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  1. A month and a half to fix a MAJOR bug that made a section of map fatal/unplayable to players and dinos who passed through it.......slow clap.
  2. one of my wyverns drowned....still have not found the other....
  3. I can confirm. all under the floating isles are MANY invisible water bubbles. since the last patch. I have so far lost 2 wyverns down there. Flying around in a skiff seems safe though...after an hour of searching still have not found my lost wyverns....probably won't. I have seen a coel floating in ONE of the bubbles...the others ....no warning whatsoever. was flying on my wyverns....then I was swimming.....in the skiff it just skyrockets up randomly letting you know you hit a bubble.
  4. When did they nerf the Scuba tank do you know?

    1. Midnight_


      I do not know that they ever did. They have functioned the same since placed in the game as far as I know.

  5. LOL that makes me feel like the "Aberration Homeless". I should sit on the corner with my carbord sign that reads "PC Ark gamer wants news on how fun Aberration is from console players".
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