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  1. mronemanmob

    Evolution Event: Permanent Double Rates

    $.89 pancakes at Burger King and now this!!!!!!! Donald trump is making America great again.....and he hasn't even took office yet. I honestly can't stop dabbing right now. ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼
  2. mronemanmob

    ARK: Survival Evolved Stomps onto the PlayStation 4!

    Can you please forward this information to the appropriate person? A lot of us are having this problem.
  3. mronemanmob

    ARK: Survival Evolved Stomps onto the PlayStation 4!

    You can call it what you want for what ever reason you want but I will agree that it is indeed a big slap in the face. The big picture is that people have feelings and no one likes to feel excluded.
  4. mronemanmob

    ARK: Survival Evolved Stomps onto the PlayStation 4!

    You can't blame the community for the dichotomization.
  5. mronemanmob

    Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

    This is great news, congrats to VDD. Long live the winners. I'm excited for the transfers....woot.
  6. mronemanmob

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Carrier Pigeons, so we can send notes to people.
  7. mronemanmob

    Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

    ☼☼☼I just hope the people on PC don't cry or mess up the cross server stuff somehow before it makes its way to XBOX, It sounds amazing. ☼☼☼
  8. If anything Alphas having their own extra supplies lowers the chances of taking other peoples garbage.
  9. In your first paragraph I feel as if you are insinuating people shouldn't "win" the battle you are imaginatively speaking of in your second paragraph. Your last line is "pretty simple" to explain/understand, if you have progress WORTH losing you don't want to lose it. For the people that want the servers wiped, I suggest creating some real Ark goals and immerse your self in the game a bit for a better understanding of why wiping servers is such a wretched idea.
  10. I wish they would elaborate more on what is considered "near-empty", isn't that MOST servers. They keep splitting everyone up, is █ANY█ server safe from this?
  11. What do they call it? mechanic? Could you elaborate on those feelings? Is it going to be %100 changed? You are featured in my new status btw ☼ ☼
  12. I think what you are saying is inaccurate please see the below 5 hour ago quote from what I would call a pro EX player: @epochdei Then there is the time restriction factor, which forces one to find an efficient path to the top, to get as much as possible as efficiently as possible. I took me several extinction's to work out a plan of action strategy for my style of play. Which is why now, i can usualy achieve most of my "endgame" plans in the first half of the first week. If you want servers wiped all the time EX is the way to go....instead of trying to get other peoples progress wiped, due to what I presume is a lack of effort.
  13. then go play on extinction servers?
  14. This will be the next excuse people will use, then they will cry enough, then servers will be wiped. Then the same super doper pros will swoop in and teach class. Then even the nicest of Alpha tribes will be on the warpath for losing their favorite tames. KOSx1,000,000