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  1. unconscious players on mounts

    Ha ha my bad I didn't know you were a peacefull savoroot farmer.
  2. unconscious players on mounts

    I know lmao this is the first time I ever got locked up and I been playing since the beaver got released on legacy lmao! My heart was racing as im eating Sh^t and praying they don't check on me. Twice I almost died and they walked in. Having 350 health was really fin gme over lmao. Yo Waza, Im pretty sure I have you as a friend on Xbox. I was in Djangoo Back when we fought Hydra on 26 lol. I saw you got a red and yellow reaper we got one some of those exact colors too. We have a blue and yellow body and a pink/purble blue belly that looks pretty sweet.
  3. unconscious players on mounts

    I was a POW for 7 hours the other day LMAO! Was getting recruited for a wipe and wasn't paying attention and an enemy wyv picked me. Locked me up and kept me fed, clothed and near acs for hours lol. Talked mad ish too Good thing I have two xbox so I just loaded up and went out with my girl 7 hours later I checked they still had me fed. I ded about 3 am with pop at 5 lolol. In your case grapples
  4. Best Reaper King

    about 8 of us got prego from the same reaper lol. Theres a few more but since then all reg colored. I have 130 min left on another chance.
  5. Rock Drakes are too weak

    This has to be a troll. I have 15k 400 ish melee on all my average rock drakes. With a prim saddle I can easily take on a reaper, drake etc etc. If I troll with a rock drake a 250+ shotgun on the back of a rock drake does work.
  6. Quality Chitin vs Primitive Flak

    200 dura for armor to me is super low. I don't generally go for armor I go for dura. We about 400+ dura apprentice flak we use. If you can get to the surface, you should get the flak fairly quick I had 350 plus flak bps in about a few days of faming the surface.
  7. Best Way To Get Thru Water Cave

    if this is pve just gotta kite them out and kill them with weapons. If this is pvp, I did it solo with a heavy and 2 batteries
  8. Trolling is not Griefing

    You have a very diluded view of how pvp works. Unless you are online you wont get our server number. Even if you do get our server number we have a self sustaining pearl cave on an enemy server for troll tames. We raise theris, rexs, pteras, stegos all without ever leaving the cave. Look at our accounts you will find they are troll accounts with the videos records only on enemy servers or servers trolled/raided. So even if you get online which we hit at 3-4 am depending on the server number. Pop is low and base timers give how long you been off away. You literally would get nothing, get your base meat ran with a theri and never know who hit you. Nobody goes to enemy servers to paint dino gates. Not only is that dumb but it suppresses nothing and is a huge waste of time.
  9. Trolling is not Griefing

    Trolling is fair game sorry. If your build up on an enemy server guess what? Its called surpressing the enemy. One day that tribe might become something and actually bring worthwile tames and gear to our server. We literally port into enemy servers and if we can get in your base we do. Its not some type of heinous crime or pre planned picking on the little guy. Your literally an enemy on an enemy server with an easily raidable base. Dedi's have areas you can build op on. THen once you are set up you can transistion to a pvp tribe and don't have to worry about this. It is what is sorry. Instead of taking the time to tame 100 egg dinos which are un-protected. Why not strictly focus on the egg dinos for worker tames? Then use those dinos to make a base suitable for protecting your tames. Too often I see stone bases with 1 plant x on top and over 100 kibble tames. 10 minutes later, 1 c4 and 5 flamer thrower ammo and you have nothing left. Did you really need kibble to tame a sarco?
  10. Reaper King baby

    In the future, what I do is have the baby, rip the wall down then grab it with a crab. Regardless off the walls if there is nobody in render it will get out.
  11. Tek Clone

    Theres a percent chance your dino dies in the cloning process. Probably a low percentile but can still happen none the less.
  12. Reaper Kings for Queen hunting

    Took mine down there. Have about 600 melee on my reaper now lol the only thing that I don't like about taking a reaper is not being able to mag glass it and shotgun it for xp. Getting prego I would take the reaper but to level my baby I would take a rock drake. took me about 2-3 times longer since I couldn't directly get the xp on my character.
  13. Are railings as walls viable?

    No just based off foundations being a lot harder to destroy. You esentially only need to destroy the foundation and half your wall goes down. Where as 1 wall gets blown up the structure stays held up by the other walls, ceilings, and foundations. Now if this is for your main base or something I would say it doesn't matter only due to the fact that if they make it to your main base your SOL already. Same reason if your base is on pillars or foundations. I personally say it doesn't matter as if they are under your base its hella gg already. comes down to personal preference tbh but A foundationed, walled, and roofed base should take longer to raid then a base made of tek railings. You also cant use hatch frames or catwalks on the wall but you may be able to glitch turrets thorough the railings similar to how people do it on behe gates.
  14. Anyone esle do this?

    yea lmao rip
  15. Anyone esle do this?

    New spino looks like a burnt crispy version of the old one lol. Also everyone says they are too small compared to the real life version and it looks smaller now. Not that I care about its size that much. I for one aint digging the new spino, looks like it took a step back imo.