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  1. You guys could potentially kill your own game if you mess the structure changes up. Pillars are a necessary evil in Ark. They protect access from and to bases. They protect meat run areas and resource areas. They also help with lag. Please completely consult with the player base before you activate this change.
  2. PS4 - Moving from Legacy 599 To Official Ragnarok.

    9 months play time on PS4.

  3. Looking forward to this. I have been Legacy for 9 months and have now sold everything or gave it away, going full Ragnarok Official on release. My only concern for Legacy is the land issue tribes will face and the server dino caps we have on console. I can see alot of people getting upset and I can understand why, but be thankful its not a full server wipe of everything. We would have alot more upset and irrate people if that was the case. The short notice is a nightmare, thats understandable, but ther date may slip, it usually does for WC. I can also see why support is getting stopped, lets face it, its not the best at present and the wording kinda points towards it maybe coming back in the future. I guess WC will monitor all legacy servers over the coming months, year to see if they can close more and add more official servers, its only the logical thing to do. Within a year plus I bet we have only a handful of legacy servers left. New start on non duped servers is a positive thing, cannot wait.
  4. Egg empty mean that u reach the dino tribe limit

    1. Beatties


      Cheers buddy, the patch must have added the 200 limit :(

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