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  1. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    Hopefully Jat comes back to actually read this again since Ced is stuck in Japan. Rafts are getting difficult to utilize on prim more and more each day as beaches get built up on now. Looks like flight will be the only way to go and hope no wyvs find the quetz looking like a tasty appetizer.
  2. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    I hope the team highly reconsiders the balancing of this on primitive plus servers as it is impossible for us to use anything other than Raft and dinghy on here which for the most part means no sea travel especially with bases built up on beach front property forcing players out into the deep sea to navigate around blockages. Even without blockages, whales spawns are broken and are not restricted to deep oceans and are still spawning in shallow beaches that gimp any poor rafters that are even hugging the shorelines. At least this is the case on Ragnarok.
  3. Herbivore taming with Prim+ crops

    It's been quite some time since any info on this has been released, now that primitive+ is the new mode for non-tek officially, is there an actual info from WC that can be validated on what works? This list still is no where near fully working save for a handful.
  4. Creating another character on the same server means buying another account. In WC's eyes that's a win. $60 extra for every player so you can bypass a game mechanic to try and balance world spawns rather than be selective about breeding, taming, and culling the weaker dinos is something I'm sure they would love everyone to do many times over. That doubles their revenue stream for an account that will only be logged in maybe once every week to refresh and not hog and bandwidth unless you chose to dual box.
  5. Nerf Ichthyornis.

    One would think a bird that steals and consumes an entire stack of narcotics should pass out on the spot.
  6. Scorched engrams in primitive plus Ragnarok

    Don't know about this. I was wondering myself if there were any easter egg locations for desert gear bps somewhere since that was my fav set so far.
  7. I have not tested this on private servers since this was implemented long after I hosted one. It exists on obelisks and air drops alike to "prevent" duping. If you are on 266 on your server then it may be there by default, if you're not at that revision then you are probably not affected by it yet. I haven't seen any notes eluding to it being in the settings file to modify the timer on private servers in any subsequent patch notes yet but that's not to say it isn't there, I just haven't looked.
  8. Yes, all air drops act like the obelisks. You have the time limit of an air drop so you will have to move within the allotted timeframe of the supply drop if nobody loots it. The same tabs will appear in the menu of the air drop on the right side of the menu for boss summon, item upload, dino data. You would have to navigate to the corresponding tab you want (ie dino and select the dino's name you wish to upload and the button to upload dino data should be selectable) Keep in mind this will cause any items in the dino's inventory to drop to the floor/including equipped saddle and be lootable by anyone nearby. Dinos with platformsaddles that have structures will have structures despawned without getting resources back from normal demolishing of said structures. Breeding timer on dino starts a cooldown process even if you are only transferring within the same server, so make sure you breed first if you are looking to get gestation or fertilized egg timer started before you upload a dino.
  9. Fyi, you are not restricted to obelisks and can do this with any air drops to upload/download any tames or resources you might have gotten in a hostile area that you want to get home safely. Pop it into the nearest air supply drop and download it at home when you get an airdrop to spawn nearby. I believe the only restrictions to this are caves since people were putting gigas and rexes into dungeons that were meant for foot traffic only. You can also do this with air drops underwater to transport ocean dinos. Just be careful not to claim them too close to the surface or risk insta-killing your tame.
  10. More lovely bugs for PrimitivePlus. This is built on my Dinghy on official Primitive Plus PVE Rag. There is over 150 pillars on this thing with no structure limitations. The building tiles are skewed to the width of a dinghy, are upside-down, and seems to have no height limitations other than when the dinghy unrendered leaving me unable to build on it anymore. Hopefully these are fixed and we're not left to wallow in our sandbox till they phase out ragnarok to make room for more abberation servers just like they did with legacy servers.
  11. Considering this is the official view, might I strongly request that all 70+ capped players on the current NA-PVE PrimPlus Ragnarok server request additional servers be created for this game mode? There is only ONE cluster for NA primplus and only one Rag map which the majority of the playerbase naturally will want to play. This server is consistently capped and without a queue system is beginning to become a large issue for growth and stability. Even with the 90% 1-hour AFK timer it's not enough of a countermeasure to the public release influx for players looking for the primitive aspect of the game in a pve environment for the ragnarok map since that is technically the newest. On that note, Prim+ still needs bug fixes that were not addressed in early access for issues reported in tickets, googledocs, fixed in patches and later broken in subsequent patches, or newly introduced. A few being.. Canteen Engram can't be learned/crafted still Island map Coal on majority of mountain tops still yield Christmas event coal rather than fuel coal. Giga's cannot harvest Stegos or Mammoth corpses and instead get stuck in them. Megatheriums cannot harvest fish corpses Megalania Kibble cannot be crafted in any type of cooking device regardless of the number of honey used. Raw Mutton does not cook in all cooking utensils Quality crafted Fishing Rods despawn from Pelagornis inventory on server restarts (Have not been able to test since pre-official release nor tested if this is unique to prim+) PrimitivePlus custom crops kibble alternative taming list does not work other than Beavers, Doeds, Mammoths, Megaloceros that I can remember having tried this weekend. A few other Quality of life issues that occur to me are that while in Primitive Plus we seemingly have the technology to make Cameras, Harpoon guns, Industrial technology, and steel-smithing we are still unable to discover the mysterious schematics behind creating a primitive scuba mask to aid in seeing underwater. There is also a need for a primitive plus variant of a gas mask or carbon based filtration system that would allow us to traverse the swamp cave system or survive poison wyverns. For all the other Primitive+ fans out there, what else have you come across that you've still been craving to have in Prim+ mode or come across as bugs that were never fixed or re-broken? Since this is now the future of the primitive mode, I figure it would be the best time to try and get everything out on the table for fixing before all resources are allocated for future expansion development and console projects leaving us on the backburner with these problems forever. Let's speak up before it's too late.
  12. Will there be 2x event next weekend?

    It won't matter whether it's 2x, 3x, 5x, 100x. Their servers have been reported down, unplayable, crashing, full, password protected, ddosed. So in the end, the multiplier of 0 will still be 0.
  13. Question for Otter owners?

    Yes, they come out of the water and show you a pearl when they complete fetching the pearl after you make them 'attack my target' This is a very small control test group which shouldn't be used as any actual data percentage, but out of 10 commanded fish kills it retrieved 9 normal pearls and 1 black pearl for me.
  14. Something might be happening. *Fingers Crossed*