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  1. Wow I first saw you as an acknowledgement seeker, but now I just feel bad any even tried to put you down, I will personally be looking at your mods and even using them.(they do seem great and amazing after all!)
  2. Turn on the cheat AllowRaidDinoFeed=true and that gives inspiration to build on it, due to being permanent!
  3. Question, how exactly. I can only see the Pelagornis being a rideable pelican, and the allosaurus a weaker, very weaker giganotosaurus that huunts in packs. Enlighten me!please I only see the titanosaur s the amazing ultra dinosaur. only one dinosaur. make me more excited please!
  4. First of all, I was lucky to be quoted by the King himself, and that just makes me more excited for it.HYPE!
  5. I think that Killenjoke and Nyrang have interesting ideas, and I support the thought of them, also this is going to add more of the Primitve to modern to futuristic feel for the game, and this wil be a fun way to get fish instead of having to chase them underwater and potentinally drown due to stamina.
  6. Hey Jeremy, Is the Dragonin it's boss arena going to be smaller.Becuase if it is, that will be beyond dissapoiting!
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