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  1. May I be on the testing team? I think with something providing important information like this needs to be refined before reaching the live servers. I would like to help test that seeing these numerous issues have come up that makes me feel the testers need more help testing. My empathy cries for colorblind, and all spayed have to be recryoed? nawww... that'd be like ... I got over a dozen cryofridges 72/72, nothing spayed, yet everything will say spayed? Any chance to fix that before making it live? Oh dear already live. Pls I wish I could help test, this mess on the live servers is
  2. I cant read the stats on the new UI now. I didnt want this to be shrunk, its blurry and I cant see the text. Is there an option to have the older size back please? Or heck, the way this was before these changes were made. I am totally unable to read these stats on the pod, I'll have to release my pets or look at my notes Maybe if the background of each letter was more solid, higher contrast background from foreground, and not blurred. a Crisper/sharper font Are my eyes going bad, or do these stat numbers look blurry to anyone else?
  3. I was under the impression that the breeding CD on the ladies after being podded was a bug. But from what I read in my home server "intentional" and I doubt that. I desire the official word, but I was unable to find an official post that confirms or denies what the breeding CD is. I maybe speaking into the void, but I hope someone in Wildcard takes notice and confirms or denies what looks like unsubstantiated rumor to me. Edit to add: Ok so servers restarted, and I see more added to patch notes. I got back on, tested a lady , and no breed CD. Looks like this may have been a bug
  4. I wonder this same question, so I can plan my time. Because if this is intentional, then I need to release all my ladies and plan out times to feed everything. (I personally hope this is a bug, I like not having my servers tame capped)
  5. Pretty much. My most memorable re-spawn into the wild, death by Basilisk. "Easiest" Spawn point =/= safe.
  6. I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic or not? (me blind to sarcasm). I like the bigger size personally. I have both UI sliders as big as I can get, and in many areas of the game (like the chat) the text still isnt big enough to read comfortably (I am not being sarcastic, my vision isnt as good as it used to be). Also, I had slight difficulty figuring out what numbers were assigned to which stat icon since there wasn't a clear divide line between each stat.
  7. I can confirm this is happening on my official PvE. I unpodded a female (I havent moved her between servers, never bred her, and I tamed her (not hatched) and less than an hour ago, I saw she has over a day cooldown before she can mate again. I'm pretty sure applying a breed CD when put into pods maybe counter-productive on reducing the load on the servers. I'm not looking forward to unpodding and feeding all my breeding ladies. I hope this change is another oopsie.
  8. I saw this new feature moents ago and jawdrop, amazing and going to be very helpful overall... But gender is missing. Seeing the gender on the pod is very important to me, so important and due to the first iteration of pods lacking gender (and in many cases, having the wrong gender) I started adding gender things to my newer dinos names (i.e Mr, Ms). which isnt something I want to do to a limited-character title. Can I please have something to indicate the gender, aside from having to change my 300+ pods? k thx so much, love seeing the color bars most of all! Seeing sample id
  9. 382 down again, 2nd time today in less than 12 hours.
  10. NA PVE Ragnarok 382 (PC) crashed about 2:10am pacific I sent an outtage report and tweeted @ survivetheark and thelilpanda Edit: Back up about 20+ mins after crash
  11. GreenRoc

    ARK 2!!

    I wish they would fix so many of those things. Like, how long will it take a programmer to make the manticore land? Or make the preview of pre-placed structures to not lie? Or to stop tames from glitching in (and out) of structures. I would like to leave tames on wander (that require wandering to be useful, like dung beetles, oviraptors, and others) if they didnt somehow magically escape from fully enclosed bases and cages. An for the love of everything I want to keep safe... stop the wilds from getting inside my full enclosed bases! And that's just a few (of many) issues from my PvE-
  12. I've been playing PvE Ark since 2015. I started with PvP but I didnt stand long in that game type, I was only there because of my friends being there. I've not stepped in PvP Ark since that year, and I never plan to ever again. I've DC'd on an Ark beach while trying to find my friend on PvE to add him to the tribe, and he was busy taming a dodo when I found him so I was helping keep watch over the area while fully geared with Flak. DC takes a minute or two to return, and by the time I logged back I was almost in the water by someone else dragging my body. Ark has been like therapy for
  13. Indeed. I absolutely did, most of my gametime was spent in menus. Before I joined, I had looked at the options (40 mins on record of my time in the game, only 15 min or less on a server) nothing in the menu was indicating what mode was on the many official servers. There were filter options, but nothing filtering a difference between PvE or PvP. I hopped in with hope there was PvE since there was a PvE tag on the game, I couldnt find proof of PvE existing without PVP. I'm glad Ark's menus do better at showing what mode their servers are in, than that other game.
  14. I got into Ark for the dinosaurs, eye candy, breeding, and helping friends. My first experiences in Ark was on a PvP server (where my gaming friends were) was so good, super kind. Some stranger offered to carry me with their argent to where I was looking to go, and they were genuinely kind. They flew me to where my friend was. I was an Anne (Bob) once. Now I have over 14k hours, my first experience was a good one. I personally wish "survival" wasnt abused as if it was justification to make bad behavior appear acceptable. People can choose to be kind. Being mean to someone is a choice.
  15. 2 hrs ago Pixark announces they are closing servers which I play on. Moving my stuff is going to cut into my time for Fear Evolved. Hmm, I cant delete this post. Sorry for rant, I am trying to do better than this.
  16. I would like to see DinoStaminaDrain=0.0 to return to how it worked before RaidDinoFoodDrain was added. That is, when I set Stamina Drain to 0.0, dinos stamina would not drain from ay activity, sprint, biting, swimming, etc. I had enjoyed this setting for a long time on my singleplayer and private server until the RaidDinoFoodDrain was added. It's been a few years now, since this config I had wont work on stamina drain for dinos. I would still like to have the stamina drain 0.0 like it was, which is practically no stamina (how I like it). Also, If there are more configs being added
  17. Question for Clarity: Wild Stegos and Wild Mammoths are going to get the ability to dismount riders in TLC3? Or is the mechanic just for tamed versions? I ask because.. Being dismounted by a wild is one of the most debilitating-to-my-enjoyment mechanics of Ark. I am passionately against that mechanic in PvE, and I want nothing to do with it. I change how I play (with great upset) just to avoid that specific mechanic. I avoid building in places I want to build in, just to avoid wilds with that mechanic. I disable all spawns on my singleplayer, just to avoid that mechanic.
  18. Thx for the link to Cedrec's Tweet, for I stopped watching his content for several reasons, some reasons out of my control (my gaming Twitter is locked because I switched PC's), but I personally chose to not look at his tweets regularly because he has posted tweets that hurt me a little inside. Amusement at the loss of tames is not something I want to see, ever. @ladyteruki some really good ideas there! Even if all we get is links to some of Staff's favorite forum threads, or even links to maybe some redit posts or copies of other official content, I would like to see more readable conte
  19. Indeed, timers were still running. I was lucky and got back on 564 in time for an imprint on my Xmas wyverns (given to me by a friend). I had to refresh the server list page until 564 showed up, then I was able to join. Latency was bad, felt like 5 to 10 seconds to interact with most anything (moving, inventory access, laying down in bed, using a cryopod, etc). Player interaction took much longer to be seen in-game than it should, and player costumes and attires weren't showing up right away (I logged in and looked naked, another player in global mentioned their costumes werent showing up righ
  20. Broken NA-PVE-Official-Valguero564 Something is very wrong with NA-PVE-Official-Valguero564 right now. I had a young wyvern set out, 2 hrs left on the imprint timer. Lag was really bad, packed away two of my tames, left a third baby out, 2 hour timer on it, I can check back later. Then I logged out. I see it on battlemetrics as "offline" and thought it had crashed. I had thought this server crashed. So I waited for server to show up on Battlemetrics. Server didnt show on the server list or on battlemetrics, failing to respond to query. then a few minutes ago, I saw it show up on
  21. NA-PVE-Official-Valguero564 went down. I got Adolescent Wyvern needing imprint soon
  22. Indeed, I have tried several, and I continue to play Official PvE. I had my own private server for three years, until an update made it unplayable (Homestead update). Since 2015, I've tried several other unofficials, which all get taken offline in a few months, and I want my stuff to last for years. I do like singleplayer, but when my D drive corrupts... RIP saves (thankfully I have backed up alot of them). I've never lost a character before, but I also havent done very many bosses, and I make a new character for every server I play on because of the frequency of lost characters I read ab
  23. I've never experienced login lock until the last week or two. Login Lock, I guessing prevents servers from ddos from logins? I dont know. Anyways, Can the game devs make it easier to tell what server is selected in the menu pls. Pls make the selected server more obvious. I sometimes join the one I didnt know was selected, because I have a hard time telling the difference between what is selected and what is not, the artwork/graphics do not make the selection very clear. Sometimes it looks like a server is selected, yet the join button wont work, cause it isnt selected I guess. I've had
  24. I remember a long time ago (since I dont use the grinder very much) I'd grind a saddle, even a primitive, like a beaver, and get ingots back. It made saving every saddle worth it. Am I reading this right.... Saddles cant be grinded anymore? If that's true, can someone make a mod to make saddles grindable again? I like griding my saddles on my singleplayer. I have my drops give ascendant loot, and those saddles are like 'Loot Bags' (MC reference) of metal ingots. P.S. I havent played since Genisis was new. I want my dyes on my base pieces fixed before I dive into Ark
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