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  1. Midnight_

    Path blocking

  2. Midnight_

    Aberration favorite/least favorite creature

    Most liked --> Karkinos - most epic. Few Aberrant dinos have a place/purpose outside of the aberration map. This one does. Least liked --> Rock Drake - super weak (stats dumbed down dramatically from the wyverns they emulate - can't fly, 30pts less damage base damage etc. etc.) the climb mechanics encourage nausea and epileptic spasms (which is also what it tends to look like). It's only decent use is as a travel mount and the twitchy glide/climb mechanics take much away from that. Not to mention how annoying the sound of a passing drake is....any drake travel in render of you causes a wind tunnel fan to blow in your ear.
  3. Midnight_

    Twin Drakes

    It sometimes take a server reset to show imprinted stats correctly. Has been an issue for all dinos for some time. It makes sense that you would most likely notice it in the case of twins.
  4. This is because after so many have filled tickets against kiting and learned that kiting is not against the rules they do it knowing nothing will happen to them. It has become more and more common knowledge now to the players that this is the cause. It will continue and get progressively if not exponentially worse as time goes on unless the devs in their great wisdom see this and decided to take action. Make examples of a few then the rest will fall in line and just stick to the more cowardly kiting when they think they can get away unseen. This will GREATLY reduce the number of instances and players can again just focus on the environment. For the record I define the environment as: wild dinos behaving while not under the influence of another player. PvP as: Wild dinos controlled by other players....kiting. An example is someone can make a fully enclosed stone base in SE that is impervious to the environment (as defined above) but is easily wiped out by PvP action like kiting wild golems to it and continually aggroing it while standing on top to effectually destroy the base. Such a base can easily withstand even accidental aggro by golems or any other wild dino. I think that the fact that the devs attempted to passively solve this issue (which is obvious admission that it is an issue) with "offline raid protection" just shows they are aware and agree that it should not be done in PvE but are not willing to put the time and effort to address it head on. They do not however have to put time and effort into it. There are many "volunteer" mods on this very forum. Simply apply that to in game. Right now GM's have the power to do things but they do not have the authority to do anything. Authority is given to them after they do the leg work of validating claims in tickets and presenting them to those with the authority. Those with authority then give permission to GM's to take action while being outside of the issue and not influenced by it allowing for good impartial decisions. Like with paths get blocked, and helping with stuck dinos. Plenty of people willing to volunteer to do the leg work to help make PvE servers more fun.
  5. Yes it is. Did they post somewhere that they love PvP and only do PvE as an after thought? No. Why do I think it is true? Well it's simple many of the items and dinos they have designed have been OBVIOUS horrible ideas for PvE. Here are a few (but not all) of the examples that point to this: Many of the newer dinos (in the last year) have been rendered pointless in PvE, examples are (not bathering with spelling on these..you know what they are) Kaprosochus, Megalasaurus, Tusotuthous (not rendered pointless...but example of main ability turned off in PvE) <---- dinos that were designed around picking up other players and dinos. Picking up other players and dinos had been turned off on PvE well over a year before these dinos were released. Yet 2 of those 3 were release WITH the ability in PvE. Then later (months later...as an after thought) the ability was removed in PvE. What purpose did those dinos have after that? None.....egg layers....useless dinos. (the mega of course was re-validated in PvE in Aberration as useful be removing the sleepy nerf that plagued them). Pachyrhino- was used for months to kite players dinos into the ocean on island servers and drown them. Or just kite dinos into wild mobs till they died. Or just kite them and hide them till they were claimable. After months (after thought) they took the time to disable the pachyrhino on tamed dinos in PvE. Baryonyx - You could stun other players and other tribes dinos in PvE underwater drowning players (this was the only example adding something that DIRECTLY allowed you to kill other players in PvE) and stuning their dinos till wild dinos killed them. Items: The whip- great addition. An egg farmers dream tool, a savior of dismounted wyvern riders (so hard to get wyverns to land). But it had the PvP ability to steal items from other players....that also worked in PvE...for almost a year...face palm...... y-plant seed trap. PvP tool to help defend bases from enemy invaders. Some PvE players use it to help defend bases from raptors and terror birds. However it can also be used to grief. See someone taming? put a few around them while they are checking their tame unaware and kite dinos in. They get stuck in the trap and have to watch while wild dinos kill their tame....them....their dinos....depends on what dino they have there to help them taming....but still. <--- this was minor and I personaly never saw it used like that...but the ability is there....still............ The list goes on. But it ends up here in this thread where they have deliberately chosen to allow kiting/griefing, which is an ok and smart PvP tacktic that makes perfect sense in PvP, here in PvE where it goes against any definition of Player versus Environment. Wild dinos kited to other players is NOT the environment. It is Player attacking Player. It fits the definition of exploiting a game mechanic for PvE. That game mechanic was designed to make the challenges of the environment to be difficult. Cause if it was put there (in PvE) for the purpose of turning PvE into PvP then the developers have no concept of what PvE is. I personally believe that is not true. Based on my experiences with this game and they way the devs design it is simply.... There is little that can be done by players to stop them. All that can be done by players is join them. I have seen a few cases where this drove off griefers. They came into our server (PvP style server raid party attacking other servers) and wiped out (completely) 6 of the 7 or 8 major tribes IN 6 hours time. We rose up and got the 3 dinos they used in this effort killed. They never returned - though the tribes that were wiped quit disgusted that months of effort could be undone overnight in PvE where by definition of the game mode such a thing should not have been allowed. On another server another griefer unprovoked kited to kill tames and attempted to kill a 150 tame in progress laughing all the time they were doing it. Again the server banned together and retaliated hitting them very hard. They have been nice ever since. Those were stupid griefers that attacked others while they were vulnerable. Most griefers are large tribes with 6-12 (or more) members and get themselves situated safely in fully enclosed bases (usually all metal) then they grief knowing that they can then retreat safely back into there base and nothing can be done to them. True cowards who pray on the weak in PvE cause in PvP even those metal bases wont save them. Most of the victims are tribes starting out and have not yet got to metal or are small or 1 man tribes. Or are new to the game and don't realized that griefing is allowed in PvE.
  6. The only reason I have ever seen to kite is to rid a server of a kiter/griefer. And that is because it is the only defense against them as the devs turn a blind eye to it. Raiders said that he only saw it happen to "ignorant players". That translates into "someone who said something in global I disagreed with" or "built in a place I did not want them to, or disagree with" or "built something that I just don't see a purpose for". It is the ignorant people who grief others and think they can force others to play the game how they want them to in PvE. In PvP you can achieve Alpha status through hard work and your reward is being able to be the head jerk of the server. But in PvE I will play how I want. I will kill any wild dino I want or feel the need to. I will build where I want with any design I want to. I will tame what I want according to what ever I feel like taming. Griefers are usually ex PvP players who tried to tell others what they can and can't do and got wiped out and decided it was to hard to maintain an alpha status and come to PvE to harass those there cause it's easier. Everyone who has spoken against my suggest has fit that profile. They see kiting as a tool to make them feel like an alpha tribe from PvP and to try to force others to play the game by rules they arbitrarily make up. Any time I have kited it was in retaliation of the above and ALWAYS with the majority of the server agreeing for the need for it and helping me with it to defend our server from griefers. The funny thing is that on average the majority of new gamers just assumes that kiting in PvE is against the rules because such action is very much the definition of "griefing" which is normally acted on by devs in other games. The devs however only play PvP and they only design the game for PvP. PvE is ALWAYS an after thought and adjustments to make an effort to keep PvE remotely resembling PvE are always slow coming and usually only after a LOT of complaints by the PvE community. There is NO ONE on the dev team who has the job of PvE balance. That is from a GM who stated that there is no individual or team that designs for PvE. There should be. A rather large part of the player base is PvE.
  7. Absolutely. As a RESPONSE to griefing on most servers I am on I will work to organize the many to oust the few who just want to ruin the fun of PvE for others aka griefers. My whole point here is that I should not have to do that. It should not be acceptable for others to grief - kite dinos for the sole purpose of ruining the fun of the game for others. Which in turn would make in not only not ok for me or anyone else to retaliate, but more importantly I would not need to. There would be a better option. An option where the devs take responsibility for their servers and help to make a better culture for PvE servers to make it ACTUALLY PvE. PvP is where the cut throats need to go. Not come to PvE to pray on the week and new and then hide behind the raptored PvE protection because they know on PvP they would get wiped. And yes @bigfishrob you should be able to report someone stowing away into your boss fight to troll you. That person should get punished. You kited golems to him, but I think he should have gotten a bigger punishment. Anyone who makes it their purpose to just ruin the fun/enjoyment of the game for others should not be allowed to play with the general populous/official servers.
  8. Midnight_

    feedback Karkinos Issues I have encountered

    Totally agree. *cough* level up animation *cough*
  9. You did that on PC not on the XBOX. And the logs will reflect that. The screenshots are a guide that points the GM's to look at the correct place and time in the logs. Also if you make a false report trying to get someone banned who did nothing wrong will backfire and YOU will get banned.
  10. When did they nerf the Scuba tank do you know?

    1. Midnight_


      I do not know that they ever did. They have functioned the same since placed in the game as far as I know.

  11. It is currently not listed in the Banning Guidelines as an offense of any type. I personally have submitted tickets with absolute proof of kiting (which included admonition of guilt in global chat) and the GM's responded with "we will take no action." I am not talking about someone passing through an area and inadvertent aggro dinos that follow them to someone else. I am talking about tribes that try to act like PvP alpha tribes and tell everyone the rules they must follow and if they don't they that they will kite dinos to them as punishment to kill tamed dinos and dinos they catch them trying to tame. We have such a tribe on the Official PvE (that is PLAYER versus ENVIRONMENT) Aberration server I am playing on. They also say they have a GM in their back pocket (paraphrasing it was more like "our friend is a GM so you better watch out"). Griefers like this have attacked (PvP style) many tribes ruining their gamin experience on every server I have played on. Most quit and don't come back or try to find a less aggressive server. People join and play on PvE servers so they don't have to deal with this PvP garbage. It's one thing if an alpha crab wonders by and wipes you out....you learn you need higher walls etc. etc. It's another if another player wipes you out in a game mode that by it's own name should not allow that kind of thing. Please acknowledge it as "griefing" as that is what it is and allow your GM's to punish those who blatantly work to ruin others online enjoyment of this awesome game. If these tribes had any backbone they would challenge others to "War". The option is there in PvE to "Declair War" on another tribe. Make them use that if they want PvP in PVE game modes. No one ever really uses that...cause they don't need to....yet.
  12. Midnight_

    Are Abberation official servers too crowded?

    Absolutely not. WC did a smashing job of making sure there were enough servers. Not over crowded at all!
  13. Midnight_

    Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    well I was playing PvP to get the lay of the land while waiting for the PvE server to come online...they are still not up. Only 4 servers are online now and are all PvP, 2 no tek and 2 no tek no taiming. They are now of course full. I got disconnected and have not yet been able to get back in.....clown car yay.....
  14. Midnight_

    Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    So have the DLC downloaded and the patch downloaded. Just staring at the servers list waiting for servers to go live.....