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  1. isu

    Easier Start Means More Players

    You mean 1-1,5 hour? You can be level 100 on day 1, if you really try.
  2. isu

    Mega Tribes

    People are getting offline raided nonstop even on small tribe servers. They are using same reasons as you mentioned: defense (turrets) is weak and that they can't be nonstop online. So, how are these 2 problems connected to mega tribes? Players chose to play in mega tribes mainly because they didn't want to get offline raided and lose all progress what they did.
  3. Are you guys for real asking WC to fix bugs on your UNofficial (private) server?
  4. isu

    Movement Speed is Overpowered!

    Speed was nerfed when when max level was 105. Currently its 132 and planning to be 150 on next ascension. 1. Argument that you have sacrifice other stats for speed could be used, when we had 105 as max level, but not now. Majority of players are running only 250-350 hp, because its enough and you don't want to get lot of damage from flamethrowers. Then they are running with 400-550 weight, sometimes 1 point to fortitude and rest to speed. With these balanced stats you are still getting to 190+ speed with good hp and good weight. 2. Speed is making most of pve aspects of game useless, because you can just run away from any threat or danger. You don't need to learn how to survive, you just need levels, so you can always run away. 3. Speed is also making most of pvp aspects worthless (mainly lot of dinos and turrets), because you can abuse their slow turn rate/speed and destroy base or kill player/dino easily. 4. Sending people to unofficial, when they don't like how speed is currently working is bad move, because in my experience on official pvp, most of people who wants have this super op speed (yes, streamers are between them) are originally from unofficial servers, where they learned to play with 200+ speed and as we know, people hate when they have to learn "new things / adapt". 5. Official PvP during raid is lagging really hard and current character speed is just adding more problems on it. Yes, the main problem are lags, but lags in ARK will be never fixed, because this engine (or any other engine) can't handle game like this. I'm expecting lot of hate replies, but I just want fair and good competitive environment and currently character speed is breaking it.
  5. You cannot clean rex. He will have always mutation at least on one side. Mutation counter is useless information, the only important thing from counter is if its below 20 or not. Nice Rex on picture:
  6. https://ark.gamepedia.com/247.93 Changed enemy-structure destruction log (for the victim tribe) to not display in Tribe Logs by default (instead, a generic structure destruction message is given). Use the following server setting to make it indicate the attacker tribe: 2 years ago
  7. Because players in small tribes were crying that they can't destroy anything without being wiped by alpha tribe after that.
  8. Aiming for 135 and then +15 levels next ascension on DLC.
  9. isu

    Player max level +1 again

    Time to finally fix character speed. In current state its already broken and making other mechanics in the game joke. Dont wanna see how it will look with +18-19 more levels in stats.
  10. isu

    hard poly farm

    Center, skull island.
  11. No, if you are over 300/300, you won't get any dino after hatch. Just open your inventory and check what number you have at tame limit. Rafts and platforms dinos with structures count for 10.
  12. isu

    confused about +1 survivor level

    Because extra levels/stats are changing gameplay. Like they nerfed character speed and then added +30 more stats, so it has no effect now. Flyers got nerfed and then they added OP griffin. Everything what they change/nerf/add has some impact on gameplay.
  13. isu

    confused about +1 survivor level

    Dinos also spawn as level 1 and every +1 level is 1 more stat. So lets give +1 even to dinos?
  14. Countdown is only for some extra info and they will tell us release date of extinction. Source: https://twitter.com/bubblywums/status/1007787700299223040/