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  1. Will there be a simple saddle in addition to the submarine saddle?
  2. please open more SE servers. all the pve servers are full
  3. Hello everyone. I would like to hear your opinions on the ranked vote process. do you think it's good or not and why?
  4. the person concerned personally wrote what he was doing with his 200 friends. why should he lie?
  5. when someone manipulates their friends and pretends what they have to do, that's not honest. and first of all it's not my spider and secondly i'm not alone with my opinion either. please leave the church in the village
  6. through fake elections and fraud. nobody wanted the rock drake-velona-sinomacrops.
  7. Please dont give up. i hope we see eureka in all creature votes that follow. she will always be my number 1. you can count for my vote Maevia Eureka❤️🤞
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