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  1. It would seem not since this is still a thing
  2. That will be awesome EDIT: I just gave you your 100th reputation point. :-) (stupid forum software keeps deleting the smiles)
  3. First thing to do with any ark problem is use steam to verify your installed files havn't become corupted
  4. I don't think that will be possible now or in the future, I might be wrong of course.
  5. The quicki guide lists these spawners for the PGM system But in the dev kit there are two more, they are DinoSpawnEntries_Ocean_PGM_C and DinoSpawnEntries_Deepwater_PGM_C So essentially in the dev kit there are two spawners for the ocean biome, and two for the deepwater biome. @Jeremy Stieglitz are you or some other members of the development team able to clarify what is happening here? the the other two a type and ca nwe safely ignore them when editing spawners for a PGM map or are there in fact multiple spawners being used in these two biomes?
  6. I hope you intend to leave it as command line tool and the GUI is a separate Tool?
  7. Hi Can someone tell me if this will give all the items if selected for a beacon of just one of them? What I am trying to achieve is give a complete set of armour in a drop. (EntryWeight=1.000000,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemArmor_DesertClothBoots_C","PrimalItemArmor_DesertClothGloves_C","PrimalItemArmor_DesertClothPants_C","PrimalItemArmor_DesertClothShirt_C","PrimalItemArmor_DesertClothGogglesHelmet_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000),MinQuantity=1,MaxQuantity=1,MinQuality=0.000000,MaxQuality=2.000000,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.0)
  8. That's pretty much what I thought too, thanks I shall do some more digging
  9. Is there a list of what quality is like Journy, master and ascendant etc?
  10. Hi, can someone explain the min and max Quality values for me, I seem to be getting ascendent everything in my drops.
  11. Have you looked into javapackager? I have a project not related to ark and use javapackager , I make a fat jar with an installer. Using gradle for the build
  12. Is there a way to get an image of the character and what they are currently wearing? That would be really cool
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