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  1. Id love to see Ceratosaurus, somewhere between the size of a carno and magalosaurus a little slower then the carno. Since its jaws were better for meat slicing and not great for bone maybe make it really good at gathering meat maybe even gather raw meat from living prey unless you turn of gather and a charge up bite attack that can cause bleed equal to the giganotosaurus for 3 - 5 sec charge up takes 5 seconds, timer starts from scratch if interrupted. Lives in dense forest and red wood type habitats its slightly narrow body making it adept at running between dense trees. taming knock out with tranqs loses torpor about as fast as a spino tames with prime meat or Extraordinary kibble regular raw meat has no effect (will eat any meat from troth after taming). saddle 1 person cannot use weapons while riding
  2. new raptor abilities sound great to bad you decided to keep it scaley instead of giving it a full feather treatment sigh
  3. one other thing the spino needs is the sail is no longer the right shape its more of a M shape now. The mosa should have a fluked tail and immunity to Cnidaria. the oviraptor needs feathers and a automatic egg collecting ability like the egg collector mod. the palm of the rex's hands should be facing each other and it could use a stomp atk for when stuff gets close behind and under you. megalodon needs well needs a full redue. Cnidaria should be on wonder like a mine in the current and not hone in on you like a heat seeking missile. other than that so far the fixes look good and thank you for being able to finally turn fog off its so unrealistic to see fog underwater lol. oh one more thing for about a year now creatures on rafts seem to cause movement errors for the raft making it jerk back and to the left unless the creatures are on the right or left edge of the raft is this just me or ...?
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