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  1. Legacy server 940 Crystal Isles keeps going down. Is there a place I can see server outages or WHY things are going down and when they are back up? This is annoying, multiple times now.
  2. Grumbles are relevant. Those announcements are pretty useless. Nobody on my server knows when it's beginning as none of us use twitter! It is an awful platform, just like Facebook and more people are moving away from social media. IMHO, they should update this website more frequently with important things like start times or before making said announcements, include all the relevant information in the first place!
  3. Ty for the reply Cad. I added 1 level to a compy and it didn't work, tried 2 and it still did not work. These are all wild tamed, not bred so no imprinting at all. It does recognise that it's had 2 lvls put into Melee but that HP is still red so cannot input it Stats of a compy I tamed, with 2 lvls added it is now 161 : http://imgur.com/veRAUIL Added 2 lvls in Melee Damage but it still wont accept it: http://imgur.com/UYokrwa I can't find where to right click to view best breeding partners, as it just seems to put it into the extractor when right clicked from the library
  4. Hi there. I absolutely love the app I am having a problem however entering the stats of Compys. The rest of the stats go green but the HP is red always. I've been trying for a few weeks now to input the stats of my 9 Compys to no avail. Everything is entered correctly, the right boxes are ticked, it is all up to date. It's just not working for me Also, is there anyway to select a male/female and see what offspring they might have? I can tame something new and I know it has a higher stat but it's not coming up in the breeding plan and I can't see anyway to look at said tame against another to see possible baby information. Please help Many thanks! ~ Clare
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