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  1. Why can't there be any crossing for legacy?

    Because legacy was broken, tek spammed all over servers, duped dinos and gear. Just let it all go and come to the new servers. Literally nobody is play legacy unless you have a serious issue with letting things go.
  2. Your Brontosaurus level 120 was killed by Pegomastax - lvl 15

    Scrub building in spawn areas. Unless this is scorched, those bastards are everywhere.
  3. Griffins are OP but they are not godly as most would think. I personally would take a poison wyv over a griffin any day. Battles are not won in 1v1 fights they are tribe wins. My go to for killing griffin riders during large scale war is flying to barrier and coming down on them. 90 percent of the time they are flying backwards trying to gain altitude. COme from above and gas them off. The second thing we do as a tribe is use an ice wyv to slow them and gas them off. This is the new meta >Ice wyv> poison> fire im in a huge tribe though and rarely get caught in 1v1 fights.
  4. No fear evolved in single player?

    bruh you have no xbox live and you want a Halloween update? Sorry to say it but you are SOL and should just buy xbl if you want to try it. Your not missing anything anways its literraly just skins in drops now. Waste of time lol
  5. Ragnarok ice cave strategy

    Take Cactus broth, drop down waterfall, run around queen (if you get too close she will agro) thn go to the water fall past the loading screen and just wait a few minutes. theres a dead body about where you should be standing. Go back in the room and loot the 3 drops and dip.
  6. Ragnarok ice cave strategy

    Did you raise the bears in the cave? I take 2-3 sets of flak (2 now that we have 500 plus dura on chest and pants. J Man shotgun with 230 damage, 100 rounds, 30 med brews and 1 cactus broth. I despawn the worm atm but I can easily get through the male ice worm area.
  7. Could player and land dino movement speed be capped?

    Oh for the love of god please no. Your base has to have less then 10 turrets for a speed character to do any damage. Not to mention turrets on a roof with no hatch frame or catwalks for this to even matter. If you have a 360 coverage and a decent base there should be nowhere someone can just run up to your building without atleast getting pelted. The last speed nerf was aids and this would make the game damn near unplayable. It takes me forever to get around on dinos as it is, atleast on foot I can choose to be faster which is an option for everyone. You must have been offline raided which id be willing to bet you have a less then adequate building. People who are good at pvp adapt they don't jump on a forum to cry about nerfing something.
  8. Ark pvp is dumb. It's just offline wiping all the time.

    Lul, If thats all you tamed you need to just quit pvp its not for you. You should have had dodos, dilos, and maybe a lystro. You clearly dont know how to devote your time in ark. Its a learning process. Dont waste your time taming things if you dont have a base to protect them. I see so many peope cry they got wiped out and there 40 tames died when they had 4 plants up. I litterally walk up to plants and pull the fert out. Tame worker dinos first, get kibble for worker dinos and focus on base defense before you go tame something which is worthless to you for the time being.
  9. Ark pvp is dumb. It's just offline wiping all the time.

    If you have other stuff too do other then ark.. 1. Dont complain about being offline raided. 2. Join a tribe or get some freinds 3. Play dedicated, 4. Play PVE 5. Cry in your bed
  10. 274 giga baby hatched.

    Is this Xbox New Cluster PVP and if so sell an egg?
  11. New server Rex stats

    we have 10k health 360 melee atm which is pretty tough.
  12. Getting picked by birds

    My go to is grapples and either a good pike, sword and decent melee. If you are riding a dino, always have your grapple out and ready, get picked, grapple bird and pike the Sh/It out of it till it dies. I do this to wyverns as well. bolas in my experience either miss or you are dropped before you can bola it. the other downside is they do not work on argies or wyverns. Grapple method kills all. You can also use a whip but from my experience it does not work some of the time and can get you killed.
  13. Feeling utterly defeated

    I had stuff I cared about, but I left it for the new serves. Literally everything is starved or starving at this point and oddly enough our base is still standing. Probably because the lack of people actually raiding or playing on legacy. Leave your old stuff behind, If you are pve its proably a pain in the ass but to me the fun in ark is getting those new stats. Taming those new dinos, getting those new bps. It was so stale to me before, asc everything, same stats in every tribe, there was barely any difference. Gone were the days of someone having an asc crossbow bp and a whole server paying to make them. Gone were the times of telling them double mats to make something and then making yourself one and giving them the other lolol. I have moved to the new servers, so much better.
  14. Feeling absolutely gutted

    You are essentially a PVE player in a PVP world. If you are gonna get sad when you lose your stuff or just stay out of the PVP lifestyle (Raiding, Politicis, Greifing) then you need to just play PVE. I see so much of this We are a friendly tribe bla bla bla. What you are is a Rabbit living in a wolfs world. You may survive for a while, but its only time before that wolf smells you out and you become lunch.
  15. Griffin Questions

    yea they are hella OP, Mine tamed with 366 melee and is sitting at 400 right now. i can dive swipe and 1 shot most small animals and killed a lvl 20 alpha carno in 3 swipes. I routinely slaugher most animals and once you get the dive swipe going its hard to fight a griffin. you can littlerally dive swipe and use that momentum to come back around and do it again.