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  1. Clone it? you mean with tek? I have not once unlocked any tek
  2. Even worse blood bags along gets you a 40-60% taming efficiency? Gotta let them eat some of your tames to raise it? What?
  3. that's insane, completely. We used to tame them with like 100-300. What happened to that?
  4. Blood Stalker Taming. How is it now? So how is the blood stalker taming now? dododex is saying 1300+ blood bags for a 150ish. Is that right? That seems insane.
  5. Having Issues: Building So I'm in a tribe and we are all admin but for some reason I cannot build on stone foundations. I can build on other foundations and my friends can build on stone foundations but not me.. How do I fix this?
  6. Server Type: Offline Raid protection.. where? Where did these go? I could have sworn we had some for a while and now they are gone.. Off topic, is riddling a map [pvp] with foundations and fence foundations still ok?
  7. Megacheleon: Is this right? I've been trying out a lower level megacheleon and have a few questions. So this giant sea turtle is slower than a raft? It takes a fair bit to tame and is quite troublesome finding those small fish. It is attacked by most things in the ocean yet has a very small attack radius and is slow to turn? Why does this difficult to tame creature, large as it is seem to draw the ire and aggression of every sea creature and have little way to defend itself while being so slow that it really seems like something only suitable for pve? I mean of cou
  8. Help: Info needed This probably isn't the channel but. I've been playing on this official server a while now. There is this tribe that has almost all of the spawns bugged/blocked as well as hundreds of not thousands of foundations placed all over the map along with metal cliff platforms covering most of the ragnarok map we are on. I know the foundations aren't a thing but can they block drops by using things like a foundation + Vault with pipes and a water tank? Is that legal?
  9. I agree with this. The teleport travel via the robot on this map is very buggy and very slow very not needed. I also wish to point out that this is the first time we have seen wildcard bring in a "Currency" which I fear will lead to them attempting to monetize their game even further by making very important materials even harder to obtain while selling you "Hex Packs" so that you can spend real money for materials that they've made extremely hard to gather. That Hex Coin system is a step in a very dangerous direction.
  10. Giant Turtle - Bugged The giant sea turtle that you can build a base on is passive tame but you cannot access any part of it outside to passive tame it. IF however you glitch into it you can see that it is passively tamed.
  11. at least you can DL pc steam has nothing yet!
  12. The season pass isn't out yet for you to download. All you get is the pet.
  13. Oh wild card. The fail is strong with you. I suggest not looking for this release till thursday or friday if not another month or three delay.
  14. So yes 1pm EST my time. Lovely.
  15. Targeted Release time? Midnight release? Or mid Day release?
  16. Terrible Server Lag / Rubber Banding:NA-PVP-OFFICIAL-Ragnarok67 As the title says this server rubber bands HORRIBLY all the time, can you please take a look to see if anyone is duping, or doing things on this server to make it lag? It only ever has like 7-10 players on it at most and it lags as if its a nearly full server.
  17. To bad you still have those titans around that can be solo tamed and wipe entire maps.
  18. Is that why they put titans into the game that you can solo tame and wipe entire servers with? Clearly months of work put into taming, breeding, building and otherwise doesn't mean much to them when they put in creatures that can wipe entire maps in an hour with NFG by wildcard and then they have had meshing issues since Day 1, stirring in a bit more poison with being able to use things like trikes and gasbags to soak turrets infinitely and then letting the centipede be able to melt any and all material types while being as easy to tame as a dodo. Clearly wildcard has that "I'm sorry
  19. Oh no in the early days it was very common for there to be 2-3 delays if not more, they finally learned its best to just not say anything and keep working on it rather than make a claim and miss it as much as they used to do.
  20. Sorry to disappoint you but Wildcard has a notorious habit of delaying, delaying delaying. They have delayed since the beginning on all their patches/dlc etc by weeks to months.
  21. Your first time ever dealing with wildcard and ark?
  22. Also whatever happened to that creature in the dev kit that had the big weird rear that popped out these mutated wasp things from its behind?
  23. For the size of it. Isn't it odd that it doesn't say its ridable? Also whatever happened to the weird creature that had wasps in its back in the works and popped them out like that thing from starcraft? I saw no dossier on that but it was in the dev kit at one time.
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