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  1. Changes in gather,exp,taming speed

    The stone pickup has been specifically singled out as x1 - whether thats a bug or by design I have no idea but everything else is x2
  2. New Dino Ideas

    None - fix the game first
  3. Yet Another Pillaring Complaint

    I admit to only starting playing after it but Ive been told of the days when everything was laid waste by the 'non' decay of buildings - to the point people were suiciding toons to get the meat for their dinos
  4. Yet Another Pillaring Complaint

    Im more against the behemoth gate huge land grabs personally, pillaring to protect spawns and a small area of breathing room around your base isnt a the problem but it comes down to the tribes involved
  5. Transferring to NON LEGACY server

    What they did was avoid the immediate whinefest that a wipe announcement would cause by saying 'no wipe' . Instead we get a slow phase out of low population servers (called legacy) regular 3 month population reviews and server repurposing (in other words WIPE). By splitting apart the timeframes on the deletions they seem like the negativity is smaller scale (as more people are resigned to its inevitability). Their choice was lots of negativity at once, or less over a longer period, not exactly a winnable scenario for them...
  6. Transferring to NON LEGACY server

    Voidstar has outlined pretty much what most people are doing, we've also started on official and will decide which path to take once we have the save games
  7. I suspect that has more to do with the track record of griefers belonging to tribe of [] than a racist comment....
  8. Its possible, just extremely unlikely
  9. Question for the oldies.

    I remember having to actually think about my structures and tames on SE. While I know the griefers are the reason they put ORP on the servers its just letting people use dino gates to claim huge tracks of land and leaves their dinos outside.
  10. Favorite Ark Dino (Including DLC's)

    Jerboa.... whats not to like???
  11. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    The leeds was created to reduce the platform count on the servers - and its succeded, it isnt the first Dino they have given specific tasks to force players to interact (pego anyone?)
  12. Most Creative Dino Names

    My tribemate called his Giga Gigrimlock....
  13. Wild Giga Vanishings

    I suspect its the new 'render' optimisations at work in both cases
  14. PvE Decay and Offline PvP ?

    as PvE servers have decay and offline raid protection I would say not, there will be a setting somewhere