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  1. The sponsored Mods look great! Any chance these will be implemented as full content? Or are they just being showcased to show what the community is doing?
  2. Love the sponsored mods, epecially this saddle emporium. Any chance this one will become fully integrated? Also can you guys start posting in the crunches what your plans with the sponsored mods are (coming to console, planning to fully integrate, just showing off a community project, etc.)?
  3. so when the new items released with the dlc (cave-climbing picks, wingsuits, ziplines, fishing baskets, etc), will those items also be available in the other arks?
  4. So the items listed in the pc patch v267 (otter, endboss and ascension, tek sword & shield) among other things that were in the "ARK: Survival Evolved Official Launch Trailer!" aren't actually coming to console on launch day? .... You guys disappoint me more than my father who told me he'd come to see me on the weekends.
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