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  1. Explorer Note / Glitches Should the Glitches be unlocking HLN-A Explorer Notes in the Explorer Notes tab of our Inventory? I see a lot of locked notes there in that tab. I have collected all the HLN-A notes from the previous maps and see those 15 unlocked, but I see no new notes unlocked. I have collected every glitch in the Genesis Biomes.
  2. Both! Tame all the things!
  3. Alpha is possible. I did it today with a time of 145.163. There was about 2 seconds left on the clock when I completed it. It was a near perfect run. I have spent several hours trying to beat it over the last few days. Trying to maintain forward momentum during the sharp turns is hard, but must be done. Not running into stuff is hard. Try to cut corners when you can. There is one point in the later part of the course where you are direct to go through a very small hole, I go over this and still hit the boost beyond it. Good luck.
  4. LMAO And I can get Alpha Manta done.... I'm on PC. I've come to the conclusion that we are part of a cruel joke by WC.
  5. Alpha Bottle-nosed is impossible now. I have done 3 perfect runs and each one was too slow.
  6. In the video they are also using Tek Chestpieces to fly when they get into trouble on the ground. As you stated, that video is nothing near what I was asking.
  7. No other requirements. You can keep starting it over and over.
  8. That is probably the easiest scavenger mission. Glider wing skin helps a lot on the terrarium part, swim up high outside, enter, and glide down to the higher up ones. Tek boots would probably also help if available.
  9. I had to run it 2-3 times on Alpha before I got a good saddle. Sometimes bad saddles, sometimes no saddles.
  10. Final Test Boss Strategy Help My Tribe has attempted this boss twice on Gamma. Once with 2 players and once with 3 players. Players in the best flak/riot we could find, shotguns for the flyer drones, and a stack of HP brews. The last time we tried with a Yut (60 armor JM Saddle), 1 Daeodon (50 Armor Saddle), 18 Tek Rexs with 90+ Armor Saddle. The Alpha Hide and Sink mission for Rex Saddles is easy to farm. Bred Tek Rex leveled to 30k HP and 900%+ Melee. 100k Food on the Daeodon. Both runs we ended up overwhelmed in the last phase of the boss and the adds just were too much and killed us collecting keys. It was very hard to keep the Rexs together in a group for healing and yut buffing.` Does anyone know any legit strategies and/or tips for beating this thing? Is my group comp wrong? I can't find a valid video on Youtube. All the Vids I have found that beat it use Saddles/Weapons/Armor above the official server cap or console commands.
  11. Yeah me too. Went all over the bog. When we discovered the location under water full of other valuables and rare flowers were on the list. So on a whim we got a theriz down there to check it out.
  12. There are rare flowers in the sunken jungle (aka underwater terrarium). They are the blue feather looking flowers. We used a theriz delicate attack.
  13. The game keeps dying but it has infinite respawns.
  14. The Alpha fight is easier than the Beta because the MegaMek wrecks the Alpha King Titan. Yes at the start of the King Titan fight, all the tamed titans go to 100% HP. I've not seen the max HP of titans change over time or with server resets. Titans will heal themselves over time just like regular dinos. I've not seen that pause or stop.
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