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  1. Would this be sufficient for an easy osd or element vein I have a velonasaur with 6k health, 6k stamina and 580% melee damage. Would it be able to do an easy osd by itself or should I prepare more
  2. Where to find crystal early game? I just started playing on valguero and spawned on the islands. I don't have a flyer so I'd like to know a place where I can find crystal without getting murdered
  3. Since megalosaurus spawn on extinction but it's permanently day, are they always in their weakened state? Or are they like aberration where they're always strong?
  4. Good job. It was only delayed 8 hours. On pc. Now pleas release this for console
  5. It's a shame that I don't have ark on pc. These mods look awesome
  6. I started playing on an unofficial pve server on Thursday. Today I tamed an argent and a thyla. Now I'm working on grinding to make a big base to fit bigger tamed.
  7. You could try adding a ceiling lower down in the base or make it multiple stories. If you don't want to have a lowered ceiling you could just make a short ceiling over the rooms where you live and craft thing.
  8. I took a group of 4 high level spinos, stole an egg from a nest outside the trench to draw the drakes out of the trench. After I made sure they all died I went in and got an egg.
  9. While some of the changes seem a little bit trivial, just be happy that it hasn't been delayed yet and there's only ~3 weeks left.
  10. That's what happened to me. Fortunately I noticed it before I jumped down but when it came to me it caused two of my spinos to jump into the trench after it.
  11. I want to get a reaper soon but I have two main questions about the gestation 1. How long does it last in singleplayer 2. Do any multipliers affect its length? If so, which ones?
  12. Thanks for the tips. I got a 155 egg by using this plan. Step 1: Bring spinos to drake trench. Step 2: Steal an egg from one of the nests outside the main trench to aggro and kill the drakes, Make sure the trench is clear before you enter. I did this so I wouldn't have to abandon my spinos in the trench. 2 of my spinos jumped in anyways but they helped get the egg. Step 3: Find a high level egg, since if you're following this plan the trench should be clear you shouldn't have to worry about drakes. Step 4: Get back to your spinos and go home. This was done with 4 spinos that were leveled up to have 20k health and dealt greatly varying amount of damage. The only problems I ran into was that they kept getting stuck and that 2 of them jumped into the trench. Otherwise the run went fine.
  13. Yay they actually added another cool tek creature after the slightly underwhelming tek raptor and the downright disappointing tek pararsaur. I was hoping theyd add this or the mosa instead of the trike and for once wildcard has failed to disappoint me.
  14. You can't. If you're on official you'll get dev wiped
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