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  1. Hello WC, fellow survivors, and everyone else. There are a few topics that have been itching at the back noggin over the past few days. However, first things first, I want to start by saying a giant Thank You to the developers. Ark is possibly one of my all-time favorite games. Like any game, there are up and down moments. This rollercoaster ride would not have been possible without the team effort from the folks at Wild Card. I started last Friday off with reading the latest Community Crunch. I wasn't reading long before I spotted some interesting text. Posted clear as day under Small T
  2. Tested attempting to log out and log back in after a few minutes to see if the crashing is time related.. turns out after being logged in for seven minutes I logged out and then back in. About two minutes later the game crashed on its own. I was hoping it wouldn't so that we can somewhat control the load screens between the crashing. Oh well... Stop removing this post. It has information for the community. Dear Volunteer Moderator, I thought I posted in the wrong part of the forums since I WAS NOT notified of MY POST being merged with another. NO I did not know it was merged. I tho
  3. Known Crashes Seriously WC.. Get your collective "acts" together. I'm not here to put anyone down or beat anyone up. However, after five years of game development it's due time to start getting things right the first time. When Ark Survival Evolved first hit the markets and Game Preview on the Xbox, we the fan base, gave passes and continued to support your product line through all the bugs, crashes, lost tames and server roll backs. This update is completely unacceptable. Most of us here can agree, yes we do like new flashy toys but what we want is to log in and enjoy what we've built. As m
  4. ? hahaa cheers.. Summer Crash is fairly catchy. On the plus side, hopefully we'll get some server rollbacks and some hot fixes today. Maybe if we're lucky they'll extend the time period of Summer Bash to make up for the lost time.
  5. Count yourself lucky.. At the current moment Summer Bash is extremely buggy. But.. they'll get it fixed eventually. We just have to wait it out.
  6. Good luck with filing a ticket.. Our tribe has filed tickets before and we were told they were not able to recover nor replace our tames with those of a similar level "due to an internal policy." Currently your best hope is to sit back, wait and hopefully get a proper server roll back that'll restore your Otters.
  7. Nope, it's not your Xbox.. Hopefully WC will get a patch pushed through today. At the moment playing on an online server is risky with the constant crashes. Our tribe has opted to not log in. It's not worth losing your hard earn work to a wild dino, beach bob or whatever else the game wants to throw at you.
  8. Bump.. After the update our tribe is seeing a lot of crashes and lag. Seems to only happen on the Xbox (or consoles) as PC was working just fine the last we checked. Update.. Disregard we are seeing crashes now on PC as well. WC.. Please do a roll back on the servers and also look into why our character models are not correct. When logging in my character looked like the default character except with long hair and a long beard. It's quite a large character model and not exactly the best for PVP.
  9. Bump... same thing happen to my character and I believe we are on the server. Were you using a preset character from your saved folder? I attempted to create a New Survivor to view my save preset and noticed both of my saved presets were changed to the default look. Now I'm left with a huge hulking monster and not my slim, compact and much smaller character.
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