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  1. Biome Specific Reskins These look amazing
  2. If you just want to read the decoded message without decoding it yourself, you can wear a tek helmet.
  3. Open Advanced options, select Give Survivor Default Items, and then go die. When you respawn you should have all the skins you have unlocked including the new helm.
  4. I made a bug report on the HLN-A explorer notes not being logged correctly.
  5. Scorched Earth - Ruins of Nostri Note 5 76.2 79.6
  6. Scorched Earth - Old Tunnels Cave Note 4 56.7 44.5
  7. dv8ndie

    Diana Log #21

    Diana Log #21 Anyone have any tips on how to read this explorer note? I am loving the Ark lore and currently trying to collect all the explorer notes on all the map. I can see it, but I can't find a hole to climb down and get to it. I looked on the other side of the giant rock formation, but had no luck. https://imgur.com/gallery/Yvh7Pre I found a bug report from last November on this explorer note. I'm going to assume since the bug report is 10 months old, its not a bug. I found a youtube video explaining that states it is also bugged. Any help with how to access this explorer note would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Ark Data Cluster Transfer File I uploaded 12 Valguero Ice Wyvern eggs, Transferred to the island server in our cluster to download them, could not see the eggs in the Ark Data Folder, and now I can't see them on the Valguero server. Now when I go to upload items, I can only upload 38 items before I get the Maximum Items Reached Error Message. It is as if the 12 eggs are hidden in my transfer file. If I delete my SteamID file under the clusters folder on my server, will that fix my problem? Is that safe to do?
  9. I have always seen 2 Gigas spawn on the map. After killing one or both of them, it only takes a few minutes before they respawn. You listed the 3 locations I have seen gigas spawn. I track their respawns using the s+ tek transmitter. As for Mosas, Plesi, and Tuso, they are rare spawns in the underwater ocean. Most of the time none of them are spawned on the server I am currently playing. When they do spawn, they get tamed or killed pretty fast by players.
  10. Imagine if whistle macros would have been banned when you had to set tames to wander to breed. I had to turn my sound off when I used the macro because the whistle became so annoying. RIP My whistle macro... wait that's not right.. Burn in Hell my whistle macro... that's better.
  11. I speculate it will be a prequel.
  12. From my experience, the surfaces share the same loot table. I prefer the southwest surface as I feel it has more drops down at any time. The only cave that I have seen that has the good BPs is the Elemental Vault. There is only 1 drop appearing at a time and it takes about an hour to respawn. This video below will show you the drop locations in the cave, it is not in English, but it shows you the locations better than any other video I have seen. Red or Yellow drops for the Rock Drake Saddle, Red drops for the Basilisk Saddle, Yellow drops for the Karkinos saddle More Details on the Loot: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Tables/Aberration
  13. Desert Cloth Armor BPs Is there caves or drops that contains the blue prints for the Desert Cloth gear on the Rag map? I know the SE map has them in caves, but I currently don't have access to that map in the cluster I'm playing. I'm looking for something better than the default primitive. I normally use ghillie to reduce heat, but I would like better functional gear for desert role playing. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Desert_Cloth_(Scorched_Earth)
  14. I haven't seen it myself, but others have complained about climbing picks teleporting before. Usually those posts are climbing on a crafted structure like a forge. All the lowest parts in the chamber that contains the Artifact of the Devourer are insta-death zones. You need to stay up top on the green and not go into the grey steamy areas.
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