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  1. Perhaps a gremlin type thing. All cute and really helpful and friendly until you break the rules or mistreat it! Then it becomes a tiny terror breaking all sorts of things. The benefits would have to outweigh the risk of it turning on you.
  2. A giant porcupine or hedgehog type thing. While you are riding it you can hide within its quills when it goes into a defensive posture to take little to no damage while hurting the attacker. Your movement is restricted like this of course.
  3. ARK: State of the Game

    While seemingly unrelated, will this possibly push back Ragnarok on consoles? Asking for a friend...
  4. This thread may have calmed down but the server is as active as ever! Hopefully all these updates cut down on that various disconnects and server homing. *fingers crossed* Admins keep doing their job and the server is happy and healthy for those who play by the "don't be a jerk" rules!
  5. UI Discussion: Player Inventory Screen

    I like to have all my inventory sorted alphabetically and would like to have that option permanently saved so I don't have to keep clicking that icon above the menus.
  6. New folks seem to be joining quite a bit lately! I suggest joining the Discord chat. Seems like anyone who says hi gets a bit of a welcome gift! Admins were super helpful, even with the holiday items that may not have been available on our map.
  7. Prefect tames with meat don't quite happen. I have the dododex app with the server settings and took shots of a 150 raptor as an example. Prime is close but not quite perfect. Come try it yourself!
  8. HAPPY HALLOWEEN SURVIVORS!!! Should I expect any trick-or-treaters at my door tonight? I hope your costume is warm!
  9. Shocking report of a mad argy pilot picking up players and dropping them from unsurvivable hights! "Mad Arg" has also been seen dropping scorpions on players in the oceans. Other such disturbing behavior includes following people, even to their homes! Keep your eyes on the sky and help us identify "Mad Arg" before they grab you!
  10. Things are really coming along nicely here! Glad to see the nightly player increase and that most of the chat is "anyone need help?"
  11. I know some of these admins from other servers, more than happy to see them hosting again! New map, new builds!
  12. Server Heave Inquiries

    Previously I was on another server and I found a great form of communication was a server twitter account. We could easily see the server status, report issues, and they were able to post events. Just a suggestion but it really did work well. I know other servers use the GroupMe app as well.
  13. Server Heave Inquiries

    Does anyone know if Paddy's Pub is still active? My tribemate was talking about taking rockets to their already damaged, and seemingly abandoned, gates that are blocking us from building further. He was joking but the gates are in the way and I'd rather figure something else out... because I'm not 100% sure he was joking.
  14. Server Heave Inquiries

    Thanks for the response. Visit the island off snow south... easier said than done for someone without fliers yet . I'll be sure to make my way there when I can. Is global chat disabled?
  15. Server Heave Inquiries

    We, Arkangels, just joined tonight and found we accidentally started building perhaps a bit too close to Paddy's Pub in the south jungle. We are basically up on the hill just south of you, almost above you. It looks like the area is not really in use anymore but we are being blocked from building. We don't want to be blocking you either so please feel free to reach out and we can figure something out asap. gt: eciggy
  16. Server Heave Inquiries

    Recently found your server and submitted a request on Xbox. I just have to say this level of involvement here has me very excited. Hopefully see you all on the Ark soon!