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  1. THis is a daily occurrence for our tribe. Crash on mass inventory move. What we have to do inorder to prevent the spoil is one person takes all the meat off the argie, another tribe member tranqs them if they crash so they can be looted.,and try to move as much as possible to the grills as fast as possible. They really REALLY need to address the inventory issue.
  2. Especially since we named ours the "Poo Choo Express"
  3. I've always set my Xbox and computer to "Just Scan" in the aspect ratio on my Panasonic plasma. This always has and always will fix issues of the image running off the edge of the screen or being off center. 16:9 has some over-scan, which people noticed as zooming, and off center. Just Scan displays all the lines in the video signal without the over-scan If your TV has "Just scan" I highly recommend using this setting and keeping it on, because it displays things as they're supposed to be seen.
  4. Lost a Quetz randomly last night on our private dedicated as well cant find him but all the resources we used to train him are sure gone.
  5. every single patch has to be vetted by the Xbox team for malicious code, code that could cause damage to software or hardware. Preview wont change this unfortunately.
  6. You should also instruct the person(s) being griefed by the user to block them as well on Xbox Live, this will also help, and also ensure if the move to another server for any reason they wont run into unsavory players.
  7. As far as I know, no. Xbox Live its self will not allow users who are blocked by you to be match made with you period. This is how its supposed to work. I am not 100% sure since the server is not hosted by Xbox Live but the concept of blocking him are supposed to make your game sessions unjoinable by the user. If this does not work, I'm not sure what you can do but catch them online.
  8. @Raheem You should be able to block the users gamer tag with your Servers Gamertag. This will stop all contact and the ability to match make with your dedicated server Gamertag. Atleast this is how it works with other games on XBL.