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  1. lol did they learn nothing from the game defiance? Good luck.
  2. I'm going to spend my last day on Ark shooting otters in the face.
  3. I thought WC was going to wait post launch to evaluate and wipe servers. I guess they are ahead of schedule on this one.
  4. To be fair It still says the 8th in the menus on xbox. Maybe Kiyo expected a little truth in advertising.
  5. An otter? Another fishing dino well not really a dino because I can go to the lake and see one. Fishing with poles is going to be more fun now with the nerfed rods dive bombing thief birds otters and baryonyx about. Seems like more take than give.
  6. Well since there is no classic flyer mod for for xbox or playstation its worth revisiting considering the size of ragnorak if players or devs have taken into consideration how much of their game time is going to be spent traveling. Has anyone logged travel times for the different flyers across ragnorak yet? Maybe someone has some time to waste on time trials?
  7. I was told that they had to slow the dinos down to combat dash boarding and that the dash boarding was caused by low memory and bleeds. So maybe we cant get a strait answer on this? I will find the Dev quote for you on the flyer nerf rebuff.
  8. As for commonsense Ark said the new servers are being re coded and optimized first and legacy would be upgraded down the road so it would commonsense that there would be a rebuff on the new servers first because they should handle the increased speed of flyers because the memory bleeds would be fixed.
  9. Ark said when they implemented the flyer nerf they would evaluate the nerf and and rebuff and balance in the future. It is the future and its a perfect time to re balance and try to get players back that quit because of the nerf. This is a fair inquiry.
  10. Is that an official statement?
  11. Is there going to be flier nerf on the new severs? That is the million dollar question.
  12. I have been telling people that all day nobody wants to hear that or believe it. First like minded post I read all day.
  13. you have made some good points. We will have to wait and see. As long as there is no extra perks or benefits between the new and old server ill be ok with the fate of legacy. But if they pull a bunch of events on the new and not the old the devs will pushing not shoving people over. If there is no flier nerf on the new servers my theories will be proven. Lets see how balanced they keep it
  14. for someone that doesn't speak English you articulated your point clearly. Well said.
  15. life saving tourniquet? More like life support where the plug can get pulled anytime. Why do I think legacy will fail? Why would anybody buy the game to play by the devs own statements buy an inferior product. They said down the road they would recode the servers to fix problems. We have been down the road so much it's lost its substance
  16. Ragnorok on legacy is going to spread the server population so thin that every server will be low population
  17. Exactly my point legacy will bleed into extinction that is my whole point. I'm not complaining just want people to realize that this legacy thing is a band aid
  18. We had 30 plus average until the flier nerf then it went to about 20 average two weeks of no double xp weekends went to around 10 average. Ive got about 500k ingots into my compound its not moving. Server population has been directly caused by the devs now its on me to keep the server going? Devs have been taking away more than they have been giving for awhile legit day oners have been leaving in droves without the promise of the grass being greener on the other side. Once people leave they are not coming back that goes for all servers. Unless you want to start a server welfare program peopl
  19. untill server population drops. Servers will be evaluated every 90 days for wipe or re purpose. Do you want to play under that situation?
  20. The more I think about the angrier I get. Stringing the players that helped make the game along on these legacy servers is just wrong. Just admit it this legacy thing is just a PR maneuver to curve negative feedback for your game release. Your not investing in a separate server platform your buying time. It will be a huge slap in the early access players face when you start ditching legacy servers. Players are a lot more forgiving when they are told the truth and not get strung along.
  21. Its laughable that you didn't read that PvE is getting a new cluster.
  22. It says from the old legacy servers. That confirms where I think their hearts are at on current ark servers.
  23. Except that the game is being release. And with it a batch of better running servers. Other than that exactly the same.
  24. Listen friend would you rather invest your game time on a map with an unknown expiration date or use your game time to play with some security and confidence in the future of your server? I don't know about you but from here out I feel like an hr played on "legacy" will be an hr wasted starting over on the new servers. To me if I do continue to play its a clear cut choice to jump ship and I am a tek tier pve and pvp player. I don't like it but I'm looking with some vision and being realistic with my gaming time
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