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  1. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Metal Runs with a Quetzal

    Abberation, quetzals are peasant farming methods.
  2. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    How long is the buffer time for reaching 100% imprint ?

    Let me break it down for you my dude. You do not have to 100 percent everything, yes its cool but just don't do it. You are literally getting mad at a number in the corner of your screen. You will get 100 percent if you miss 1 imprint. 98 = 100 percent in terms of buffs. Why are you getting mad at wildcard when you said yourself "I had real life things to take care of". Meaning you didn't have time for the game. how is that wildcards fault Second, the lvl 100 thing is 100 percent your fault. We have gotten multiple mind wipes after 100 to date. Not to mention, you could do any of these fights and literally lose 0 health. Third, its a freaking rex. The most useless, uneeding to be 100 percent tame in the entire game. I can run through any hard boss fight with an unimprinted rex. I hate angry threads when theres literally 100 things you can do to fix your problem.
  3. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Need some tips/advice from exp raiders

    LOL Some of these suggestions our hilarious. CITOAK... You want them to get picked draining turrets then grapple the quetz that picked them in turret range and kill it? LUL My Suggestions is surround there island with turret boats. Make 1 boat a Sky tower boat and tank from that side. You can also make a "Ramp" boat to help you tank while you are behind the "sky tower" boat. 10/10 is easy to raid if you prepare. You are not going to go over there on a thatch boat and tank from a stego. Its too easy to get picked and drug into turrets. Suggestion 2 is tame some quetzes and Rock Golems and tank as much as you can with a turret boat out there. If they come just fly back to turret boat and leave.
  4. No offense but sounds like you got rekt and kitted and are mad salty. Not only did he have this crazy god griffin you are referenicing but now he has aimbot too lol.
  5. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    No, You are Cobra an Admin in a tribe on a Dead Corpse of a server that the birds have picked clean and the maggots have stripped the bones. You were warned months ago and decided to ignore this warning and for that you deserve to lose everything and start fresh like everyone else. Legacy Been dead
  6. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Upcoming Tribe Size Limit?

    They need to stop limiting this game and give more freedom. Sucks not everyone can make it to the end game but that's the way it is. By the time they get done with this game it will be a minecraft spin off to cater to the casual. 10 man tribe is crazy to me. My tribe works so well together and has 70 plus people working together. That alone is worth the effort and stress. You casuals begged to get servers wiped for a fair chance. Where are you now?
  7. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    How to disable Sleep Dept

    Your arguing in a game where we tame and ride dinosaurs broseph. Let it go.
  8. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    unconscious players on mounts

    Ha ha my bad I didn't know you were a peacefull savoroot farmer.
  9. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    unconscious players on mounts

    I know lmao this is the first time I ever got locked up and I been playing since the beaver got released on legacy lmao! My heart was racing as im eating Sh^t and praying they don't check on me. Twice I almost died and they walked in. Having 350 health was really fin gme over lmao. Yo Waza, Im pretty sure I have you as a friend on Xbox. I was in Djangoo Back when we fought Hydra on 26 lol. I saw you got a red and yellow reaper we got one some of those exact colors too. We have a blue and yellow body and a pink/purble blue belly that looks pretty sweet.
  10. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    unconscious players on mounts

    I was a POW for 7 hours the other day LMAO! Was getting recruited for a wipe and wasn't paying attention and an enemy wyv picked me. Locked me up and kept me fed, clothed and near acs for hours lol. Talked mad ish too Good thing I have two xbox so I just loaded up and went out with my girl 7 hours later I checked they still had me fed. I ded about 3 am with pop at 5 lolol. In your case grapples
  11. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Best Reaper King

    about 8 of us got prego from the same reaper lol. Theres a few more but since then all reg colored. I have 130 min left on another chance.
  12. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Rock Drakes are too weak

    This has to be a troll. I have 15k 400 ish melee on all my average rock drakes. With a prim saddle I can easily take on a reaper, drake etc etc. If I troll with a rock drake a 250+ shotgun on the back of a rock drake does work.
  13. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Quality Chitin vs Primitive Flak

    200 dura for armor to me is super low. I don't generally go for armor I go for dura. We about 400+ dura apprentice flak we use. If you can get to the surface, you should get the flak fairly quick I had 350 plus flak bps in about a few days of faming the surface.
  14. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Best Way To Get Thru Water Cave

    if this is pve just gotta kite them out and kill them with weapons. If this is pvp, I did it solo with a heavy and 2 batteries
  15. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Trolling is not Griefing

    You have a very diluded view of how pvp works. Unless you are online you wont get our server number. Even if you do get our server number we have a self sustaining pearl cave on an enemy server for troll tames. We raise theris, rexs, pteras, stegos all without ever leaving the cave. Look at our accounts you will find they are troll accounts with the videos records only on enemy servers or servers trolled/raided. So even if you get online which we hit at 3-4 am depending on the server number. Pop is low and base timers give how long you been off away. You literally would get nothing, get your base meat ran with a theri and never know who hit you. Nobody goes to enemy servers to paint dino gates. Not only is that dumb but it suppresses nothing and is a huge waste of time.