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  1. Something tells me this is not accurate and has nothing to do with Linux... BTW, they didn't change how PGMs are done. They're still supposed to write to Game.ini (how else can you share the variables for generation?). The ini functionality seems to have a giant bug at the moment. A lot of people can't even play due to their settings not saving (settings are stored in ini files).
  2. Sooooo, allegedly Linux supports this now? Or no? It's pretty convoluted when the Patch Notes topic still says: Note: Procedurally Generated ARKs currently do not work on Linux Servers, Linux Clients, or Mac Clients. We expect to have this fixed within a day or so, stay tuned! Yet, in the V250 patch notes, we see this: - Fix of Procedurally Generated ARK crashes, massive reduction in generation and loading time, fix for PGM's on Linux Servers and Mac & Linux Clients. (Wipes saved v1 PGM's, now is v2) I'd assume it was not fixed due to the fact that my Linux server still doesn't seem to be capable of doing anything with PGMs, but this patch broke the PGM functionality for me on Windows so it's a little hard to test. Nothing writes to Game.ini when I generate a new PG Ark and/or save as a favorite. Yay for "patches"!
  3. Ah - as I said, added today when the patch HIT, not prior. Also, as I said, I have had a 4.8ghz overclocked server (which mind you are expensive as all hell) sitting idle waiting for this patch to hit, for two weeks now. A little heads up prior to release day would be FANTASTIC. EDIT: It's not been there the entire time, lol.
  4. Link to the advisory please. I don't see it in the patch notes even now, but I could just be missing it. Even so, it wasn't there prior to release. Who said I thought I was the only one? Wouldn't my statement about Linux being the most widely used server OS on the planet contradict that? If I thought I was the only one on Linux I'd probably not be pissed about a lack of support for it. Not even sure DILO you're on about right now, lol.
  5. Seriously, the devs alienate Linux yet again? These are the only devs I've ever seen that don't seem the realize that the vast majority of servers out there run Linux. Jesus. A heads up would've been nice too. I had a box turned up specifically for procedural arks - it's been sitting and waiting for 2 weeks due to these awesome delays. Now what the hell am I going to do with it. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. This would be a damn good game if the devs would actually realize that pissing on their admins isn't a good idea. If admins are happy, players are happy.
  6. Clarification please? The original post says: The actual PGARK configuration is stored in your \Saved\Config\Windows (or WindowsServer or LinuxServer etc)\Game.ini file, here: Yet it's being said that Linux is not supported.
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