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  1. What size is the windows 10 version, so far it has got to 110GB !!!
  2. How is the anti cheat progress going?
  3. How are they able to advertise and offer hosting or even preorder hosting ?
  4. They quote approximate date of the 28th October. Slightly cheaper than nitrado too.
  5. Seems other hosts are selling Xbox servers - https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/server-hosting/ark-survival-evolved-server-hosting/
  6. Can you not release the Windows 10 version and then implement play anywhere in November?
  7. I too would like info on when the rentable xbox servers will be available and the play anywhere version of the game.
  8. I currently rent a server from Nitrado to play the steam version of Ark on, when the windows 10 version is released I want to switch my server to the windows 10 version for the play anywhere compatibility. Is the a way to switch to the windows 10 version server without loosing my progress ?
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