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  1. All Legacy servers were doomed (on official launch of the game) when WC stated they would not support them. The plan they have is to shut down ALL legacy servers eventually. They are doing this through attrition. With the plan they have set up it is only a matter of time before they shut down all legacy servers. They only grudgingly allowed them this long because they openly promised to not do what they are doing....shutting them down.
  2. Has anyone tried to put a tracker on one?
  3. Ya that . Seems most are focusing on the new content which is getting the most attention from the devs (as it should) since it launched with quite a number of fast needed fixes. Should tapper off then they can put more attention on this issue.
  4. When did they nerf the Scuba tank do you know?

    1. Midnight_


      I do not know that they ever did. They have functioned the same since placed in the game as far as I know.

  5. LOL that makes me feel like the "Aberration Homeless". I should sit on the corner with my carbord sign that reads "PC Ark gamer wants news on how fun Aberration is from console players".
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