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  1. isu

    Is Ark dying ?

    Why do you think that it has something to do with mega tribes? Every player can do it. Even if you would have only small tribes, people would still mesh, cheat or offline raid. Actually they would do even more offline raids, because defenders won't be online.
  2. isu

    The state of PvP

    The problem is that you can't balance game around everyone. You can't make game that everyone will like it. Players from big tribes are saying that farming structures is too easy. Newbies are saying that rates should be higher, lot of people wants to nerf character speed and broken bolas and whips with that speed, but then you have also crybabies who wants it how its. Own experience about farming: For example Abberation is broken in current stage. You can farm so much metal and polymer and if you add to it also easy paste from achatinas, you have resources for days. If you think I overstate how easy is to farm, I must say that we currently have almost 300 achatinas, just to be able to keep with all metal.
  3. isu

    My current breeding technique - need critics!

    It came from guy, who wrote this: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Mutations
  4. isu

    My current breeding technique - need critics!

    I actually tried that technique with clean 1 side (father side) on male and in 4000 eggs I didn't got even 1 mutation. So I don''t think you are increasing your chance if you will use male with clean patrimonial side. Just use over mutated Male with clean females and you should be fine.
  5. If u destroyed vault with 350 slots, the bag had only 300, so you lost 50 slots. Now they increased size of bag to 600. (probably to hold full replicator)
  6. To stop enemies from advancing to your base/fob. You cannot place own structures/turrets in range of enemy structures, so you would have to push without turret coverage = easy to be picked on dinos or killed and than you have to run big distance to get back on your dino. Most of the time tribes are forced to clean structures before them, so they are using thousands of c4.
  7. Officials aren't for casuals. If you cant handle tame/breed timers, just go play on private servers with increased rates. PvP players have much different view on things which you are describing, for example the argent wasn't any drastic change, lot of players/streamers told that argent have still huge hp pool. About decay timer: There was discussion about it on reddit, because during war everyone is spamming structures and lot of players suggested that decay timer should be even lower than currently. Just few screens how people are spamming structures during pvp:
  8. isu

    Upcoming Tribe Size Limit?

    Everyone has different view on the game. Some players prefer big wars as pvp, where you use hundreds of dinos, thousands structures and so. Someone prefers small scale pvp, when its mostly about ground pvp and bolas. You cannot force someone your view of the game and how it should be played. You can take official pvp as open market, where meta was forced by game changes/nerfs/community/amount of servers.
  9. isu

    Is Ark dying ?

    You can be at least lucky that steam is transparent and will show you how many players are online/playing. League of legends lost like half of players base, but they are not sharing online count, so nobody can see it. CSGO is going down, PUBG is going down, dota also. Every game is after some time boring and will lose casual players. Now big hit is fortnite, but you will see, when some new game will come, they will also lose players. Casual are always going to new hit games.
  10. isu

    Would you really quit if.....

    If they would make full wipe and some changes for better gameplay, more people would start to play than currently are playing. Majority of people currently playing on official pvp would welcome it also.
  11. isu

    Breeding question.

    I dont agree with that. Maybe you are decreasing chance of mutations of both parent in later stage (bcs of mutation counter on one parent), but you also have smaller chance to get correct mutation, because you are trying to mutate only 1 stat instead of more. + Between time you have bad dinos, because they dont have both mutated stats.
  12. isu

    Breeding question.

    Game doesn't remember mutations. It only remember stats of dino + mutation counter (number). You cannot transfer mutations on higher stat on different dino.
  13. Did you read what Jat wrote? He said no characters, items, dinos. So when you cross travel to another server and unlock repli, you wont be able to come back.
  14. If they catch some huge cheaters on your server, they can devwipe whole servers, because there is high chance you were allies or you profited from it also.
  15. If you won't be able to download any characters, how are people supposed to do bosses? For example If new guy starts on abberation, he won't have access to replicator, so he can't craft any tek stuff.