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  1. Multiple Characters on same server ?

    make a new dummy account, you are garaunteed to lose our character this way so many sketch things can happen. For instance, if you load in another character and your other one is dead it will auto delete the character whom is dead. No prompt to ask if you would like to delete it, just poof gone. Then you go to base and your character is still in tribe laying on the floor lol.
  2. Player speed capped at 120? Please pve peasants stay out of pvp issues lmao. I would literally kill myself.
  3. Avoid and fight Purlovias, my main scare!

    so you make pve even easier then it is lul
  4. Is it possible to get a metal pick BP in aberration?

    we got a jman pick bp on surface but died with it.
  5. Paracer use on Aberration? (PvE)

    In pvp we use them for body bag traveling. Make a ramp with a box and a few chairs. Get some body bags and have them follow your crab/anky. Retarded amount of mats
  6. aberration dino balanced ?

    Megas are op but a mega vs spino the spino will win every time. Knock back combined with the stam issue will leave you tired and biting at half the speed half way through. Rock drakes vs both are good fights if the person on the drake is smart. You can shoot from the drake so rocket launchered/ poison nade/ flash bang off the drake and it makes it pretty interesting.
  7. Just a Rant

    Should have logged off, if you are pregnant and not I game your pregnancy stops. Sucks but not everyone can enjoy this game how its meant to be played due to work.

    100s if not 1000's of people have done it. perhaps your trap is dropping you and not letting you get pregnant. Kite the reaper into the open away from anything that you can clip into and get dropped.
  9. Drake egg spawns broken NO EGGS!!!

    I agree man! this is Rediclious! They are tourchered us for too long!
  10. Rock Drake Maturation

    Drakes are bugged, our first one starved in 4 hours when the food should have lasted more then 4. Best thing to do is stay on with then first 2 days and keep spare in there inventory so they eat it when they are hungry.
  11. steal rock drake egg on foot

    We took 3 megas, and a spino last night. After taking a full rad suit to get down to the bottom. We had 1 suit left and kinda got rushed. Ended up finding a 160 egg, but got swarmed by 20 or so wyvs and when I ran to help a Reaper queen spawned and beat the poop out of me :I Back to farming suits lol
  12. Legacy is dead, there is no support or effort being put in to those servers. If you want support or any help at all you must leave legacy. They should kill all legacy servers and make more officials. Theres enough dedi's our there for you people trying to hold onto your tames forever lol.
  13. Otter glitched/lost in world

    Its an otter bro, let it die in the wild lmao.
  14. How to leave abberation

    That's not the one I go to but im sure people appreciate the additional spot
  15. How to leave abberation

    Ill be making a video later tonight. im at work so I cant post screen shot Sorry