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  1. Verify ark files. Usually helps me out. Steam. Rightclick ark. Properties. Local files. Verify. Will take a few minutes tough. It should download a few (missing) files and validate. Can take up 30 minutes.
  2. around 2h00 is 10%, a bit less 1h55 probably. than you have an idea on how much % the maturation should be if it was visible.
  3. Yup no maturation progressbar. Have the same. They still grow up tough
  4. Official alpha master controller. Only difference between gamma - beta - alpha. Is the healthpool of the big head in the last phase.
  5. I recorded extra long. So you can see, that you keep your stuff on return. (Skip to the end) Do keep in mind. Some that came along, had a black screen, but still kept their progress/gear. I have heard that some lost gear and progress (missions/certain engrams). Than I think it's a gamble. Just like with transferring chars between servers.
  6. on a side note ppl. get your AC's now, its gonna be a hot summer!
  7. Having the giga's mateboosted with a good saddle is in my opinion the most important thing here, so It doesn't enrage too fast.
  8. They aren't hard to get, there are better ones out there now
  9. Alpha spino mission This is how we completed the Alpha Spino Mission, probably one of the hardest hunt missions out there. Few rexes 90k health with 120 armour saddles as tanks, 3 sets of them, to swap them out.. And 2 mateboosted giga's. To help you guys out, who have trouble doing it. Oh, important thing, make sure its on land.
  10. They should adjust the time and add 20 seconds on alpha, so people can finish them When it's lagging/rubberbanding/skipping. As a quick solution to the 'bad' servers.
  11. If I read posts that you quoted, than for some reason, I picture Cartman crying (from Southpark)
  12. You guys do realize, the complainers, that Wildcard made a decision to make another DLC. They could have ended it after Extinction and fix the occasional bugs. But instead they are working on Genesis, even with delays, it's more story / gameplay / content we can all enjoy. So instead of whining that it got delayed, be happy that they are working on a DLC.
  13. It's funny to see that so many are upset and angry about a delay of a game/dlc. Asking for refunds, telling this company is the worst.. etc etc... And when the dlc finally releases, who will be playing? All those people that asked for refunds
  14. I have a feeling that they aren't sure of releasing it now or delaying it a bit longer. As if there are several bugs that popped up testing, which has a question if it can be fixed prior to the end of january. Not knowing wether they could fix them to release it on time or when problems occur with fixing them to delay it. So it may still be released in January (or not). A small headsup would be nice for everyone tough, than people can complain about other stuff :P.
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