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  1. rag 9 keeps crashing and lagging
  2. Interactive Baby Raising Bug

    the % goes down if u dont cuddle with it in a sorten time
  3. Ark Tester Application

    how many you accepting and have you closed the form down
  4. was wondering if there is away to get are stuff base like base as leader tried inviting someone on the tribe and joined there tribe and that leader left so are base and stuff are still in that empty tribe any help
  5. Server 406

    Server 406 keeps getting extremely high ping and sometimes kills use if we and trying to land are dinos up high or in fights any help ITS NOTHING TO do with my internet happens to everyone on the server
  6. Are gathering scripts allowed

    yh only want it for when tribe mates picks me up on a anky for metal farming
  7. Are gathering scripts allowed

    yh hope a devs finally says yes or no
  8. Are gathering scripts allowed

    easier with a script
  9. Are gathering scripts allowed

    Are we allowed to use scripts for gathering like when we go with the anky and gathering metal saves smashing ur mouse to bits
  10. ARK Digest Question Submission

    Any eta on the Achatina can't wait for it to release snail army
  11. Nitrado - ARK gameserver rental

    Server 406 has high ping and some times crashes and lags
  12. Server 406 really high pong

    Hello offical server 406 keeps getting lag spikes and ping is going up crazy when it happens moving back really far from where we was
  13. New Year Orb - Didn't drop or open

    Official server 406 the ball was there when server updated but server crashed ball gone
  14. Archived Patch Notes

    No trailer though