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  1. This. Wildcard has shown time and time again they have no real intention of solving issues that have been plaguing this game for some time now. It’s always, “Before we start fixing the core problems with the game, we need to focus on our next dlc!” I have learned my lesson and I will not be buying another dlc or game from them again. As I typed this, the redwoods area on the center map has turned purple from the rain lol
  2. How do these insiders get in the tribe in the first place? It’s the tribe’s fault for not properly vetting new members and for not having tribe restrictions set in place. You can’t be so easily trusting.
  3. Try looking at older servers. Everyone flocks to the new ones and the older ones are forgotten about. Players will leave the game eventually and spots on those servers open up. I’ve done it a couple of times myself.
  4. My guess is that Ark has been squeezed like the last drop of a ketchup bottle, making that well known farting sound. WC has made their money. They’ll move on to Ark 2 and or Atlas sooner than later for more profits just like any other studio. As for me, no more money for WC. The way they have conducted themselves with releasing a DLC on an EA game, terrible PR and constantly missing overly optimistic deadlines has made me lose interest in future titles. Ark is a fun game but the devs are terrible at execution.
  5. It’s almost like all games through this. Is this why I can’t find anyone on Diablo I?
  6. This. False promises to gain more sales. An early access game with a paid DLC? That’s a first for me. Kibble rework? Pfft. Hell, their ideal “fix” for capped PVE servers (which has been a problem for a long time) is for players to buy their last DLC, what a coincidence. It amazes me that people are still naive enough to believe that changes are coming, even if their track record doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. After this last DLC releases, it’s the end. Onto the next game.
  7. As a solo tribe on a pve server. I personally don’t need a 500 tame limit lol seems a bit much. Adding more servers may alleviate the symptoms of the problem temporarily but the root of the problem will still remain.
  8. Well, what can you do. This is the event we get I guess. As for the event itself, this may be a stupid question and I imagine the answer is a no but i'll ask anyways. For crop growth, would the production of honey from beehives increase?
  9. If they want to try new events, does it need to be only 3 things? Why not give us the crop growth and cooking effectiveness in addition to the usual 2x taming and 2x harvesting?
  10. What a dumb evo event. I mean really, what kind of lunacy is this? No taming or exp and less harvesting to boot. But don’t worry, the alternatives we get are crop harvesting... and cooking effectiveness....
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