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  1. Not sure what you're trying to suggest... Are you saying there's a way to do this in PVE mode? I never could figure out a way to do it without switching to PVP.
  2. I was excited about this setting until I realized it was a PVE-only setting... We play in PVE style but configure for PVP because we like to be able to use our dinos to kill hatched babies with. So, unfortunately, this doesn't help us. Why does Wildcard make PVE & PVP specific rules? Why not just make it a rule and let us decide if we want it enabled or not regardless of which mode we are in? Configuration would be a lot simpler and the game would be a lot more flexible.
  3. I just had this same problem. I was level 106 and after the mindwipe, I was level 86. The game still thinks I'm level capped and cheating in XP doesn't work. I restored a backup and got my character back but I'm unable to do the mindwipe without losing levels (permanently). After restoring, I tried transferring to a different server in our cluster then trying the mindwipe from there. Same result. @StudioWildcard please help! This is a big problem.
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