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  1. Ike24

    Dont Look Behind You

    Is the floating hachet someone who has the vampiric affect?
  2. Check the x-box patch notes
  3. I get that this is the first time you are posting this but PLEASE read the post by the developers BEFORE asking a question like this. Community moderators are stuck answering this question and others like it just because people won't spend a minute to read the post and it gets really annoying getting a notification about the same question from multiple different people. Anyways to answer your question yes it will be om X-box.
  4. I wish people would just read the dev posts before they ask a question
  5. I think you need to chill, if you want to avoid the dodwyvern then don't play during fear evolved 2, or if you want to play back up the server BEFORE the dodwyvern spawns
  6. The dodorex will be included, look at the 249 patch note
  7. Can you tame the queen using smoke bombs or something similar to get a real life aspect?
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