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  1. so big changes after "ready for release" ?! but hey Aberration will be here soon and even NEW SKINS so all will be good... LOL let's see how many People will still continue to Play this LAGFEST of a game. funny how you give a damn about your playerbase and Keep on screwing them... guess they don't matter to you because they already paid for the game so no Need to Keep them satisfied
  2. tamed a 135 tusoteuthis earlier today only to see it die for an unknown reason, could only use it for like 10 minutes then it got Damage from nowhere. coast us like 600bp & even lost a high Level mosa for the first attemp because it dragged him under the map and it instnantly just died. would not recommend going for it atm, either it's bugged or it's only tameable for some time until it dies, in both cases it's not worth tameing. i'm dissapointed :-(