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  1. SadPanda

    Otters starving

    Every creature will eat dodo kibble and can also be raised/bred on dodo kibble from birth to adulthood. So even for those who have fulltime jobs that can't farm meat all day every day for 2 weeks to raise a giga, they could technically breed a giga with 18.5k-20k dodo kibble on 1x Would take a lot of prep work and dedication but just about anything can be done with dodo kibble lol.
  2. SadPanda

    Otters starving

    Depending if you're using them for incubation, mutation breeding, or shoulder resist. I've been leveling food on all of my new otters now and simply breeding a lot more of them to offset not having the melee for the higher incubation resist. It creates a higher buffer rate for feeding but requires a hell of a lot more otters to do the job. A very poor solution to a flawed system but they're lasting over a week without eating now.
  3. SadPanda

    Server Cap Exploitation PVE

    There really would be no solution without some form of control that WC will not do since their profit model is solely based on capitalizing on pushing out new content as fast as possible repeatedly and letting the old playerbase upgrade to the new DLC or quit and make way for new players that will pay more for the game again. Disabling server transfers to prevent dumping or parking sale inventory on random servers. Setting tiered tame caps based on Tribe size which ends up punishing any solo player and forces mega-tribes and politics even on PvE so that the overall server tame count can never be reached. Monitoring player population on servers and creating new ones for such regions/modes when one nears capacity and offer it as the default suggested server for new players that join.
  4. SadPanda

    Questions on purlovia

    Every time you apply a level-up point in them they pop up the ground for me. I don't know if that was the case for you but that's when I noticed it happening.
  5. SadPanda

    Otters starving

    What I'm more sad about is that you can't leave the otters on aggressive in a pool of water to feed themselves. As soon as you logout and the otters enter stasis they all drown and die. Terrible lesson to learn when you login to your batch of otters going poof, a shame they don't learn how to float on their backs like RL.
  6. SadPanda

    Why can't there be any crossing for legacy?

    Many legacy dinos were spawned in by GMs replacing lost dino tames to bugs/glitches/rollbacks. However they replaced the dinos lost at the level they were lost. IE if you reported you lost a level 300 giga that you had leveled to the max, you got a level 300 giga spawned for you starting unleveled enabling you to get another +71 levels on it. Compound this issue many times over with people reporting random levels of dinos as long as they didn't level it past 449 and cause it to despawn on server reboot and you have yourself an issue of why you can't allow people to transfer their tames or BPs from Legacy to official.
  7. SadPanda

    Ark Turkey Trial Event 2017

    Unfortunately there's no skins left to give out and people would just complain that there is nothing unique about the event since WC would just rehash the same currently available costumes and skins from achievements into the loot tables whilst creating a highly annoying spawn rate of turkeys wherever the dodos spawn again. While I don't mind just hacking them to bits with a sword or fire arrows again, it's not really even worth the time investment anymore since the chieftain hat won't even be a unique status item from wishbone crafting at this rate.
  8. SadPanda

    New "fog"?

    After looking forever and tinkering with every launcher setting there was, this worked for me as well. Unfortunately one of the options somewhere along the line of me reverting back to my old settings broke it again so now I just have to do one at a time until I figure out which option breaks it
  9. SadPanda

    Server Dino Count

    Wildcard's solution: Remove Breeding from Evolution events for all servers as a bandaid fix to slow things down. Already capped? Oops we don't have a solution for that, just hang tight till we release Aberration so some of the players quit existing servers and free up space for you and give us more money to work on new projects instead of tackling existing issues.
  10. SadPanda

    official build limit

    The build limit is an issue, but that build is also an issue could accomplish the same result with exponentially less pillar tile usage with floating supports and allowed him to finish the design build.
  11. Not sure if the link on the front page to report server outages is still in use by WC. Is there a new place to report server downs from failed patch reboots? NA-PVE-Ragnarok-PrimPlusCrossArk4 has been down since maintenance reboot with timeout errors and there has been no such success from having everyone submit reports on the outage google doc.
  12. SadPanda

    Something isnt adding up with this Evo event

    So they basically listened to all the new players crying on overpopulated servers about dino caps and instead of fixing their large flaw in world spawns or opening more servers to balance out abberation loads beforehand they chose to just nerf everything and turn off breeding to shut up the masses and prevent dino production. *Thumbs up on the quality service*
  13. SadPanda

    Pegomastax taming, not working ?

    Had the same issue on PC Prim+, Trapped a 150f Pego and went through 5000 mejos in stacks of 100, taming efficiency never went above 6.3% on 1x.
  14. SadPanda

    Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    Hopefully Jat comes back to actually read this again since Ced is stuck in Japan. Rafts are getting difficult to utilize on prim more and more each day as beaches get built up on now. Looks like flight will be the only way to go and hope no wyvs find the quetz looking like a tasty appetizer.
  15. SadPanda

    Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    I hope the team highly reconsiders the balancing of this on primitive plus servers as it is impossible for us to use anything other than Raft and dinghy on here which for the most part means no sea travel especially with bases built up on beach front property forcing players out into the deep sea to navigate around blockages. Even without blockages, whales spawns are broken and are not restricted to deep oceans and are still spawning in shallow beaches that gimp any poor rafters that are even hugging the shorelines. At least this is the case on Ragnarok.