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  1. People kept trying to make lists of alphas and who was on what server.
  2. Titus

    The developers don't deserve this hate

    Small team? Go ahead and watch the credits for the game and when you come back in about a hr because that's how long it takes to name off the small team. Tell me how small is the team of subcontractors that dang near developed everything is.
  3. Yes you are correct in no way did you discredit or devalue anybody's opinion here regardless of hrs played my mistake .
  4. I didn't say that. You said if someone had played a thousand hrs they have no right to complain. That was my rebuttal.
  5. This is a forum not a fan club. Forums are open to opposing views opinions and ideas. The devs have invited us to do so! This not your fan club.
  6. 200+ hrs is nothing in ark. You can't even raise a giga in that time. This game starts for you around the 1000 hr mark. If you put in the time and gave the game a chance to develop and you feel the devs came up short you have the right to be critical and it should be respected. I respect the opinion of someone that has put the time in rather than a rage quitter or wasn't down for the grind.
  7. Titus

    Backpacks, Backpacks!!! Where are the Backpacks?

    Maybe we will get some hello kitty backpacks for Christmas
  8. I use the frog to break the hive and chase the queen wear ghilie and use bug repellent. If you get to close she wont feed you need to stay about an arms length away and spam Y or whatever button Y is for you. I do this solo and have about 80% success rate I also have cooked meat and health brews on the hot bar so you can tank the drones and not back down.
  9. I hope those shoes don't DC like the game does.
  10. Titus

    Anyone else overheating in a Adobe house on SE?

    IDK if it still works I used to build a 2x2 green house inside my adobe to go afk in.
  11. Titus

    PR Disaster

    all the servers are his server. We bought a game that crosses servers so all servers are ours let us travel
  12. If you play xbox there is a free companion app in the store that has everything you would ever want to know about every dino in the game.
  13. Unofficial is like playing with training wheels on. Plus how can you trust some random to keep his server going. No security in that.
  14. We don't need our video games to apologize to us we don't need our games to lie and cheat either. We game for entertainment and temporary escape from the poop we put up with in our lives. Wildcard is a company not a person they encourage feedback good and bad so deal with it. Not everyone game experience is the same. If you play unofficial PC you can't tell someone that plays official console the game is fine. Let the people be heard if you want a fan club start one.