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  1. Nooo Way!!!

    I see what you did there!
  2. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    Offline raid protection, this isn't a case of dino destruction. But yes thatch will despawn quite quickly if you dont login.
  3. ark Ark is garbage and needs to he fixed

    Capitalisation, punctuation and dare I say it, spelling would assist you in making a case.
  4. What exactly Is happening with legacy

    So I just noticed - and our servers are there, you have my thanks
  5. What exactly Is happening with legacy

    I wish they would just release the PVE server files, logging in just to feed things and refresh timers is becoming tiresome... For clarification, my tribe has worked hard on their tames and bases on the isle, rag and SE we have no desire to see that effort wasted. Conversely we also have no drive to keep 'playing' something that will at some arbitrary point be backed up and then wiped. With the save files we can at least host it ourselves and go on our merry way.
  6. Thank you DEVS for a great game

    ah yes, you think its buggy now... join the official multi player servers - then you will understand true pain
  7. Again?

    We've started getting dino's spawn inside our bases on SE and the island, at ground level, underwater and several floors up on official PvE. This used to happen but was fixed a while ago - anyone else getting this? So far losses are limited to an Icthy, some jerboa's & vultures but its a matter of time before something more major gets killed by the supposedly impossible...
  8. Am I the only one who wants this removed? While I see the benefits in preventing some 'kiting' seeing dinos left out in the open, ridiculous single high walls in the middle of the desert (SE) and other things people would never have dreamt of doing when the maps were dangerous places just boils the blood... Speaking of rage inducing things - please remove the insane 'run away' behaviour in wild dinos (funnily enough not affecting Pegob***ards) it makes hunting for meat crazy and a mockery of running through areas.
  9. Will we ever get footprints ?

  10. Why no 2x raising?

    Im still fuzzy on how setting the thread on fire is going to help
  11. Who's in the wrong?

    I had a guy park his wyvern in front of the ramp to our trap and then start shooting the rex I was training to the trap... eventually claimed he hadn't 'seen' me
  12. Greed is greed, I have less of an issue with 'pillaring' than I do with the infinite behemoth gate bases that cut off huge swathes of land
  13. Post How Long You've Played ARK

    Most days it feels like too long...
  14. Ark Aberration. Will it be Delayed?

    Bridges.... that is all....
  15. Abnormally few Quetzals

    This may be more to do with the 'render' changes than spawn rates - people are reporting disappearing/sudden appearences of gigas/deathworms/other larger dinos and I suspect quetzals to be the same