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  1. Guys does anyone know if the ark update for genesis is a single player fix?
  2. Update on issue? Fixed not fixed?
  3. Does anyone know if the update fixed the spawning issue?
  4. @habano13 where’s this guide?
  5. Has the spawning issue been fixed with easter update?
  6. I was just about to ask everyone if it has been fixed, I guess not lmao.
  7. I’m also having the same issue, but I’ve also discovered more, I am also not getting any sarcos, kapros, fish of any kind, Spinos and barys in my genesis single player world. After the new “patch” update I haven’t been able to fix glitches, I play on Xbox and usually when you go up to a glitch HLNA gets all excited and runs over then you hold y to fix the glitch, but unfortunatly I can see the glitch, but it isn’t actually allowing me to fix it. Which is really disappointing. I’m gonna give genesis a break which is a real bummer considering how much I spent on this so far peice of crap.
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