone will trade high end items/dinos with people that can potentially use em against you. so ya. No wonder 99% of the trade forum is PvE
  15. Does it really matter in PvE?
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