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  1. Ark: Aberration

  2. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    Fixed that for you. That is MY opinion.
  3. Transfers into Aberation

    Well....I am just not at all used to seeing direct feedback in the forums. Honestly did not know they did this. I LOVE it. Let's see more of this. Good job Eli and thank you for being patient with me.....still kinda think you were toying with me....putz. You knew I had not realized who you were and you were NOT going to correct me. LOL So yes Archone! Thank you for stopping me in my stupid unobservant blatherings.
  4. Transfers into Aberation

    ROTFL!!!!! No I did NOT know who Eli was. Did not pay attention to his info. Ok that was funny. He was so nonchalant.....I just figured him for well....not what he was. Ok. Thank you Eli. "My coworkers".....yeesh.
  5. Transfers into Aberation

    Does anyone have an official source stating we can transfer our current high level survivors into aberration or is everyone just assuming this is fact?
  6. Transfers into Aberation

    yes this is what I am hearing.....but do you know where the source of this fact is? A link?
  7. Transfers into Aberation

    Still looking for it....but does anyone have a link or anything that has stated for sure whether or not we can transfer survivors in (like when SE first came out)? You all are welcome to post your opinions of course but I am specifically looking to the official word if there is one on this.
  8. Custom Food

    Or make a food and then make a drink. You can do custom drink recipes as well. Better than a canteen. ...read up ^^
  9. Custom Food

  10. I think you missed my point. Was not trying to advertise the show. Only it is a good representation of what we see in Ark. When a person or small gorup like an alpha tribe is allowed to make all the rules 9 times out of 10 (or worse.....99 out of a hundred maybe..or somewhere in between) will be jerks and lord their dominance over everyone rather than take the effort to establish something good that many can enjoy.
  11. If you have not - Watch "The Walking Dead". In the absence of any centralized governance.....people make up their own. Peoples true nature is more freely expressed. You get to know their true self under these conditions better than any other. And many people are just bullies and jerks. Those are the ones that seek most the position of "alpha" and that is why most alphas are garbage. Also the main reason I play PvE.
  12. Behemoth gates in pve

    Ok I stand corrected. I did the math. Behemoth gates are aprox 7-8 walls wide and 11 tall. at 40 stone a wall that is 3080 stone. the gates and gatways are 2250. I had a vague memory of a patch making gates more expensive than walls....oh well, now I know. Also that for sure. On SE servers (which is what I play the most) I make a defense against wild dinos (behemouth gates) then a defense against griefers (golem kiting ...it happens a lot on my server...wish WC would care about that...they don't and think it is A-OK...:( ) which consisnts of metal fence foundations and every other foundation a 8+ high metal doorway. It stupid...does not look good...but necessary to defend against griefing.
  13. Custom Food

    at that level I recommend making a recipe for: 5 raw meat -- gives enough food to fully recover 100 food give or take. SUPER easy ingredient to farm. 10 raw meat. -- same as above but 170 food -+ . SUPER easy ingredient to farm. about 80 berry of each type of berry for water drink. replenishes enough (or close to it) to fill 100 water. SUPER easy to farm. If you play around with cooked meat, kibble and other things (like mushrooms, flowers, etc.) you might get some better super food. However they take A LOT more work than the above. It's all about how much you want to prep your ingredients before crafting.
  14. Behemoth gates in pve

    I do not think that is accurate. This is more the case. Easier and faster.
  15. Ahh...something tells me I should read the recent patch notes.....right? Edit: Ok so that is what this means: When a player tribe quits their dinos get destroyed instead of being claimable. always felt this should be the case. Ok. So this instead of more servers for dino cap solution.....?