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  1. AutumnRain95


    Teleport When using the teleportation system sometimes it’s hard or impossible to click on a teleporter I have placed down. Could you possibly put a list of all teleporters on the side like you do the spawn zones or maybe just make it easier in some way to click on the teleporter you need to go to? I am on extinction map and have a teleporter in the middle of the city that I can’t click on.
  2. AutumnRain95


    Autumn I would like to see more meat drop from all dinos the cryopod system is amazing. But to keep out your harvesting Dino’s, kibble farm, any Dino’s your are breeding and raising, and if you have custom recipes to feed your whole tribe still takes a lot of play time to keep fed. It takes larger tribes a significant portion of play time just running meat to fill throughs and make burgers or cakes. If you could double or maybe triple just the meat you get from Dino’s that would be amazing and give players more time to spend on other aspects of the game.
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