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  1. They know other countries play Ark right? Why would we want Uncle Sams hat and American flags.. (Currently Canada Day long weekend/152 birthday) -Face palm-
  2. Just 2 days of Halloween? That... really sucks! Most other games give you a week or more of events so you can actually enjoy it.
  3. This should be good, lots of great mods in this initial list.
  4. I'm going to assume some hair and facial styles got cut? In the patch notes it said 4 new hair and facial styles, more explorer notes. Actual release had one hair and facial style, 30 explorer notes. ....
  5. The jousting arena looks great, Stargate outside is a nice touch also.
  6. Ragnarok map update, yey. WIM, nice artwork.
  7. Baryonyx looks like it will be pretty cool, although I'm still most excited for the facial hair and growth system.
  8. Would like to see some of the primitive items in vanilla ARK also, wooden compound bow and blowgun are two things I have wanted since ARK was released.
  9. Whoa.. just wait a minute.. Your original game is not complete nor' optimized and your pushing paid DLC for $22? Very poor decision, wow..
  10. Wow, the biome re-work looks great! Looking forward to the redwood forest.
  11. Lots of neat MODS and some amazing looking structures.
  12. Love the 'Lego' artwork! As always a nice read~
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