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  1. Midnight_

    PvE Make blocking rivers against the CoC

    Sorry this thread is designed as a suggestion for the developers. They are the target audience for this post. I have another thread in general chat for community discussion on the topic. Pic and the GM quote is in that thread. Here:
  2. Midnight_

    Better in game chat options.

    Make it so you can select the type of chat you want, like LOCAL CHAT, and then any time you hit enter it types only in that chat. EVERYONE has accidentally typed in global when they meant to type in local or tribe chat. Enable mute options. So many trolls out there saying the stupidest things just annoy people. So many players getting into arguments that last for hours in global chat . Would be nice to be able to mute annoying/combative/spamming players in global chat, while at the same time being able to carry on global conversations with friends. (so ya turning all chat off is an option but should not have to cut off all communication because of a few trolls.)
  3. Enforce this rule properly: Currently If someone blocks a river with a base the enforcement team will do nothing about it. (reference Incident# 9342) On PvE it is very likely that you can not build a taming trap for ANYTHING on the coast or along any river as they tend to be "claimed" by other players with pillars. So the only way to do proper or even remotely safe taming is with a raft with taming trap built on it. Can not do that if the rivers are blocked. New players often have their first base on a raft while they travel the rivers looking for a place to build in land as all the spawn areas on the coast are almost always claimed and built on. Can't do that if the rivers are blocked by bases. Those are just a couple examples of why rivers should NOT be blocked and why you should enforce the rule already in place. ALL rivers (and pathways) can be built on or around in such a way as to NOT block it. Blocking it is a deliberate action to basically say "screw you" to the rest of the server. You DO have a rule stating it is not OK to "Obstruct waterways". All you have to do is enforce it.
  4. Midnight_

    PvE Blocking rivers is now OK?

    Then you have not read what I wrote. Problem = ALL rivers to ANYWHERE are ok to block. ALL OF THEM. (as long as it is blocked with a base...of any size big enough to block it) Did that help outline it?
  5. Midnight_

    PvE Blocking rivers is now OK?

    Yes this does clearly show a lack on their part for upholding their own rule stopping griefing. If they do not reverse their decision and remove the base then very soon as folks see they can block rivers it will start happening more often.
  6. Midnight_

    PvE Blocking rivers is now OK?

    Yes there is a spino spawn there. That is not a consideration the GM's will every take into account. Yes THAT base does not negatively effect MY game at all. It does/has effected many others on the server. The community on the server asked me to report it, because many of them are upset at the blockage. My post is not even about THAT base. Just the concept that it is NOT against the rules to block EVERY river in the game with a base. Whether it is one tribe blocking ALL rivers or many tribes collectively blocking ALL rivers in the game. My picture above just clearly shows that THAT base is COMPLETELY blocking the river in CLEAR violation of the stated rules AND the GM will not do anything about it because of a secret unstated exception to the rule. My thoughts are favoritism. especially due to how the ticket was handled (specifically ignored for 2 months - the original ticket is still open/unanswered). The reasons the GM gave for not doing anything open up blocking ALL rivers. And THAT is what I have an issue with. Gotta be careful with pillars. 3 tribes on my server were wiped as between all 3 they had like 15% of the map pillared. My original post stated the reason they did not remove the base. They said it's ok to block rivers if it is a base. They will only remove walls,gates, and similar not bases.
  7. So I have reported a number of tribes for blocking rivers, cause you're not supposed too.... And the GM's have come in and deleted what ever was blocking......behemoth gates, spike walls. BUT when it came to this base built on the river they just ignored the ticket. For 2 months. (that is the green obi on the Island map in the upper right corner of the pic. The river goes into the base there on the left then bends and run right along the lenght of the base down to the right. They built smack dab along the river completely blocking it. Out of view to the right are like 3 or so rafts that are just hanging out there....cause they can not go further.) A GM recently responded (within a day of reporting) to a river blockage (a spike wall). So I thanked the GM for the fast response and mentioned this old ticket and that GM recommended I resubmit a new ticket for it. Within a day couple days on the new ticket I got this response: So.....it's not OK to block rivers but only if you half-a** it? If your gonna block make it a base and you are ok to grief the server? I have a BIG problem with that. Cause if you want a taming trap in many areas of the map you need to use a taming raft that you can pilot near where you want to tame because most areas are "claimed" with pillars. But if the rivers are blocked with bases you can not even do that. So is there REALLY a rule against blocking rivers? Does not seem like it.
  8. Midnight_

    Can someone translate this Chinese tribe name?

    Yup. I put it in bing translate and it came out --> 草泥马 Thank you. Kinda sounds like an insult....I guess. LoL But wait....the last character in the tribe name (the 4th one) is not there. What is that one? Yes you can. That tribe along with 2 other I reported got wiped at the same time. Each of those tribes had 4-8 render distances of pillars on the map NOT near a main base...or any base. They had 1x1 shacks with a bed to refresh timers but that was it. When the GM deleted the the first tribe it crashed the server-kicked everyone off. then was MAJOR laggy for each subsequent deletion. So pillaring in render of your main base (and maybe a bit beyond) they wont touche, but when it gets obviously land grabby with the pillars they will wipe the tribe of all structures.
  9. Subject said it. However the backstory here is that this tribe got wiped for pillar spam and seems to have quite due to it. (by wiped they lost ALL structures, still had dinos). I am guessing this is something bad about Gm's....
  10. This started 25-30 minutes ago: I was 4 minutes into an alpha brood boss fight and my tribe mate and I got lagged off the server. Along with everyone else. Server booted everyone but kept going. Server did not seem to crash as the connection to the server was what caused the issue. Took 15 minutes to reconnect to find my rexes were able to completely the boss fight without us....barely. No element, and one bred megatherium and one bred rex (with ascended saddle) was killed. Server remains crazy laggy and booting people. Is like 20-40 seconds of game play to 2-4 minutes of lag.
  11. Midnight_

    Crab stuck floating just under the map.

    A transmitter is not too hard for me at all. So I think I will go with that option. The derpy with platform saddle and ramps just seems like a long-shot and too time consuming. Thanks for all the suggestions folks. (I had forgot to mention but yes we did try whipping and punching....and things came to attack (they where whistled to attack) to no avail).
  12. Yes I submitted a ticket. Do not want to wait for GM to respond in as much as 8 weeks if someone here might have a solution. Anyone know how to get this unstuck? It did what was in the vid as soon as I landed on that spot like it was quicksand. What we have tried so far: attempted space bar jump while still in the saddle when it happened. J-call can not re-mount saddle can not access inventory same for ravenger in the claw. anky is to far underneath to do anything. tried building foundations and ramps. Tomorrow we will try a paracerithium with platform saddle and ramps.
  13. Midnight_

    PvE --> Re-enable wild dino carry

    Good points all. What about allowing water dino carry? The squid.
  14. PvE has come a LONG way over the years. WC has worked (even if it seemed slow to many) to make PvE actually PvE. I had a thread about this in an attempt to outline how it was note PvE to help WC see how they could make it PvE. Some of my threads are here: It took over 2 years but they finally added kitting dinos in the griefing section of the CoC. I had a long conversation with a GM in a ticket filed against offline raiders that about 3 months after SE was released were systematically going to all SE servers and wiping any and all tribes built in adobe. GM had to say "we will take no action" (as said in one of my threads above.) To which I asked "Can you please suggest to the dev team that we get offline raid protection for PvE servers to remove the PvP style game play? They did it!!!! Ark has been progressing so well in making PvE servers PvE and it is great. Another great thing that is going on now is pillar spam removal. I did not believe it. I was sure WC would not address this but I was told by a good friend that GM's are wiping tribes that pillar spam well beyond the immediate area of their bases. When I started playing on my new island server a couple months ago I noted 3 specific tribes that had literal seas of pillars in several areas of the map. Nothing built in any of those areas other than a 1x1 hut with a bed to use to refresh the pillars. Took about a month then a GM came on the server and...: 3 mega tribes got wiped. For abusing pillars to prevent people for building on the map. All 3 had 8-13 render distances of pillars through out the map for EACH tribe. And the GM destroyed all structures owned by each tribe. It was fricken Christmas! Offline raid protection acknowledgement that deliberately kiting dinos is griefing removal of pillar spam\ WC has made PvE actually PvE now. I am very happy with what they have done I think they have moved in the right direction with all this. It's great. Good Job Wild Card! 👍
  15. Wild dino carry was removed in PvE due to griefing. Mostly this happened to offline tribes. Few had the guts to do it while tribes were online. It was definitely a GOOD thing to disable wild dino carry for that reason. 2 major changes have occurred since then that I think removes the need to have wild dino carry turned off. offline raid protection CoC change that allows griefer who kite dinos (or as proposed - drop carried dinos) to be reported with evidence and punished by a GM. I feel the offline raid protection will take care of 90%+ cases where dropping dinos in bases would be an issue. I feel the COC change will take care of the other up to 10% cases. Re-enabling wild dino carry will provide more enriched quality of game play and fun for PvE players who I hear all the time wishing they could carry wild dinos for taming purposes in a game mode that makes it difficult to build taming traps in the wild due to wide spread land claiming. "ENEMY FOUNDATION OR GATE" type issues. Of course there are many different views and perspectives on this. I am very curious to see what the community thinks of this idea.