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  1. This is not just on servers. This happens to me ALL the time on single player. Especially with the green obelisk on the Island.
  2. Have a quick save in the menu for Xbox. Crashing to the Xbox home screen is extremely annoying especially if you've just tamed a dino or transferred at an obelisk. Or you know you could actually FIX the crashing!! But since that seems unlikely considering it's has been going on for months, this seems it would be an alternative approach.
  3. I don't know if this has been brought to attention. It's been going on for months. Frequent crashes near green obelisk on the Island in single player. I lost some irreplaceable dinos due to this.
  4. This is also a frequent occurrence on single player.
  5. The Ankylo is broken, it's tail swipe gathers everything again. The Mesopithecus won't gather when put near bushes, it just stands there. Loot drops aren't showing up on single player either.
  6. So, I was back on Ragnarok and in Viking Bay today. I was going to move but after spending 3 days build a village there I wasn't going to abandon it. And guess what, you've got it kicked 4 times so far. That being said I've decided that every day that I play and this happens I'm going to write a post about it. There's nothing more annoying than furnishing a house, getting it just right then...BAMMM have to start all over because it crashes.
  7. Seems this issue has been going on for months. Today I've been kicked twice. Yesterday once. The other day four times. All this on Ragnarok primitive plus single player for Xbox. I'm trying to build at the waterfall near Viking Bay. I've also had this happen on the Island and Scorched Earth. It seems after reading other post the only solution to this is.... moving and staying far away from Viking Bay?
  8. I am crashing on exit screen when leaving single player on The Island
  9. I own a server entitled 'Serenity's Oasis' where I have taken every effort to enable all ages to come and enjoy their time. Since I refuse to accept pillars anywhere unless they are attached to a building, I can guarantee you won't find them anywhere. I also have a young child about your nephew's age playing the game with us and am sure that they would enjoy having others their age. Currently the server holds 10 people, but with donations I am willing to grow the server. 

    Above is the Server IP address. 

  10. feel free to message the gt opulentchain as posted in the link i left for you.  i dont see any issues with your nephew playing on it.  its mostly the under age that do nothing but look for trouble and cause problems.  that is the only reason we have made it 18+.  if your interested contact the above gt and i will hook you up with the server gt and information.

    below again is the link to my post on here with our rates and any information you should need.



    1. taya


      hello i play pve island and SE.

       we have : yellow, pink, royal blue and cyan thylas. 

      red, white, black and blue spinos!

      pink , pink black, cyan , dark green, white rexxes

      and alot more 

      i play only PS4 !


      my psn are : officialprinsz

      send me a msg for pictures!


  11. Are they fixing the missing saddles and missing carbon? I should read before posting. i see there is talk of fixing these 2. Also is there engrams for ground cashews? If so I'm missing them.
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