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  1. Amanda632 left Positive feedback   

    fast easy trade as always :) looking forward to future trades

    Scotty8319 was Trading

  2. Celessii left Positive feedback   

    Another great trade, both eggs hatched with expected mutation

    Scotty8319 was Trading

  3. Nim left Positive feedback   

    Been a while since our trade but I fixed my inability to rate trades. Our trade was quick, easy, and all that. 2 mut rex eggs for 2k ingots each. Hatched fine and mut colors were correct, but I lost the babies to a starve glitch from Valentine's. Player did not replace eggs, I had to buy them again (tho they did accept a different price of 2 artifacts). I can't really blame them, but they wouldn't have lost from replacing the eggs. Just get a guarantee/warranty from now on, with every seller...

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  4. Bambulaaa left Positive feedback   

    there wasnt any problem , thanks:P

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  5. Craigjw left Positive feedback   

    Scotty8319 Was prompt and polite, very nice to do trade with.

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  6. marcus729 left Positive feedback   

    Just perfect. Friendly and fast... great PVE player :)

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  7. Celessii left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction, impressive rexes, would trade again.

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  8. kevmol left Positive feedback for a topic   

    PVE mutations
    great guy and had patience and it was a smooth trade would deffinatly trade again :)

    Scotty8319 was Trading

  9. Amanda632 left Positive feedback   

    very smooth and fast trade highly recommended. looking forward to more business

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  10. Reaveroni left Positive feedback   

    Thanks very reasonable priced. Great guy

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  11. GwanN left Positive feedback   

    very well prepared, fast response, fast trade, I recommend.

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  12. Freddyy left Positive feedback   

    Really nice and fast trader, 10/10 would trade again

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  13. Light667 left Positive feedback   

    Really recommended! Fast and quickly, want to trade more!

    Scotty8319 was Trading

  14. Leviticus left Positive feedback   

    Pleasure to do business with again. Highly recommend this person to trade with.

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  15. Leviticus left Positive feedback   

    Thanks again for another smooth trade. Hope to continue to do business with you in the future :)

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  16. tolle79 left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer fast easy super nice, no bs

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  17. Nitsujub146 left Positive feedback   

    Very nice guy and had a good laugh with. Would happily trade from him again! thanks again!

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  18. Amanda632 left Positive feedback   

    another smooth transaction tyvm :D

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  19. Leviticus left Positive feedback   

    Very fast and easy trade. Also a really nice person to chat with. I highly recommend this person.

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  20. Amanda632 left Positive feedback   

    Fast easy trade :D will do business with again !

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  21. Skorpion89 left Positive feedback   

    Very fast and easy trade, nice communication. Would definitly trade again :-) Ty

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  22. Baker left Positive feedback   

    10/10 one of the few people i enjoy trading with trades are fast and simple! Have traded with them at least 3 times now (:

    Scotty8319 was The Seller

  23. Jenso left Positive feedback   

    Fast and easy trade! Would trade with them again! ^_^

    Scotty8319 was Trading

  24. Alevia left Positive feedback   

    Very fun person to talk to. Looking forward to trading again!

    Scotty8319 was Trading

  25. Doyle83 left Positive feedback   

    tradet without problems he was waiting until i got a male for him fast trade and always again ;) is trustable

    Scotty8319 was Trading

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