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  1. a simple batch file, or power-shell script can do it, or any backup app, or even syncing it with a cloud service should work.
  2. All saved data and configs can be found here %localappdata%\Packages\StudioWildcard.4558480580BB9_1w2mm55455e38\LocalState\Saved\UWPConfig\UWP\
  3. Incorrect, we have 3 servers running, all ini edited. custom levels, custom spawns, custom dino levels, and custom drops and loot. 4th server i made as a test has alpha rexes alpha carnos running wild en-mass on Aberration. which we know dont exist otherwise.
  4. @Jatheish Editing the INI files on Windows 10 is possible. I sent you a tweet about it but you must have missed it. I have it all working right now 4 servers up, customized by hand with INI edits.
  5. Reordered, was about 10 USD cheaper, I'm glad i finally got it ordered but for the 10 bux i would have just preferred to keep my original order and been able to give it to my brother for his bday instead of xmas.
  6. It is indeed .5, I dragged the INI into the app to set these settings. However I was experimenting with the single player settings they are in fact off so thats correct, I forgot to turn them back off before the Screen shot. Edit: I just tested with exactly what you suggested, It does indeed work. SO this is a work around i suppose, not sure why torpor is causing issues. But thats not a huge deal. Edit 2: Alright os with the same settings you suggested I cannot enter a Pterra, it was also not able to be entered. Ive only tried 2 dinos, the quetz and terra so far and
  7. I reall miss using this app, But Its been months and i still cannot get it to work, I even drag my INI' into the app, I am, the server owner i know all settings are correct and every dino i input has red issues in one stat or another and I cant import it. Has any one got an idea?
  8. Update on this? I'd like to try and get it before Xmas at this point for my brother.
  9. Same, Its supposed to be an xmas gift so hopefuly soon. Was mean to be a bday gift for next week but yeah....
  10. So why is my refund from you guys about $7 dollars less then what i pad?
  11. How about reserving stock for forcefully cancelled orders? or allowing us to GO through with the order because shipping changes wont affect some of us more then a few dollars, like Canadians.
  12. If we've learned anything from wildcard they will say orders will be back up at XX date, then that date will hit and they will say they had issues and its pushed back, and then they will announce all stock is gone because they left ordering open for their US only instead of being FAIR and refunding all orders and closing purchases until they fix their HUGE oversight. Guys like me and you will get the shaft, but they wont care because they sold all their stock and still made the money on the product.
  13. You guys are awful, I explicitly contacted you and asked you not to cancel the order i was fine paying what I was charged, and you went a head and did it anyways. Yet again great customer service Wild Card. Do you guys ever get tired of disappointing your end user or is it entertaining for you?
  14. Exactly this was a xmas gift for my brother and if I miss my chance to get it, well it will put another notch in the belt of disappointment Wildcard has for me.
  15. Cancelling the "non US" order does not make it fair for every one. Cancelling all orders and sorting it out so every one has a far chance at the stock is how you make it fair. Otherwise dont cancel my order, UPS shipping to Canada is the same as domestic USA orders. and i dont want to have to reorder and deal with your mistakes.
  16. Hello, I'm certain that our wild is .5, and we set it to 2.0 once tamed. So they are easier to put down but once tamed they have the same torpor as if they were 1.0 across the board. If that logic makes sense. Next time We reboot I'll double check again though. As we cannot scroll the settings on the xbox admin manger screen.
  17. @cad Still no love even adjusted the server settings slightly and obviously rebooted, also putting level into another dino that wont extract didnt help either. Every dino on this server has HP and Weight in red, and other stats some times red on extraction. I've verified the settings dozens of times now.
  18. I cannot for the life of me get this working on our unofficial dedi Rag server, I've checked and rechecked 100x, every dino i input as health weight and some times speed red. On Xbox, Any one else?
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