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  1. I swear to you wildcard ...

    Let's face it - any movie would have to be unofficial, the official movie would be a bug ridden trolled mess with no support
  2. I swear to you wildcard ...

    Can you imagine it? *Actor building campfire 2nd Actor - "Nope, you can't put that there, some guys pillared it"
  3. A good laugh

    what do you mean 'were'?
  4. PVE Pillaring & Space to build

    You are playing a game that includes a pvp mechanic involving handuffs and draining captives of blood... my guess is the dev's wont care that you cant build in the scenic spot you'd like
  5. Thank you for continued disappointment

    Multitude possibly - everyone? thats more of a stretch... I try to take these posts at face value, a player who's own interactions with other players and WC get them to a point that they feel they need to vocalise it (even with what I agree is a poor attempt to use numbers to validate his argument). From my own time on the forums I think its fair to say however there are a large number of players who while great fans of the game are utterly dissatisfied with WC's treatment of the playerbase. As I've said many times, if they truly hated everthing about Ark they wouldn't bother discussing it here they would just leave, anything else is a passionate plea to the defence of a great game poorly managed.
  6. Thank you for continued disappointment

    Am I missing something, at what point did he claim to speak for everyone? Stating that people are paying heaps of money while you dont fix the game's actual bugs is a fair enough observation. In unity with a lot of replies here, it all gets easier once you stop playing officials...
  7. Ark Aberration. Will it be Delayed?

    Cutting it a tad fine for a delay - I suspect it will be released 'on time' in a very limited capacity. No file for offline users and few servers for each region, thus they fulfil their contractual obligations without causing too much indirect hassle while retaining plausible deniability. Once the next set of servers are sunset'ed we will see more abberation boxes.
  8. Phiomas are OP

  9. Worth breeding?

    It is possible a lot of responses are dino envy, he has since clarified he is on unofficial
  10. Worth breeding?

    From a max level perspective as a kibble tame it's surpased quite quickly, 3 spot on 180's does sound like spawn in's however
  11. Water drops

    I'm assuming you mean the loot crates, otherwise fairly sure rain is random... The crates spawn on server reboot and 2 respawn every 30 minutes at random locations iirc
  12. Tool and weapon brake very quickly!?

    get a pike as soon as you can - problem solved
  13. Single player Co op screen too small

    co-op singleplayer? Isn't that an oxymoron?
  14. I am Declaring a new ARKmass tradition

    We had boxes for various items, though I do remember giving away 17k of thatch to a very appreciative recipient after the Thatchening...
  15. How about semi persistant boxes (presents stay for 5 minutes, anyone who loots it gets a random gift or % chance to spawn major hostile dino) to stop the screaming fest on officials?