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  1. Are box of chocolates not guaranteed to drop from breeding? I have bred over a dozen doeds, only got three boxes. I need more. If it is guaranteed, then I blame the poor capsule opening for doeds hiding the gifts from my sight.
  2. Harvestable Rocks deleting ladders. But not deleting the pillars they were attatched to. Bug: The pillars need to be deleted too, if the ladders werent ok. There are some pillars and ladders my tribe have placed to protect our territory, it seems to be the same kind of rock as well. Two different places: -13809.345 282942.094 -11454.197 -8066.542 274753.438 -9843.136 I dont know if this is a new change not allowing ladders to be placed where a rock spawns, or if this deletion was intentional. The pillars were not removed by the game, until the 12 hours was up after the ladders got deleted. Just thought to let you know this is happening. I have since placed ladders+ pillars next to them. This is a surprise for me. Still editing my post... Ok I think I am done editing. I am not sure where my post went wrong but I dont want to do bad, I hope the focus of my post is a bit more clear now? If not, please elaborate why you arent ok with this, or edit my post to be more acceptable. I do not know what part of my post you arent liking, I am quite confused. Social in general confuses me, 40 years and I dont know why people suddenly get mad at me when I want to help and do no wrongs, ever. *shrug* I want to do right. Help me by telling me 'exactly' what you arent liking, and use lots of words to help make it clear to me. Or edit this post. Ok yes done now. I like to help. I am trying to help here.
  3. Ced, I really like the layout of this post and hope to see more of the same. You made it very easy for me to read and thanks for listing all the event colors and items. I am really excited for 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) Gonna raise some babies on Official PvE, leftover from the Extra Life (100% imprint on some of these in one shot from that event) Thanks so much to the whole team!
  4. My friends tribemate has a character he regularly transferred between OC and NA (one character, two servers). From what I can gather, he's gotta choose one of the servers, and on the 11th he'd stuck on the server he chooses, and cant move his survivor back to the other server. Do I understand this correctly? Edit to add: like Legacy migration with only a few days warning. This is not enough time, not at the extent at which he has stuff (and the limited timer/weight to upload/download things). Any chance to get an extension on that deadline to move?
  5. I had no idea that my preference for post length caused that kind of trouble for mobile users (I use PC, not mobile). I apologize for the inconvenience I had unknowingly caused, and I will be aware of it next time I post.
  6. I believe they did. It wasnt enough DPs to beat the timer. I was not there so I cant be sure. Regardlesss, the AI needs to be changed so it will be on land long enough for non-flying tames to attack it. But... after some searching, this has been an issue since 2017... My hope for a fix has died. The Rhinos at a distance with a Bait Rex near the Manticore... this seems to be the do-able work-around, but it feels like this isn't the intended way to defeat the Val Boss Arena. It feels so awkward to me to have to do it this way.
  7. My friends doing a test run on Val told me they failed to win the boss fight because "maticore just flies in the same place" This needs to be fixed.
  8. Any chance to postpone deletion, and give legacy players at least 30 days once the server list is available? From my personal experience, 30 days is not enough time to move everything. Edit to add: 15 days means sacrifices may have to be made. I can relate to the emotional pain of having to give up stuff due to the limited time available, like when we had four days >.<! For everyone having to endure this, my heart aches for you, I know what it is like. You are not alone. I wish more people were more sympathetic in your struggle, I too have felt the pain. I still have nightmares, and feel emotional sadness at what I had to give up. It was so good, but someone else decided for me, took control, and there was nothing I could do to save the happy things that I invested years into, to have to lose that stuff that gives me so much pleasure in my life, because someone else doesn't seem to care enough to help me save what I want to keep.
  9. I personally didnt lose interest in my gaming/social home of over 2 years... I am still interested, but my enjoyment came under threat (see my full post) after it became legacy. I tried to continue my enjoyment, but I struggle to get my old legacy save file to work well without lagging like 2fps or crashing. I left Legacy mostly because of lack of support. Example of verbal attacks: I was called nasty racial slurs, reported it, but my ticket was turned down due to it happening on "Legacy". I've seen numerous rule-breaking incidents, and felt an overall feeling that PvE Legacy became a home for cruel gamers who preyed on other gamers who wanted nothing to do with PvP. My last straw was encountering a player-made 4-high Behemoth wall stretching 8 or more across to block a path I had used everyday in Aberration, and GM's were not allowed to get involved to remove it. I didnt leave Legacy out of lack of interest, I left because I was being attacked, verbally, emotionally, in-game physically (directed at me or not). I left because I was terrified of losing my things due to some player-made attack, and left because I was unable to enjoy the game on the same server with inconsiderate players who broke rules everyday and no GM's would help. I also hate starting from nothing in Ark, intensely stressful, severely unenjoyable, and a whole lotta DoNotWants. So much about this game I deeply loathe... but too much I enjoy that I keep going, regardless of all the dilos. P.S. I tried to quit before, posted publicly that I would not return, yet I find myself still playing Official, enjoying it in some ways, but I had to severely limit where I go, strongly depend on my tribemate for resources in areas far too dangerous for my tolerances... I have to avoid the bad so I dont have another severe anxiety/meltdown attack. I've had global chat off for months now... Tempted to look at what people say, strongly desiring to see tribe chat, but I do not risk it, not anymore since the last time I was verbally attacked in Ark. Now I tab out to discord, anytime I want to chat with my tribemate. I have to keep chat off due to how sensitive I am to verbal attacks, and the in-game chat's lack of /ignore. Mental struggles are a very real struggle for me, directly affecting what I should and shouldn't do in-game... I have to find filters to make it work, so I can enjoy what I enjoy. My time with my Tribemate is unlike anything else, and I do not want to give that up. TL;DR: I still miss Legacy, still wish I had what I had there, but Legacy grew into a community I could not stand to be around, and no support to get rid of (or punish/warn) the nasties. My tribemate left long before I gave up on it too.
  10. The post I wanted to reply to, for some reason I cant select a section in their comment. I do not think the mana is "op" for PvE, I personally hate the term "op". Please do not put words in my mouth that I never said or thought Weberms. I dont like building materials handed to me, same reason I dont like Creative Minecraft. I dont like to lose anything I spent time on. It's why I do not play PvP, because I dont like it even MORE if some player caused that loss to happen. PvP seperate from PvE is not unheard of. Now for semi-joking, which I rarely do, but it is late and I am feeling rather silly now: I wish there was "Classic Ark" you know? Before gigas, before breeding, before pegos and ikkys, but with all the bugs fixed. Dang, I got WoW classic on my mind... I wish there was a choice if I want my hard earned time wasted by changes or not. Oops, there goes Water Strider's Water walking, nerfed because we were using it too much? Joykiller... oh wait, that is a different game. I love this game so much, I just wish I didn't have to roll with so many punches. At least with Minecraft, we can play any release of the game we want. I wish I could do that with Ark, I'd go play a 2015 or 2016 version.
  11. Before Flier Nerf: Less than 5 minutes to fly from one base on my Unofficial to another base. After Flier Nerf: 15+ minutes between bases, with one or two rest stops. This was my unofficial, my rules, my server. And the flier nerf was unwanted, but was forced on us regardless of how much I verbally rejected it, or verbally requested configs to opt-out. Flier nerf may never have happened to PvE if PvE and PvP were coded separately. I see zero reasons why any tame needs any nerf on any PvE server. Who cares if a tame dodo on PvE could 1-shot a wild giga... (just to show an example of an extreme). I cant imagine any downside or "unfair" advantage to this.
  12. I remember years ago we would get breeding multipliers at least once a month (I played Official, now called Legacy, as early as 2015) I dont recall if we had breeding boosts for Easter... Then one day, Breeding boosts just stopped showing up, and I prepped for it every week for weeks. It took me months over many weekends to realize breeding boosts weren't coming anymore. I miss those old days of breeding boosts. I dont miss the high ping or unplayable servers tho. Edit: took me a while to read through all the comments... I struggle everyday to not be negative, not just on forums but in life in general...for years I tried really hard not to hate on Wildcard either (I have reasons I wish to be good to them). I am sorry if anyone was upset by my post on page two I have been a passionate Ark player for many years, played most of my 20k hours on Official PvE (legacy too). But due to how painful it was for me in real life, with losing stuff I never wanted to lose... It's kinda hard to praise them with 100% positivity, when suffering so much heartache over the years. It was a good run, lots of joy to be had, events and encounters and friendships made that I will never forget, friends I still have to this day, I love you peeps! So not a total waste, it took over most of my waking hours for three years, so this game has been fantastic for most of it, or I would not have played! I had to dig down deep to find that I still have hope for this game to be better than it was (even if a tiny hint of hope is hiding here somewhere), to fix all the bugs, to a point there are no glitches, but I have not seen that come true yet. I might come back to Official PvE Ark, if I can feel I will no longer be plagued by stressors that trigger my adult meltdowns, which are never fun to be getting when it is stimulated by a video game. I panic too much to continue playing this game in Official PvE. Only coming in to help my friend, but even that situation has risks, I'm just not emotionally bound to any of the tames anymore, so it doesnt feel like I have to do something to get the tames back if a glitch eats them. There are people around me who praise me for quitting, others who say "that's why I never play multiplayer" but then there are also others who treat me like utter garbage because I gave up playing Official Ark. Whether they realize it or not, every post here that attacks people for not being 100% happy with Ark feels like an attack on me too. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but after not playing Official Ark for a while, I have observed that I am mentally much better. when I played Official Ark, I had to be on at least every 4 days, or gigas would die.... a weekly requirement to be in Ark or risk losing dinos. I just dont have the strength for that anymore. It was fun, all the fun stuff, all the friendships made and keep going to this day.... but the negatives now outweigh the positives for me th s year. TL;DR: Weighing the pros and cons, I am better off not playing Official PvE Ark anymore. but it has it's positives I don't regret.
  13. While harsh-sounding, I agree with the overall message. I have found Boundless to be more entertaining now.. While Ark is still more beautiful, Boundless is far less buggy, and uses almost none of my memory, Boundless uses far less than Minecraft and Creativerse! but ark is still the most beautiful game I have ever laid eyes on. I just wish it wasn't buggy up to wazoo, nor easily abused by jerks. I have over 20k hours in Ark... I have played since 2015. I stopped playing Official Ark (outside of helping my friend) because of how easy it was for jerks in the game to grief my tribe's stuff on PvE. But that was merely the last straw. Game glitches/bugs have caused me to lose dinos for numerous reasons: stances altered, eggs spoiling, dinos starving (all from stuff that was not my own negligence). And some bugs that continue to persist to this day. I got sick and tired of my stuff (and my friend's stuff) getting destroyed by no fault of my own, stuff I put time and effort into. I had so much love and hope for Ark, for the devs of Wildcard to get their act together and make this the best game I have ever played! But how many more years would I hold onto that hope until it came true... 3 years, and my hope has died. Canceled my subscription to Bluefang Solutions due to Ark's memory leaks (or something). I had no mods on my Island, no more than 10 tames, one medium-sized building plus a tame trap, and this is a support ticket I was sent from the company: How can I fix it, when I am not an Ark programmer?
  14. When the new structure pieces go live, I hope we get more Engram Points per-level.
  15. I'd add to that comment, "PVP-only". Transfers unlocked for all PvE servers, all the tames, all the time, I would be so happy! On PvE, if everyone's tame can 1-shot wilds, what harm does that kind of DPS do to anyone else on PVE? I cant imagine any PvE downside, except possible boredom for some. My hope for uncapping flier speed for unofficials has died. I'm so sad this hasnt happened still. Gimme the config pretty please?! Classic Fliers borked a lot of stuff (fliers stuck in transfer obys, and overspawn of Quetz) so I refuse to use it. Antinode and speed saddles are a close second, but that still is having to spend more time loading/updating each mod that gets slathered on top of the game just to compensate for PvP nerfs to my personal, private PVE worlds. But transfers into official pve extinction (where I have one of my tribes), I sooo need this! Meat is such a rarety in Forest... need my 100% imprinted giga to come in and go ham! I need to cut back on the time I spend on upkeep in this game, moving out of a server into Extinction. Me having no school, no job, and I still cant keep up with the in-game upkeep AND collect all the dinos. I dont know how Wildcard devs think that this is practical for most players. TL;DR: Yay transfers! SO hype!
  16. I dont know about Xbox, but on Official (PC) I have seen at least 4 GachaClauses in the Sunken Forest. I do not have a GPS, but I can give you a screenshot with map in the shot, with a landmark (blue webbing). They're wandering between here and the water.
  17. I live in the sunken forest on Official, and I have fallen through the ground after a server crash (back when ping was 255), so falling through can happen. I too would like to see more wilds in the Forest on Extinction. I'm finding it hard to keep my Meat-eaters alive with few sources of meat down here. I hesitate to take my fliers out because of how much meat they consume when restoring their stamina. Hesitate to raise meat-eating babies due to the lack of meat. I even go after the dragonflies for the few morsels of meat they provide. I loot beaver dams just so beavers will come to me so I can get meat from them. I use my Theriz to harvest meat, so he wont consume what he gets into his inventory, because I need it for my meat eaters.
  18. These patch notes have me so excited! Thx for the fix to eggs dropping under structures, and adding OSD claiming in PvE! I haven't tested it myself, but that should prevent them from looting. The game cant know if you would allow, or disallow people to join your defense, regardless of being an ally. Sometimes I ally up just for easier communication, or issues with building close to eachother. But being an ally doesnt always mean I want them to loot my drops. What you can do is verbalize fair distribution of the loot to those people you get along with. Sort-of-like distributing Dungeon loot after a successful Raid boss kill in World of Warcraft. The raid leader hands the loot out to those he/she feels should get loot.
  19. I like this suggestion. I would like a multiplier config for the timer as well, including option to remove the pickup timer completely, as well as no timer (always pickup-able). I agree with this. I want the new kibble method to be available to be "made" and usable on all maps, not just limited to DLC owners or traders (there are players out there who dont trade with anyone).
  20. Thank you, I didnt see that at all. She said scroll down and I clicked the link below that paragraph, and the page doesn't exist. ... am I blind? Oh... had to skip past the artwork. I didn't know she meant THAT far down. I am blind. FailFish
  21. Hey Jen! What exactly will be boosted? Maturation hatching etc, like last year? I want to know, so I can prepare to have plenty of meat for a few gigas I want to raise. I cannot raise them at 2x, I need at least 4x to do it. Last giga I raised successfully (on 323) was last year's Charity that got rates (including maturation) up to 8x. Tho it did kill the ability to get 100% imprint, at least my giga survived the growing process. I'd hate to waste literal hours of time prepping cooked meat if you aren't going to increase maturation... I really hope you do
  22. They have the ability to download a copy of your dino into the VR game of ArkPark (but requires VR to use, which I dont have) and I heard that they plan to have Ice Cube things in Extinction (Freeze dried dinos) but have a spoil timer. I personally wish there was some kind of dino storage like Pixark has, due to the need for so many kibble dinos, and backup dinos, and breeding pairs for dinos, as well as sentimental dinos, or dinos needing to be put away for later use, or when tribemates go on long (or even short) vacations from ark due to life or other reasons... Storage I would want to have zero fuel upkeep (and a structure decay timer that isnt stupid short... I would want at least 2 weeks to decay). My tribemate had to go away for several days, and in that time her gigas died from starvation, they were fully fed when she left. The idea of frozen cubes of dinos is great! But if they put an item spoil timer on it, that kinds ruins that option for me. Being able to store dinos sounds like it might solve tame cap issues, until more people come on and tame more, then it would be tame capped again I recently got back into Official, and while we have a collection of dinos, we do not have enough for our needs (kibble making dinos, harvesting dinos, boss dinos, and breeders), and our server hitting tame cap is not unusual for our server. More servers would be nice, more than enough servers to cover all of their active players, if you consider many tribes play on multiple maps. I play on different maps due to the different availability of resources on the different maps. But time and cost and employee hours might make it impractical for Wildcard to have more, but I dont know the facts of that, I'm just speculating. I'm also a huge sentimentalist. I LOVE my dinos so much and cry when I lose them, I form memories with each and every dino, and any new ones will not be able to replace the same sentiments and memories I have with ones I lost. Most of my dinos are lost from starvation, glitches, and trying to tame something. If only I could preserve them, back them up, store them for later use, or download them for playing in Singleplayer. Like what if I could get some kind of blueprint made of my dino, that if my tame dies, I can remake the same one with it's blueprint! Easily stored in storage chests, only taking up as much resources as a custom recipe would. Some dinos/servers dont have the abilty to move the dino to singleplayer. With many modded dinos, it's impossible. Copied to singleplayer would be fantastic, no matter where you got them from, official, unofficial or modded, but the system is far from perfect imo. After I left legacy a while back (and it was NOT easy to do, I was probably depressed for days, maybe more than a week, crying myself to sleep at least twice) and tried some unofficial and modded servers. Problem with the unofficial, the server closes, or they change something, and I cant put it on pause! Tried singleplayer, but I got lonely, and it crashed often. I like knowing someone is on the same world. Singleplayer just doesnt give me the same feeling as servers... but taking care of dinos on servers just ends up feeling like work that I dont enjoy. I would be wanting to play some Warcraft, but dont... because I know my server dinos need to be fed, and they might starve (dead in days, irreplaceable virtual pets gone forever) while I am out trying to be a hero for Azeroth. Summary: Storing tames for later use, would give me a lot of emotional relief. This post was brought to you by the impulsive thought process of Green Roc.
  23. I just now checked here https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration I dont see the new configs you mentioned, just the old one. What wiki page are you referring to?
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