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  1. Just 2 days of Halloween? That... really sucks! Most other games give you a week or more of events so you can actually enjoy it.
  2. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Our population is steady, looking to join a friendly community? Check out NuWonderland.
  3. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Dragontail mod has been removed.
  4. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    #122 on Nitrado for Ark servers as of today.
  5. Ark: Ragnarok Update Speculation

  6. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    NuWonderland, check it out.
  7. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Server has been changed slightly.
  8. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Bump to the top, server is very active now days come check it out.
  9. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    We have a bunch of new survivors, welcome.
  10. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Mods added: Structures Plus: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 Dragontail: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843960973 Server Changes: Tribute Downloads Allowed. (Bring Survivor, Dino's, and Items from Single Player or Other Servers.) Also we offer one Tek Item or Dino every month for long term players.
  11. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Check out Ragnarok's latest update to the SW region! Added new islands Added new player spawns Added new Wyvern area - Wyvern Coastal Trench Added Patreon temple Added more SE spawns (moshops jerboa moth) Fixed scotland basalt cave exploit Fixed several glitched lootdrops Adjusted spawns of Spino and Giga Several other bug fixes
  12. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    We have changed our map to Ragnarok. -SE converter mod removed.
  13. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    We are now ranked in the top 100 Ark servers on Nitrado. (#93 at time of this post)
  14. pve --NuWonderland-- [PVE]

    Mods removed: Viking Longboat, Primitive Eq. Mod added: Eco's camping decor. Server is up to date.