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  1. Just expanded my tames collection, not yesterday but all x3 event I breeded Wyverns, Deinos, Velonas, x Yutis, x Rexs, Sinos, Rock Drakes... and my lovely Shadows solid pink top stats. Planning on make an army of these to try some boss.
  2. I always write every server i visit, cause of crashes and lost connection problems, so i always know where my char is
  3. Today i got some new Wyvs, 2 crystal blood and 1 fire. They looks cool, and have nice stats. My solid black rock drake ended grow, hes an adult top now Finally watched my Gacha's ass a lot of time farming dust lol
  4. Havent seen on Ragnarok map either..
  5. So any way to get that custom pics on PS4/PS5 platform? think ive seen some custom on some servers
  6. Hello! Try 915 Ragnarok, active and full of friendly ppl
  7. You can send a ticket to GM here, but if they replace ur lost dinos, they cant replicate stats or colors, only "standard" tames, so just RIP ur dinos. Sorry mate, happened to me a week ago
  8. Unfortunately u have to start from 0, or just buy a character/base
  9. This should be my 4 today, lets test... Edit: ur right!! thanks
  10. x12?!! that would be crazy grown for babys
  11. For some reason i can only post 3 times a day, not 5
  12. I bought a pretty solid black Rock Drake today. Im happy tho Also builded a new greenhouse bigger than old, so i needed more crops. Ended a Gacha tower that looks horrible but it works so worth it xD.
  13. Do you know if this still happens? i want to start doing drops so i would like to know about it. Ty
  14. Try transfering again to another server then back to yours. It happened to me a couple of days ago and yes, i lost my currently inventory but i could recover my tribe/house and all other.
  15. SrUnreal

    Old kibble

    Why u want it back? new kibble system is better and easier to get mate
  16. Whats your problem? do you need help to start on Ark?
  17. You can send a ticket... maybe a GM could help you.
  18. Conan Exiles is gonna have a good update soon, adding magic and some stuff
  19. Hi everybody! im a solo PS5 Ark player. I started 1 month ago, i play on PVE official server for now and i just reached Tek Tier these days. Would like to trade/buy/sell tames with all you! Greetings and see u on the other side
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