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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. What's your favourite map?

    Aberration is by far my favorite map. While it may not be as large as the center or ragnarok, it is, in my opinion, one of the best looking and most challenging.
  2. ARK Digest Q&A! (no longer accepting questions)

    Can there be an option to disable earthquake screen shake effects or have it be effected by the screen shake settings? After having to look at it for a while, I personally start to feel sick.
  3. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Man, seeing the improvement of the team's artistic skills from day one to now is so cool. The new models look fantastic!
  4. pve Fresh Modded Crystal Isles Server

    Been playing on this server for a few days. Admins are really friendly, and server performance overall is good. If you're like me and feel that leveling too fast kills the fun, the progression here feels perfect. The mods are great for people who like simple quality of life and decor mods, without having a bunch of uber god dino mods. There isn't a whole lot of people in the server (yet!), and Gale needs more friends!
  5. So what did you do in ARK today?

    lost my best griffin and some gear/weapons to game crash C:
  6. Birds are jerks

    My only worry is that if this is added, that it would be made too long and that it would be more of a hindrance instead of beneficial. 3 seconds would be perhaps the longest without it becoming too much of an annoyance. Another keybinding is also a good idea.
  7. It's kind of odd for me...because other people's/wild griffins make me lag, but when i'm riding it i dont? But the lag with them in general is unbearable. It's a really cool effect, but it needs to be fixed or removed.
  8. Birds are jerks

    The flyers in ark are a necessity, but it's incredibly annoying to have one or more following you around. They either get stuck inside of you/your mount or just simply will keep flying around you so you can't mount them. Sometimes a flyer just simply wont land after it's taken off follow. Flyers set to follow will attempt to land and follow you on the ground if you are moving slow enough or are stopped. If you land, any flyer set to follow will automatically search for a place to land near you. Flyers will attempt to follow at your speed if you are flying or walking slower than them, instead of zooming in circles around you, if they are unable to land. Add a new "Whistle Command: Land", which will force a flyer to land if it is able to. Personal/Tribe owned tames will not have collision with you/your mount while on follow. Hold E for two seconds to dismount, with an onscreen visual, to help save people from of the frustration of hitting E instead of W.
  9. $60 for Ark? Will it be worth it?

    I'll white knight this game until the end of time, I just wish WildCard didn't make me feel guilty when I do it. My stance on the price raising is that people who bought into Early Access where buying an unfinished game that may never actually see full release *cough*stompingland*cough*. Most, if not all, EA games raise their price upon full release. Ark is a great game and it is definitely worth 60 usd, however it is not worth 60 usd right now. The game is way too poorly optimized and buggy to be worth the new price. They never should have put a date on full release, and they should have pushed that date further out when they realized they wouldn't be able to make the deadline. Once the game is stable, I would say buy it, without a doubt. Right now if you have not bought the game and have been wanting to, wait a few months and see where the stability and optimization of the game is. You'll just get more frustrated and annoyed with the god awful freezes, stutters, lags, and crashes than actually having fun.
  10. Why so negative about unofficials?

    I like unofficials that have a balance in their rates. For me, the grind of vanilla rates is just too slow and boring to keep me interested, while rates that are too high give me no sense of accomplishment. Building that really cool base on balanced rates is a really nice feeling. I also try to find a server that has a small collection of quality of life mods, like the Structures Plus series of mods. I avoid servers with mods like Annunaki like the plague, those kinds of mods are not my cup of tea and I feel like they add something that Ark doesn't really need. I think the fact that many admins abuse admin rights and that many servers go down after a month or two turns a lot of people off about unofficials. And it can take a while to find a server that you feel is a good fit for you, and the constant starting over on a new server can burn someone out pretty fast.
  11. How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    Currently, leeds spawn in shallow waters and will ignore any pets or structures you have on your raft and go directly for the raft. A decent level leed can two shot a raft. How to avoid getting your raft sunk every time you go into the ocean? Get a platform plesi or mosa.
  12. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Cryolophosaurus or Titanotylopus (- u o)b Dinos having their directional attacks changed to using left/right mouse button would be pretty convenient. For example the bronto; a right click would use it's right sided attack, left click would use the left sided attack. In the last Q&A you mentioned wolves would be getting pack functionality like the Allo. Will other dinos get this as well, and will we ever see a herd and flock systems for herbivores and flying animals. Can something be done about dino collision while riding? Your rex can run right through each other, but if the tip of their nose even touches your mount you're stuck. Dino leashes? Can tether an animal to a certain location, preventing them from wandering too far or being carried off by another person. Can gateways have snap points on top of them like door frames? Currently if you want to build a tall building utilizing gates, you have to "build down" to put a wall over the top of a gate. For the upcoming breeding mutations, what sort of things can we expect? Will light shafts being triggered from all light sources, such as supply drops & torches, be fixed? Can bloom be toned down on objects that aren't a light source, such as metal & wet sand?
  13. Witty Dino Names

    Sweet baby jesus, this is the most beautiful picture I've ever seen. Pink Everything Anywhoo, here are some of my dinos: Pterance the Pteronodon Deforestation the Mammoth (he's got this wonderful sickly green fur too!) Flip Flap the Pteronodon (rip) Green Banana the Raptor (rip) Nachos the Raptor Wart the Doedicurus
  14. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    There is so many things that I would like to see (i have an entire list going Q-Q), so here are a few of my favorites. Anchiornis (Near Bird) No true purpose other than ambiance. If tameable, could sit on your shoulder and carry a small amount of items. Perhaps could have mob tactics like the compy. "While the first specimen of Anchiornis preserved only faint traces of feathers around the preserved portion of the body, the well-preserved second specimen showed nearly complete feather preservation, allowing researchers to identify the structure of the feathers and how they were distributed." "In 2010, a team of scientists examined numerous points among the feathers of an extremely well preserved Anchiornis specimen to survey the distribution of melanosomes, the pigment cells that give feathers their color. By studying the types of melanosomes and comparing them with those of modern birds, the scientists were able to map the specific colors and patterning present on Anchiornis when it was alive. Though this technique had been used and described for isolated bird feathers and portions of other dinosaurs (such as the tail of Sinosauropteryx), Anchiornis became the first Mesozoic dinosaur for which almost the entire life coloration was known (note that the tail of this specimen was not preserved)." -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anchiornis Cryolophosaurus (Cold Crested Lizard) Not as fast as a raptor, but not as strong as a carno, the Cryolophosaurus can serve as the middle ground between the two. Cryolophosaurus lived during the Early Jurassic (Sinemurian and Pleinsbachian) in what is now present day Antarctica. It's believed that it's crest was used for intra-species recognition. Nyctosaurus (Night Lizard) No true purpose other than ambiance. They're pretty interesting looking, so it would be cool to see them in-game. If tameable, could sit on your shoulder and carry a small amount of items. "A few scientists had initially hypothesized that this crest, which resembles an enormous antler, may have supported a skin "headsail" used for stability in flight. While there is no fossil evidence for such a sail, studies have shown that a membranous attachment to the bony crest would have imparted aerodynamic advantages. However, in the actual description of the fossils, paleontologist Christopher Bennett argued against the possibility of a membrane or soft tissue extension to the crest. Bennett noted that the edges of each prong were smooth and rounded, and showed no evidence for any soft-tissue attachment points. He also compared Nyctosaurus with large-crested tapejarids, which do preserve soft tissue extensions supported by prongs, and showed that in those species, the attachment points were obvious, with jagged edges where the transition from bone to soft tissue occurred...Bennett also argued that the crest was probably not a sexually dimorphic character, as in most crested pterosaurs, including the related Pteranodon, both sexes are crested and it is only the size and shape of the crest that differs. The apparently non-crested Nyctosaurus specimens therefore probably came from sub-adults." -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyctosaurus Thalassodromeus (Sea Runner) Though not big enough to ride, they could help carry items around. Tupandactylus (Tupan Finger, reference to the Tupi thunder god) Not big enough to ride, and really that big crest would smack it's rider if it was, it can help carry items around. Aurochs Could be used as a heavy pack animal. The aurochs was a large breed of bovine, and an ancestor to many breeds of European, Eurasian, and North African domestic cattle. The oldest aurochs remains had been dated to be around 2 million years old, and the last of the breed died in 1627. The size of the aurochs varied per region, the largest being up to 71 inches to shoulder (for bulls).