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  1. The Nation is recruting !!! The Ark Nation is looking for new members to populate his city. The Nation is not like any other tribes, we are a community ! which works with democracy and laws. Citizens pay taxes, build their own house and find their own job like opening up a store on the main street, selling tames or join the military, you can even get in the politics to try to become a senate member. The choice is yours. For experienced players or new ones, there is a place for you in The Nation ! Already more than 25 players ! official PVP on the Island There is a look at the actual ranks in The Nation: The Peasant - This is the default Rank everyone will get when starting , as a Peasant you will be able to have a house and open shops . The Soldier - First Military Rank , granting by passing the trails , has a duty to defend the Nation and help with any missions , a Soldier will be given armour , all Soldiers will wear the Blue Armour given to them . The Knight - The Knight is a senior military officer , you will gain this rank by proving yourself while serving as a Soldier . The Knight will run all defence and attacks of the Nation . The Order - The Order is a council of the members that help with all aspects in the Nation and can best anyone in combat , the Order members will wear red and black armour that will be supplied by the Nation . The Lord - The Lords of the Nations will make all final choices . We are playing on an official PVP server on the Island map Our goal isn't to become alphas but to build a society with his own economy. If you want to raid people, this is not a tribe for you even if we might do it later
  2. the % goes down if u dont cuddle with it in a sorten time
  3. how many you accepting and have you closed the form down
  4. was wondering if there is away to get are stuff base like base as leader tried inviting someone on the tribe and joined there tribe and that leader left so are base and stuff are still in that empty tribe any help
  5. Server 406 keeps getting extremely high ping and sometimes kills use if we and trying to land are dinos up high or in fights any help ITS NOTHING TO do with my internet happens to everyone on the server
  6. yh only want it for when tribe mates picks me up on a anky for metal farming
  7. yh hope a devs finally says yes or no
  8. easier with a script
  9. Are we allowed to use scripts for gathering like when we go with the anky and gathering metal saves smashing ur mouse to bits
  10. preview of them look big poos
  11. Any eta on the Achatina can't wait for it to release snail army
  12. Server 406 has high ping and some times crashes and lags