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  1. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Happy Easter, get them eggs while they last! Event active on both Ragnarok and TheIsland Nuwonderland servers.
  2. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Want a fresh start? We just added theIsland to our server cluster. TheIsland Nitrado Server: https://server.nitrado.net/eng/s/prabbitgaming
  3. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Aberration map removed. The island map added.
  4. megatribes cheaters prosper!

    And cheaters get a pass because there is so many of them... shotty WC, real shotty...
  5. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Up yah' go, NuWonderland.
  6. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Sitting at #33 on Nitrado for Ark PVE servers!
  7. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

  8. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    We have added a new mod to the server. Hunters Bounty: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207909389
  9. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Experience the Ragnarok map in all its glory now that it is "99% complete". Or Challenge Aberration.
  10. Ragnarok map expansion today?

    Most I have found for patch notes was posted 19 hours ago. "Additions - Sand Dunes Coastal Reef Mountainous Green Desert New weather system with lighting. Watch out while venturing in the desert Puzzle Labyrinth (4 of the artifacts previously found in the world have been moved here) Many misc changes, Including - New default player spawn Increased spino spawns Added more water spawns to existing areas. We will be collecting issues and fixing them in the coming weeks. "
  11. Favorite Game other than Ark

    Currently, Crossout and BF4.
  12. Ragnarok map expansion today?

    Yep, simply "Added Ragnarok 99%-complete expansion" .... Be great to know what the last 20-30% of the map and 1.6Gb is.
  13. Ragnarok map expansion today?

    Just got it on Steam, 1.6Gb Detailsssss!?
  14. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Added Discord link.
  15. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    #28 on Nitrado Ark servers. Aberration map has been added to the server cluster!