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  1. Definitely need more stuff to keep in line with some of the structures, I’d like to see more modern and up to date decor items to come in line with metal and tek structures. It looks so tacky with a wooden chair and table inside a higher tier base.
  2. To many instances now where I’ve been catapulted into the oblivion while climbing. The tools on a whole are a much needed addition as they make game play more dynamic and fun but for the love of god fix them. I’m sick to death of going on an adventure in caves, redwoods, mountains etc and losing all my loot to nothingness please take a long hard look at what’s causing this and fix it please.
  3. That being put in mind they could out source it to the mod program and trickle it into the base game as an add on like the center and rag maybe.
  4. Fair one why can’t we get this across all consoles if fallout and skyrim can do it why can’t you guys
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