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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. The island and high lvl Dino's...

    Center and Ragnarok are best. https://imgur.com/a/tV1MG
  2. Whats your best Rex breed at?

    You know that majority plays on new servers, not on legacy.
  3. Too Many Servers / Player Fragmentation

    Less server = less space for small/medium tribes. Actually we don't/didn't have enough servers. There was only 1 EU Center and 1 EU Scorched earth server at release = only big tribes prevailed and most of small tribes got wiped. Currently there are 2 Centers and 2 SEs which is still extra low. On legacy it was 25 Center servers per region, which means it was 25 EU and 25 NA servers for western players. Current state: 90% of all servers are under mega tribes, even if you build strong there, its matter of days until you will get raided.
  4. Center boss fight

    Island was harder? On island even hard monkey can't kill you with rock throw on mount. So center was definitely harder.
  5. Rollback on prime time ?

    Hundreds of people lost 100+ chars, Jat tried to fix it, but they lost even more characters. Thats why there was 2nd rollback.
  6. Rollback on prime time ?

    Ranger1, you know that all items which were uploaded during rollback time got duped + all characters downloaded from cloud in same time got LOST.
  7. Major Update at key playtime nice one

    Item cloud got duped with this rollback + you lost all characters, which were in cloud and were downloaded to some server after update.
  8. As OP is one of player who still plays on legacy, I can see why he wants to unify servers. I don't know how you can compare servers, where only few people cheated to servers, where almost every bob could dupe full inventories. And dont forget on god dinos or duped BPs from prenerf time. I doubt that WC are even thinking about it, because they would just shot themselves to the foot with this move. Even full wipe would be smarter decision.
  9. What you should worry about is that tribe "Tea" got devwiped by admins and few days later admins rollbacked it and "Tea" got their bases back as part of amnesty with this exploit. "Tea" is chinese tribe known for ddos and aimbot. But what is interesting, that even people behind this exploit said that "Tea" hadn't access to this exploit. Wildcard never rollbacked some devwiped server, this was 1st time.
  10. Rex Boss Stats

    Best rexes which I saw are: 15-16k hp, 2800-3000 stam and 500-520 melee. Its some time, so probably already few mutations higher. If you need rexes for boss, stats around 11-12k hp and 400+ melee will be enough.
  11. Breeding questions

    Its not wasting time, i'm using females, which I cant use for mutations + these extra rexes are used for war. I can still use my clean females for new mutations. And I can get new lines of rexes in very short time. With your method its extra slow and you would still need time to connect these stats and because they are separated, it will take even longer time.
  12. Breeding questions

    How its faster? If i'm breeding for example Rex and I care for 3 stats (hp,stam,dmg) with my overmutated male (alpha male with 20+ mutations), I have 2,5% chance for mutations (bcs only female is 19 mutations or lower) and I have 3/14 for right stat to mutate. If i will mutate one of these 3 stats and its Female, i will breed it with my alpha Male until I will get New alpha Male with this new mutated stat + 2 other my best stats. If its new mutation on male, i will breed it with my other females (over 20 mutations), which have at least other 2 stats except that one, which I mutated. If i would separate these lines, I would be much slower, because I have only 1/14 that i will get exact right mutations. Also when I will get new mutations, I dont need to wait for new alpha male, I just can just breed old alpha male until new one is adult and I still have 2/14 chance for new stat and 1/14 to get same stat and maybe male. + mutations stacking never "END", so dunno how long you want to wait. I think this is faster + you can keep up nonstop with best alpha rex and dont need to seperate any stat.
  13. Breeding questions

    That is if you care only for 1 stat and you are under 20 mutations(giga, stego and so). If you want more stats and you are already over 20 mutations, you dont need to keep clean male, just breed it with your overmutated male to get your male with all your best stats + mutated stat faster. It doesn't matter if you have 25 mutations on male or 2 millions. + You can use females with 19 mutations and lower, they don't need to be 0/0.
  14. Lancast explained it on reddit: And actually its wasn't spread as WC told us: And even if new servers will get even to worse state, they still shouldn't be merged together with legacy servers. Legacy servers have still much more OP BPs and dino DNA, which should never see light on the new servers.
  15. megatribes cheaters prosper!

    Interesting post on reddit: Palladinsoldier [score hidden] 22 minutes ago* The ark devs is lying to everyone during this matter majority of ark didnt use this exploit at all but among few of the tribes that had acces to it some of the biggest tribes is listed. The exploit is about testers among others having acces to ADMIN commands on official servers. Which basically has made it possible for TRIBES to spawn in items, god mode, ghost mode, open vaults without knowing the pincode among others. Its basically Legacy 2.0.