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  1. i guess its a safety thing. lol
  2. need help asap

    Have you tried to reobtain your licenses again from the store. wierd process but fixed a few issues of mine. i don't remember how to do it. you'll have to google.
  3. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Lets just say the 1x official material grind is real. lol
  4. ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    We've seen many dino's come out with raw material weight reductions. IE: Mammoth and Wood. Will there be a dino that reduces the weight of crystal in the future?
  5. 809-812 Still offline after update

    @Jat 593 and 335 are both down as well
  6. NA-center-591.major lag make game unplayable

    this is happening on ALL SERVERS! WildCard please fix or let us know whats going on...
  7. Pretty much it. Re-fertilizer is not working anywhere, on any server, at anytime.
  8. And I'm sure that they would hire the people you want them to, if people would stop demanding that the DLC be free, that everything should be handed to them. Would you spend time and money on something that you got nothing in return for? People today want everything for free, and such drive the development and quality of games in our day and age into the ground because of it. Wildcard hosts servers which costs money, fixes bugs and listens to the community best they can which costs money, creates new content which costs money, I'll not dribble on the boring things but in the end players want more and more content but don't want to pay more than the initial cost of the game. It's like buying a car and expecting to get the gas for free. Sure the first tank of gas is free with the car but just because you bought the car do you expect it to fuel itself? Or do you understand that its a cost of life and if you want the luxury of owning a car then you need to purchase fuel. And don't hand me the game is in pre-release blah blah BS. It's only in such a state because Wildcard has a grand vision and without our help and support as players and devoted fans it won't come to fruition. They could stop updating, call it finished and start shipping it out as it is now but would you be happy? I doubt it.