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  1. Boss Fight "Friendly Fire" I think it is about time to address a major problem during a boss fight. As you all know everyone is aware of the "Friendly Fire" within the boss fight and how annoying, devastating and frustrating it can be. Having to blame one another for who damaged what during a fight and finally an ultimate fail in the end. Do games really have to be played like this on official servers? Can there be anything done to fix it?
  2. Why not add new diagonals walls and door? At least everything will be flush...With all the obstruction in the game something has to work properly... There is just too many limitations with obstruction 99% of the time...
  3. Wedge Ceiling and Foundations At some point, can we have wedges that can actually fit between squares? Triangles dont work.
  4. Muffs


    Bloodstalkers Yeah about the bloodstalkers.........i honestly think you should go back to how it was before because I will tell you why.... Yes it may be easy to tame the stalkers before the patch, but they die so fast they are very hard to keep alive. They are so dam fragile. To me it was balanced. Now we have to spend most of our day drawing blood. This is so boring and not fun at all.
  5. Mindwipe Bug The Mindwipe Tonic is still bugged. People need proper engrams in able to function properly in game. For instance, in the snowy region, people need the fur engrams to survive. In the lava region people need ghillie or desert gear to survive. Ocean people need the scuba gear. People struggling because they do not have the engrams to make the saddles they need for their dinos. I need to make a chimney for my snow base, its so cold on certain parts of the day i end up starving a lot. I dont even have the engram to make the behemoth gate. Ive been using my rhinos as a gate to block out bad dinosaurs. There are so many other things.. but you get the Idea.
  6. Mindwipe Bug First of all, I come in peace. I am not angry see :D. Anyhow I just want to address an issue with the Mindwipe Tonic and may I add everyone is having this issue too...None can drink the tonic to reset their engrams. The tonic say 12428 days 13 hours before we can use it again i'm assuming? Anyhow if you can be an angel and fix this asap I would appreciate it very much and be forever in your debt. cheers..
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