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  1. Remove dinos super-powers, it's just disgusting for new players, only useful for alpha tribes that have ruin this game. Sometime I test this game, as a new player, last time I was taken by surprise by a furious creature which has some attract field power so we can't move away... like a tiger with jedi dark force power... what... the... f.... Should be a lot better with really true dino behaviors, like in Jurassic Park, not sort of science fiction genetics modified ones... except maybe in Aberration dlc. And rework the Therizino from scratch (3D model, behavior, power, aggressiveness). Anyway, just my two cents.
  2. Anyway, a new cluster will have same problems than current "legacy" cluster, it's teenage gamers behavior. On pvp some alpha tribe will rise and start to claim one, two, ten servers, then some alpha tribes will group up to form mega-corps. Maybe it will even be same players than "legacy" ones. It's just about one or two month. On pve, you will see pillar abuse too. But ok, maybe a new cluster is the most easy solution for a short period. A better and longer solution will be player pvp balance, including player protection for beginners, transfer limitations, and pillar abuse detection.
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